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1. How to post SOAP Request from .NET?

I have the SOAP request in an XML file. I want to post the request to the web service in .net How to implement?

2. SOAP Request Timeout in Console App (.NET)

I have a SOAP web service added to a console app and every time I make a specific call its timing out on me. Other calls work fine. How ...

3. Raw SOAP data with WebServices in C#

Where can I find the RAW/object data of a SOAP request in C# when using WebServices. Can't find it anywhere. Shouldent it be available in the HttpContext.Current.Request object ?

4. SOAP requests with actionscript 2

I'm not sure how I can send a SOAP request with actionscript 2 or even if it supports it. I've looked around for a while now and have come up with ...

5. Are there any tools for debugging SOAP requests that run on Linux?

I'm looking for a tool that can intercept the SOAP requests generated by an application. Is there such a tool or should I just use a packet sniffer?

6. Unable to make request using SOAP to a webservice

My requirement is that I will have SOAP data in XML.I will read from the file, and then send request to a webservice.Then, I need to write the response to a ...

7. SOAP , getting progress of the uploaded Request while its uploading c#

Im trying to upload a file through a SOAP request , and it worked perfectly , but I couldnt get a progress for the uploaded amount of the request .

8. How to get the source of request from Web Service?

I want to get

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:prin="http://localhost/example">
from webservice request I send from Java. I use javax.jws

9. SOAP Requests in Dojo

I am trying to make a call to a SOAP web service through Dojo, but have found no relevant, up-to-date documentation on how to make a SOAP request. Does anyone have ...

10. How do I change the Date Format of a .net SOAP request?

I'm using a WSDL that expects a DateTime parameter for one of the methods. When .NET serializes my call, it creates a date parameter like this: 2010-1-1T10:00:00.00 This looks like the serializer ...

11. Is it possible to invoke SOAP request in JavaFX?

I've been spending considerable time on this, while finally realized that most articles are teaching how to access RESTful web services but not SOAP. Is this possible? I mean can I write ...

12. Capture incoming and outgoing soap request

I have a C# console application that calls SSRS soap based webservice (service runs on a remote machine). I want to capture the incoming and outgoing soap request. How can this ...

13. How to post a SOAP request from a browser?

Is it possible to send a SOAP request directly from a browser to service provider? And then parse the output in javascript to show the result? For example, if I've a ...

14. SOAP Request using Java

I have been trying to send a request through soapui and I always keep getting the following error message:


15. Compose Soap Request in Java

I have a wsdl file and a detailed document about all the elements in every request and response from a web-service provider. My job is to compose around 40 requests and ...

16. help convert this SOAP request to Report Builder 2.0 query for XML data source

I have a complex parameter to a web method in my .NET web service, and I want to query that web method with Report Builder 2.0 using SOAP. ...

17. Example of SOAP request authenticated with WS-UsernameToken

I'm trying to authenticate a SOAP request using WS-UsernameToken spec, but the target device is always denying access. My non-working request looks like this. (The password I'm trying to hash is ...

18. View xml request in SOAP call

I'm trying to debug some problems we have with a web service, and would like to view the xml used in the SOAP call. Anyone who know how I can do ...

19. Making a SOAP request from Access 2007

I am currently working on a system in Microsoft Access 2007, and I need to make a SOAP request to an outside webserver in order to retrieve some data. I'm new ...

20. Is there a better way to form a soap request in C#?

Is this even valid?

  XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
     doc.InnerXml = @"<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?><soap:Envelope

21. Need advice on a web service "request template" pattern

We are designing a system which needs to allow the construction of objects made up of data, sourced from disparate datasources (databases, and back office systems for example) and are looking ...

22. Problem with SOAP request

I'm getting the error: "Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction:" Does it necessarily say the problem is with my soap action? or can it also be in my ...

23. how to get input as Soap request as input in java Web Services

i need to write a java web service to get a soap request as input the soap file will be :

Post http/1.1
User-Agent:Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.1

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ihut="">

24. How to modify .NET SOAP request to exclude empty elements?

We are consuming web services from a 3rd party tool (Maximo) using .NET. We are upgrading to a newer version of Maximo that has differences in the web service behavior that ...

25. Soap request breaking my DOM!

Working on a site for a client, and have hit a total brick wall This is a template page I intend to use to house the response from the SOAP ...

26. SOAP request Multicast over UDP

I want to use C# UDPClient class to multicast soap request over network, I can multicast simple strings using UDPclient class but how I will do it with Soap messages ? ...

27. enum value not transmitted in soap request

I have a webservice which is referenced in my project by webreference. Here is the description of an enum in the wsdl file :

<xs:simpleType name="photoIdType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

28. Transform Webservice Request into internal representation?

I am implementing a SOAP-Webservice which receives different Requests. Should my Manager-class transform this Request objects into an internal representation before delegating them to implementation classes? I think this would be a ...

29. SOAP request with SproutCore

I'm thinking of using sproutcore for a web application and was wondering if anyone had used it with soap? Basically I want to know how easy is it to use sproutcore ...

30. How do I convert an XMLRPC request to SOAP

I want to write an axis2 messagebuilder so that I can convert xmlrpc messages to SOAP for processing by Axis2 (or any other soap based processing engines). There is no clear documentation ...

31. Can I create a generic web service/dispatch method that responds to ALL requests with JAX-WS?

I'm trying to create a generic web service that will always respond with "OK", regardless of the request's header or body contents. I can do this in Axis2 with a ...

32. Savon Issue Relating to Corrupt Requests

I updated my Savon version to 0.9.6 and my server requests seem to be malforming. Before the update, I was using Savon 0.9.2. I have a similar problem as someone mentioned ...

33. How to put prefix for soap xml requests?

I am making a web service call (in .Net 3.5). I want the Soap request to have namespace prefixes for the tags (the third-party web service needs them). Current request:

<soap:Body> <GetBanksList xmlns="urn:QueryGroup"> ...

34. Input xml for soap request to webservice using apache jar in java

how to find input xml for the soap request to webservice.The soap api uses apche we have any implicit method to view the input xml file?Apache SOAP for ...

35. Method for viewing input soap request xml file

how to view the SOAP request xml file which uses apache jar ?Is there any inbuilt method in apache which helps us in viewing the input SOAP request xml file? ...

36. view SOAP request before it is sent to a web-service

I am consuming a SOAP based web-service with .net 3.5 The web-service itself is developed in Java. I know what the SOAP request should look like; And I am building the similar request ...

37. how to build a SOAP request in libcurl using C

i am new to libcurl and i want to create a SOAP request and send to web service. Can anyone send me some example or tutorial to read. thanks in advance

38. Building SOAP request using libcurl

Below is my code for building a SOAP request:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <curl/curl.h>

/* Auxiliary function that waits on the socket. */ 
static int wait_on_socket(curl_socket_t sockfd, int for_recv, long timeout_ms)
  struct timeval ...

39. Qtsoap request not passing arguments

I'm triing to get soap to work in qt i found: qtsoap-2.7_1-opensource my request code:

void DataConnector::checkLogin(QString username, QString password){
    QtSoapMessage request;

40. Sign JAX-WS SOAP request

I would like to write a JAX-WS web service that signs my SOAP messages using the recommendation. With what I found on the internet I wrote a JAX-WS handler ...

41. Web Service request with metro

I'm trying to request from a web service. My request has to have some data in header section. I did that like

WSBindingProvider bp = (WSBindingProvider) smsProxy;


42. using fiddler to capture web service xml requests

I have a java webapp on localhost:8086 that sends and receives webservices to localhost:9080. fiddler only captures traffic on port 8086. How can i make fiddler (or any other program) capture the ...

43. JAX-WS Force use of xmlns prefix in SOAP request?

I have a ASP.NET 2.0 webservice that is being invoked from JAX-WS 2.1. If I test with SOAP UI it works. SOAP UI generates a request of the form

<soapenv:Envelope ...

44. Any issues with Webservice(soap) request sampler and Cookie Manager?

I am doing something very trivial, I have Thread group -cookie manager -some user defined vars(in user defined variable element) -HTTP Autorization manager -Simple Controller --------- A Webservice call I run one thread that does two iterations. What I am expecting is that my second call (in iteration 2) should get a cookie set as the first ...

45. Can a soap request port number(and IP) be dynamic?

46. Generate SOAP requests

Hello all, I have just started working on testing Web Services using JMeter. I am going thru the Apache docs n googling to understand the same. Kindly let me know if there any links which would tell me how to generate SOAP requests which can be used in JMeter. Also any quick links for the same.. Thanks in adv, Regards, Akshata ...

47. gzipped soap requests

> > Hello all, > > Does anybody know if it's possible to send gzipped web service soap requests with JMeter ? > > Thank you, > > Johan > > ----------------------------------------------------- > > Johan Duflost, > Web Developer > > deciZium SA > 12/5, rue des Capucins > 7000 Mons > Belgium > > Phone: + 32 (0)65 32 87 ...

48. Hash MD5 function & Hex conversion function in SOAP request.

Hi, I need to get MD5 format of a string which should then converted to Hex format. For MD5 conversion, I downloaded the script from . Also that same script file (md5.js) has 'binl2hex(binarray)' function to convert to hex value.. My real problem is (perhaps simple!) that I don't know the way to access those functions inside that script in ...

49. Help reqd in using the WebServices(SOAP) Request Sampler

hi Team I am using the WebServices(SOAP) Request Sampler to send a https request and also send some xml data along with this request. When i run the test i see the following message in the tree view pane HTTP response code: 000 HTTP response message: [SOAPException: faultCode=Could not create document; ...

50. Help reqd with the SOAP /XML-RPC request

Hi Team In the JMeter user manual it is mentioned that the SOAP /XML RPC request sampler can be used to send xml-rpc over HTTP. I would like to know whether this sampler can send xml over HTTPS ; because i am obtaining an Default SSL context init failed when i am using this sampler with ...

51. how to create a SOAP Request

hi, i am using the JMeter to test a web service, and i use a trial version of the XMLSpy to generate the SOAP request. but i want to know if someone knows another easy way (i mean .. free and easy) to do this. how does the people write the SOAP requests? is any other way to do this? i ...

52. Mime Attachemnts with Web-Service Soap Requests

Hello there, with the current version of jmeter the does not seem to be a way to attach a file with the webservice request. Is there any way around this? I was hoping to extend the class myself but it seems as if the code isn't included due to some lisencing wrangle with the owners of SOAP? Any help or indicators ...

53. need help on web services(SOAP)request

Hi team, I want to test a web service for that I added a sampler called 'web services(SOAP) request'. My wsdl URL is "" . I have loaded the url and configure it for getting response as 'GetWeatherByPlaceName' And my request in the SOAP/XML -RPC data is like this:

54. Problem with running web-service(SOAP) request

Hi, I am able to load the WSDL file. Also 'url' and other fields are also getting populated on pressing 'Configure'. I am loading SOAP message via 'FileName'. i) For testing web-service on the local network, 'Use HTTP Proxy' is unchecked. And things run fine. ii) For testing web-service on the internet, I have to go through ...

55. Re: Is this a bug in webservices (SOAP) request sampler

I'm not sure how to handle it, since the current implementation simply passes the inputStream to the DocumentBuilder. If you want to give it a shot, I'll do what I can to help. Right now I am a bit busy with other enhancements, so I haven't had much time to dig further. peter On 9/20/05, Manish Mathuria <[hidden email]> wrote: > ...

56. Sampler: WebService(SOAP) Request and NTLM

Hello JMeter users, I just installed JMeter and this is truly the product I need. The problem I am facing is that I can't get a response other that 401 Unauthorized... using the WebService(SOAP) Request sampler. I am using: JMeter: 2.3.4 r7855646 On: Windows XP sp3 Sampling a .Net WS on Windows 2003 in IIS 6.0 with NTLM Authentication enabled. Did ...

57. SOAP Request and keepalives..

Glad the problem has been solved. The best way to submit patches is via a Bugzilla enhancement; create the entry, and you can then attach files to it. Please use unified diff format for any patches if at all possible (i.e. the format used by Eclipse etc) Thanks! On 25/09/2007, Dan <[hidden email]> wrote: > > Ok, well i've implemented this ...

58. SOAP requests and scripting

> Hi, > > I am interested in JMeter's web service capabilities for testing web > services. Is it possible to embed a SOAP request in a script to send to > a web service under test? Also, I would like to be able to use a SOAP > response for a result comparison. My reading of the ...

59. Using UDV in SOAP Request

Hi All, I'm trying to use a User Defined Variable (I have it set to a static value for now) using the WebService (SOAP) Request. when I paste the XML in the SOAP/XML-RPC Data box, it works perfectly fine..the variable gets substituted and sent. I however would like to load the XML file using the "File with SOAP XML Data" field..essentially ...

60. Variable for the SOAP Webservice Request

It works fine with the contant values. I am just trying to find out how to make its a variable to read from the external file. I tried making CSV Data Set Config butinstead of reading from the data file, it sends out the variable name like ${dl_num} and will not use the value, e.g 123456 etc. sebb-2-2 wrote On 22/02/2008, ...

61. Warning in results testing Web Service (SOAP) Request

In reply to this post by Urka Valeni Well, in jmeter.log i get this: 08/07/16 13:36:39 INFO - jmeter.engine.StandardJMeterEngine: Thread will stop on error 2008/07/16 13:36:39 INFO - jmeter.threads.JMeterThread: Thread SETCCE Users 1-1 started 2008/07/16 13:36:39 ERROR - jmeter.protocol.http.sampler.WebServiceSampler: Missing class: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/mail/MessagingException at org.apache.soap.Envelope.unmarshall( ...

62. Web Service(SOAP) Request - Supported SOAP Version

Hey guys I am wondering whether Jmeter v2.3.1 supports SOAP v1.2. I am trying to run a Webservice(SOAP) request against a valid web service but am getting the following error: -- Error ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thread Name: Thread Group 1-1 Sample Start: 1970-01-01 10:00:00 EST Load time: 0 Size in bytes: 0 Sample Count: 1 Error Count: 1 Response code: 000 Response message: ...

63. WebService(Soap) Request

I'm using version 2.3.4 with the WebService Request sampler. It appears to be using HTTP 1.0 and I need it to be HTTP 1.1. Also I have defined an HTTP Header Manager with a number of attributes that don't show up in the request. Questions: 1. Is there a ...

64. WebService(SOAP) Request

65. WebService(SOAP) Request

I am running JMeter 2.2 with Java 1.5.0_12. I am trying to add a WSDL to a WebService(SOAP) Request sampler. For now, I just want to upload the WSDL from my local drive. So far, I have had no luck - "WSDL not valid..." error. I have been able to connect to other simple WSDLs via HTTP, but the same WSDLs ...

66. WebService(SOAP) Request: use of memory cache

Agreed, the WebService memory cache setting is not documented ... I've looked at the code, and it is used with XML files only. If memory cache is enabled, then the DOM is created once per file and stored in a shared cache using the name of the file as the key. As the cache accesses are not synchronized, I suspect that ...

67. Help Building Request Using Apache SOAP

I have been struggling with Apache SOAP to try and build a request. Specifically, I don't understand how to embed these elements into the Header and Body sections. More specifically, how to do this nested tags. Thanks for any advice you can provide. Below, is a sample of the request I need to send to the server (WSDL).

68. Constructing SOAP Request

I trying to construct a SOAP request using SAAJ APIs. The operation name is "stop" and below xml is the parameter +0000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxx Are there any API's available to convert the avive into SOAP message. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance , Babu

69. Print out the SOAP request

How can I print out the SOAP request to see how the SOAP Envelope looks like? package soap; import java.util.*; import*; import*; import org.apache.soap.*; import org.apache.soap.encoding.*; import org.apache.soap.encoding.soapenc.*; import org.apache.soap.rpc.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class SOAP extends HttpServlet { private static final String URL ="https://myWebSERVICE.asmx"; public void service ( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response ) throws ServletException, IOException { ...

70. SOAP request processing

71. sendind SOAP request

73. Missing Element in SOAP Request

Hi, I have generated client stubs from wsdl using wsdl2java. When I try to access the web service using the code, I get this exception: SOAP request Body contains more than one body element - this service requires that all SOAP requests contain at most one body element. When I checked out the SOAP request using tcpmon, I found that the ...

74. How to get HttpHeaderData - in SOAP Request

Hi, I would like to know is there any possibility that i can get HTTP Header details in webservice request. I want to know exactly from which domain the web service has been called? Is there any way that i can capture this from the SOAP request for the webservice. Thanks in Advance, Narendra

75. jax-ws-> soaphandler for non soap request

supposing that server side code has implemented both soap handler and logical handler code (jax-ws) now if the request comes in non soap format. say xml over http. will the soap handler get executed or not? also will it throw error as there is no soap protocol in request? also is it good design to implement both so that irrespective of ...

76. Code to get SOAP request

Thank you for your reply. like ,I want SOAP XML response, actually, I am going to give a seminar on Webservices, so it is better to give seminar with live examples......., that's why I am trying to read the SOAP request/response..... through the code for WSDL we can shown, But ,for SOAP XML request/response ?

77. Convert an Object to SOAP Request

78. "Need request soap xml from stub"

79. How to provide basic authetication from SOAP request to access SAP XI service

Hi all I have a problem accessing SAP service. SAP understands authentication if it is provided at HTTP header level instead of SOAP header. Even after providing authentication details and sending the request along with Postmethod it is throwing an error "Error during conversion of XI message". Please Help !! Thanks in advance Ranjini

80. xsi:nil="true" in soap request

Hi! I would guess that there is something wrong in a client of your webservice, provided of course that you want to allow null values passed to your service. It is hard to tell exactly how to find the problem, but, in the case you do not want to allow null parameter values, here is a suggestion: Add a handler on ...

81. Soap request data

82. maximum size of a SOAP request to be sent/received by apache-axis.

Because the body of a SOAP message has to be parsed as XML, it is not efficient to include large blocks of data in the body. Thats why we have SAAJ - the SOAP with Attachment API for Java. This keeps the SOAP body as compact as possilbe. Google will find you lots of references. Bill

83. Display SOAP request line by line

Hi This may be a simple question for most of you. I want to display the SOAP request generated by using SAAJ api line by line. After constructing the SOAP message and displaying it to the console using SOAPMessage method writeTo(System.out),it displays the entire request in single line which is very hard to see. e.g datadatadata should be displayed ...

84. Receiving empty SOAP requests

I understand that an empty HTTP Post over SOAP would mean sending something with empty body and envelop... What is confusing me is that when we make a SOAP request, we generally invoke some method at the deployed web service server end. But here with an empty request what can be do, or am i missing something in web services here? ...

85. change to soap request

this is my form <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> Insert title here


86. SOAP Request object is null

I wrote a service and deployed it in axis2.war. I later wrote the client code. As I am running the client code it showing the SOAP request as null and by default SOAP response object is also turning to be null. The only reason I could think of is the service class is in a different package so, I was doubting ...

87. Need an advice for the J2EE architecture. does soap can help in request redirection?

Hi, I need an advice in this case study. Here is a problem. I have two instances of JBoss, running on two independent (hardware) host. So, kind a clustering. With difference that each Jboss instance serve to request, made by specified customers. So customer A need to be handled by JBoss A, and the customer B need to be handled by ...

88. creating soap requests in java

The code snippet below is my attempt at creating a soap request. I can see the parts of my envelope, and even add content to the body with out compilation error. However, when I try to print the request at the end of the snippet all I get is null. What is the appropriate way to view a soap request like ...

89. Trouble hand rolling SOAP request

My hands are tied and I'm fairly limited in what is available to me to make a SOAP request (not all of 1.6 is available I think, but please recommend a library if you know of a native one that will make this easier, I may be able to get it added to the server) so I'm hand rolling a POST ...

90. How to get SOAP request XML for a web service call

I have a standalone Java application running on a remote machine that consumes a web service.The web service is developed by some other group of organization.The standalone java code that consumes web service was written by me and then put on a remote machine.For this post's purpose,let us assume,this standalone java code is executed by a background script periodically. I need ...

93. how to sent cookies with soap request

94. forward SOAP request

Hi! I need to forward a SOAP request from a a servlet to a web service, I do it using response.sendRedirect but I notice that the header information is being moidfied thus preventing the service from answering properly, why is that? How should I do it? Thanks, A. Servlet request HEADER NAME user-agent HEADER VALUE BEA WLW 8.1 HEADER NAME content-type ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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