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1. JAX-WS vs SAAJ Style, Which to Use

What is difference, philosophical or otherwise, between calling a web service from Java code using Service and Dispatch classes, vs a SOAPConnection class? For example, something like this:

SOAPConnectionFactory scf = SOAPConnectionFactory.newInstance();
SOAPConnection soapConnection ...

2. DRM content with MM7 protocol Submit Request

I am creating a SOAP request to MMSC for posting DRM content (.dm file which is a 3gp video). I am using Saaj API for the same. The MMSC to which I ...

3. What approach coud I use to unit test the output of SAAJ SOAPMssage?

I'm using SAAJ to create soap envelops that contain xml content in the body and a group of attachments as http multipart/mixed content, I need to create a unit test for ...

4. escape characters in SAAJ SOAP action

We have this bit of code creating an XML Message within a SAAJ SOAP message:

MessageType='FindCaseByCaseNumber' NodeID='1' ReferenceNumber='1'
When the message is complete it looks like this:
 MessageType='FindCaseByCaseNumber' NodeID='1' ReferenceNumber='1'

6. SOAP implementation using SAAJ

7. Problem in sending SOAP message using SAAJ on web service implemented in .NET

Hi, first of all thanks for reading my message. i am explaining it a little more..... Web service, that is implemented on .NET platform, also runs on secure layer. and Tomcat server want to interact with that web service. Please tell me the detail of jar files which i need to copy in WEB-INF/lib folder and which jar files should be ...

8. Help with SAAJ and SOAP 1.2

Hi everyone, I am trying to set up a web service that sends out SOAP 1.2 requests and processes SOAP 1.2 responses. To minimize the complexity of the application, I decided to use Java SAAJ v1.3 from the JWSDP v2.0 developer kit. Using SAAJ, I can send out and receive SOAP messages without Apache Tomcat or Apache Axis. SAAJ 1.3 is ...

9. SAAJ - SOAP attachment

Dear believers , I need to add the following SMIL part ( I do have the part as a bytes array ) to a SOAP msg using the SAAJ, the smil part should have content type of application/smil and the id smil.smil , and it should be the first part (start)

10. SAAJ (SOAP 1.1) incompatibility with Java 1.6

Building a simple SOAP client using SAAJ which has both a SOAPBody and one attachment using Java 1.6. Was successful in running the SAAJ tutorial in j2eetutorial14\examples\saaj\attachments\src\ But after adding some elements to the SOAPBody and adding some code to display MimeHeaders, I find the "content-length" hasn't increased. The Content-Length continues to show 271 --> The "attachment" addr.txt which shipped with ...

11. HTTPS soap call using SAAJ

12. How to send soap attachment without SAAJ

I have to send XML or text file as an attachment in the web service, just like email attachment. Currently I am intercepting the SOAP message (sent from web service client) and then adding an attachment using SAAJ. Can we send an attachment without intercepting and SAAJ in netbeans just like how we send other data (with basic datatypes ) as ...

13. SOAP / SAAJ error, please help me.

14. SOAP / SAAJ error