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1. What's the difference between XML-RPC and SOAP?

I've never really understand why a web service implementer would choose one over the other. Is XML-RPC generally found in older systems? Any help in understanding this would be greatly appreciated. ...

2. Example Web Service

When I wanted to learn SOAP I looked around for tutorials. There are plenty out there, and they all say that they've created an example web service that you can ...

3. What is the proper virtual directory access permission level required for a SOAP web service?

When setting up a new virtual directory for hosting a SOAP web service in IIS 6.0 on a Server 2003 box I am required to set the access permissions for the ...

4. kSOAP Marshalling help needed

Does anyone have a good complex object marshalling example using the kSOAP package?

5. DynamicPopulateExtender ,TextArea and line feeds

I have this in a page :

<textarea id="taEditableContent" runat="server" rows="5"></textarea>
<ajaxToolkit:DynamicPopulateExtender ID="dpeEditPopulate" runat="server" TargetControlID="taEditableContent"
        ClearContentsDuringUpdate="true" PopulateTriggerControlID="hLink" ServicePath="/Content.asmx"
        ServiceMethod="EditContent" ...

6. What are the best books for SOAP webservices?

My team is about to build a new product and we are using SOAP webservices as the interface between the client and server. There are other book posts on stackoverflow, ...

7. How do I prevent SoapExtensions being added to my web service app?

It seems that anyone can snoop on incoming/outgoing .NET web service SOAP messages just by dropping in a simple SoapExtension into the bin folder and then plumbing it in using:


8. What URL do I post to for Live Search SOAP service?

Its possible I am just really really thick. However, looking over the SDK for the live search (MSN search) that uses SOAP, doesn't tell me what URL the service is at?? ...

9. Can Generic Type Mapper (MSSOAP toolkit) be persuaded to handle empty arrays

I'm having the problem described here: I am consuming a Web Service using Office 2003 Web Services Toolkit. This generates classes for all the data returned by my web ...

10. Using SOAP to expose CRUD operations

Is exposing CRUD operations through SOAP web services a bad idea? My instinct tells me that it is not least of which because the overhead of doing database calls overhead could ...

11. Expose Java class as SOAP WebService - how?

I am looking for a framework to turn given Java class into WebService (may be with some limitations on method parameters etc) Thanks

12. Calling a Webservice from VBA using SOAP

I'm trying to call a web service in an Excel Macro:

Set objHTTP = New MSXML.XMLHTTPRequest
objHTTP.Open "post", ""
objHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/xml"
objHTTP.setRequestHeader "SOAPAction", "PutSchedule"
objHTTP.send strXML
And I get back the following response:
  <?xml version="1.0" ...

13. Looking for lightweight java stack for creating SOAP based web services

I'm probably going to be using Tomcat and the Apache Axis webapp plugin, but I'm curious as to any other potential lightweight solutions. The main goal of this is to connect to ...

14. Calculating SOAP Content-Length

How do you calculate the Content-Length is a soap message? Is it the number of chars in the whole soap message?

15. tilde in XML

Is tilde a legitimate character in an XML SOAP message? I get a SAXParseException:Content not allowed in prolog. I included most of the SOAP message just in case I'm ...

16. Mule xml to soap problem

I'm not sure if there many Mule users on here but I'm hoping someone might be able to help me! I'm having a problem calling a webservice from Mule using Axis. I've ...

17. Adding fields to a WebService

I have a SOAP service that exposes a method

TradeDetail getTradeDetail()
TradeDetail stores 5 fields, transaction number, dates etc I need to add a couple of fields to TradeDetail. I want to keep backward ...

18. Getting Raw XML From SOAPMessage in Java

I've set up a SOAP WebServiceProvider in JAX-WS, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the raw XML from a SOAPMessage (or any Node) object. Here's a sample ...

19. What is a valid content-type value for a .DM file type ( cellular phone DRM )

Obeying NDA restrictions I have to be vague. I've been tasked to evaluate the feasibility of forcing a .dm file from my client's system to a cellular device. So far I ...

20. Web Service attempt Giving SoapException, why and what to do?

I learned about the basics of making a web service with Visual Studio 2008 ASP.Net + VB. And I got the "Hello World" working, but for some reason I can't get ...

21. Camel Caps SOAP method names

One of my co-workers is developing SOAP API for php application and he is wondering if CamelCaps names are some kind of convention for SOAP methods? Our current API has lower_caps_and_underscores, but ...

22. BizTalk 2006 SOAP Adapter - Messaging only Web Service Call

In BizTalk 2006, I am trying to set up a messaging-only scenario whereby the recieved message (a string) is passed to a web service method that takes a single string parameter. ...

23. SOAP Java 1.4.2

What libraries are available to write a SOAP client in Java version 1.4.2?

24. xmlns:soap attribute of SOAP element

I just now started learning web services.I cannot understand the use of xmlns:soap attribute of SOAP element.Thanks.

25. same function in different jar

I have a question and wonder if there is anyone came across the same situation as I did. I upgrade java version from 1.4 to 1.6, the java6 includes soap package itself, ...

26. Converting a SOAPMessage object to an instance of a XmlType annotated class in Java

I'm working with SOAP using the javax.xml.soap package. I have a javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage object that corresponds to a response to my SOAP request and I have to convert it to an instance of ...

27. Mirth: dynamically determine which SOAP method to call

Consider a Mirth channel with a Destination of a SOAP Sender. The WSDL is successfully loaded and has more than one method available. Each method would take a different number of ...

28. SoapAction Issue under Java 1.3

This problem has been bothering me for days. Hopefully someone has come across this before and has developed a workaround. So I've developed a middleware Java app which during its execution invokes ...

29. Creating a custom SOAP adapter for BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0

Using the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 We are working on a project where we need to call a proxy to a web service which is a DLL. We have no problems doing ...

30. What is XRPC, how do I use it

I am trying to connect to Thomson Reuters Researcher ID service using XRPC. My questions are as follows: 1) What is XRPC?
2) What do I need to do to send the appropriate ...

31. xml file in soap

My last question about soap series :) Now, i have xml file which must be send to the soap web service. Do i have to attach it as file to request OR send ...

32. What is the best way to access SOAP WebServices from portable native code?

I need to access a SOAP webservice (written in .NET with MS SQL backend, FWIW) from several different platforms, so my common denominator is native C++. Is there a portable ...

33. How does YouTube's flash player retrieve its media?

I'm trying to build a flash widget which will grab videos stored on my server. How does one do this to allow for maximum scalability? I want to emulate what YouTube does. Does ...

34. Implementing a callback in XML-RPC or SOAP

I am trying to get an understanding of how I can use SOAP or XML-RPC to create a remote, open API for my product. Problem is, part of my API will require ...

35. BlazeDS vs SOAP and web services

Advantage for one over the other?

36. SOAP Libraries Implementing WS-ReliableMessaging

I'm looking for SOAP libraries that implement WS-ReliableMessaging. So far I've come across Apache's Sandesha implementation for Axis. Are there any other frameworks that provide an implementation of the WS-ReliableMessaging specification? Thanks! ...

37. UserNameToken in soap from Java

I am trying to use a gSoap-generated wsdl from Netbeans. The webservice requires that the UserNameToken be passed in. When I use the wsdl from SoapUI (which works), it sends this:

<wsse:Password ...

38. SOAP over non-HTTP protocol

I just wondered if there are any libraries in Java or any other language implementing SOAP over protocol that is not HTTP? I've heard that some project had implemented SOAP over ...

39. Does int have a max and min value in a SOAP web service?

If I specify a parameter in my WSDL is of type xsd:int, what is the max and min values for that parameter? It is dependant on the technology the web ...

40. Web-services granularity with SAP project?

In a project that comes as a third-app on top of SAP to extent its functionality thru SOAP web-services, I am wondering how should be defined the web-services themselves ; should ...

41. Load balancing for a web service using soap?

We are currently looking at the problem of creating a load balancer in front of a set of servers offering the same web service (using soap over http). Once a client ...

42. Why webservices do not allow static methods?

Why something like following is not allowed. I mean why the following method will not be exposed in the web service.


public static string Foo()


    return "bar";

It ...

43. curl w3c-markup-validator localy is slow, how do I make it faster?

I am using curl like this: curl -s -F "uploaded_file=@/path_to_file;type=text/html" -F output=soap12 http://localhost/w3c-markup-validator/check >text.xml && xsltproc script/guilbep_soap_w3c.xsl text.xml xsltproc is fast; but curl is not. does it come from the fact that ...

44. The name/identity of the invoker of a web service

I have a SOAP web service which I call from two clients using axis2. Can the web service know from which of these two clients the call originated from? If so, ...

45. XML-RPC Standard and XML Data Type

I was looking at XML-RPC for a project. And correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like XML-RPC has no XML datatype. Are you supposed to pass as a string? ...

46. Tools to test WSE enabled SOAP service

Is there a tool that can test WSE-Enabled SOAP Web service?

47. soap and web browser

greetings, i have a simple question. I have some page that i use for SAML Authority certificate.: the coleague of mine asked me why is this "dead link". Well, I ...

48. What are some different frameworks which can be used for SOAP

Besides the following link, which is pro Spring, are there any other resources which show pros and cons of different Frameworks that can be used to implement SOAP in java

49. Does SOAP have "remote objects"?

SOAP is continuing to confuse me. In RMI, there are remote objects, which live on the remote server. You can pass them around, but this will just create stubs locally. The stubs ...

50. Public SOAP Web Services

I need some public Web Services to list and analyse them. The services should not be secured by password or some key.

51. Where can I find documentation on not supporting SOAP method overloading?

Most of the work I do is with RESTful web services but one of our customers has a legacy SOAP interface. We're a Java shop and currently moving things to Grails ...

52. WinInet and SOAP

Hoi, I tried to create a soap request using the WinInet API, however adding headers with SOAP etc seems to fail. Is this a known issue or can WinInet not be used ...

53. What are some good WWSAPI information sources?

Does anyone have some good suggestions for sites, books, tutorials or other information sources on WWSAPI and its use? I'm being dropped in the deep end on a project using it and ...

54. How to make a SOAP call in Java

This seems like it should be simple, but maybe I'm missing something. I just want to make a SOAP call in Java, preferrably using only built-in APIs. I'm a little overwhelmed ...

55. Suggestion for a web service framework for Java

I want a web service framework which is open source & free for commercial use, also security is a main concern too. Please suggest a web service framework for Java using ...

56. Does SOAP support canceling a call?

When using the SOAP protocol, is it possible to cancel a pending remote function call using SOAP? I see three different situations:

  • A) Making a request to a service that takes a long ...

57. Report Builder 2.0 query: ElementPath with a space in a field name

I'm trying to use Report Builder 2.0 to query a Sharepoint List using an XML data source. I explicitly list the fields I want returned because otherwise I don't ...

58. Game data across network

I'm designing a game where players are programmed bots competing in a programming contest. The bots can be programmed in any language - Java, Ruby, Python, C#. I'm looking for some ...

59. Please Explain SOAP To Me

What is the difference between XML and SOAP? I've been reading some introductory articles about SOAP but I am very confused. This is the first time I am reading about SOAP ...

60. SOAP - Why do I need to query for the original values for an update?

I'm taking over a project and wanted to understand if this is common practice using SOAP. The process that is currently in place I have to query all the values before ...

61. Is WebService the next Big thing?

I was today trying to figure out on working with WebService and found many articles really gospel over the Web Service and its effectiveness in the Market share. My Questions are: For a ...

62. wsgen limitations : what constructs to avoid

I'm creating a webservice using JAX-WS's (JSR 224's) @WebService and @WebMethod annotations. Although I've found the specification, I can't find the limitations I'm running into documented anywhere. Here's what ...

63. SOAP Web Service method naming conventions

Consider a Web Service (e.g. SOAP-based) that has an operation which accepts a bulk of data from the client. From the server's point of view it is receiving data, but from ...

64. SOAP library in C

I am looking for a SOAP Library for C. I know there is gSOAP. What other options do I have?

65. Does xs:time default to UTC when time zone is omitted?

The XML schema spec seems vague on how to interpret an xs:time value when no time zone is specified. (See section 3.2.8.) Is there a common consensus ...

66. curl issue with URL not connecting

So I'm not a very good network person so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to figuring out what I am doing wrong. I am trying to ...

67. Eclipse hangs when rebuilding after the addition of an external JAR file

I'm fairly new to Eclipse so if this is something simple I apologize, however when I attempt to add an external JAR file to my build path (specifically the "rt.jar" file ...

68. How to maintain a persistant network-connection between two applications over a network?

I was recently approached by my management with an interesting problem - where I am pretty sure I am telling my bosses the correct information but I really want to make ...

69. Is soap really interoperable?

I have read this question here: So does SOAP really hold his promise of Interoperability ?

70. SOAP faults or results object?

I was having a discussion about this with a co-worker and we couldn't come to an agreement, so I wanted to get your thoughts. I have my own opinions on ...

71. How may I teach that SOAP is not a reliable transport?

I need to teach that a HTTP SOAP call may be received but the caller may not get the response due to a network failure (among other problems). (This problem made ...

72. Transfering XML data using SOAP

We are transfering java object representation of XML as data returned by a SOAP/WSDL webservice. I was under the impression that since its a object being returned by the webservice, we are ...

73. How do you folow up on soap in eclipse

I'm starting to work on a project on java with eclipse IDE, and I understood that there is a plug-in that I can fallow the requests and the responds. I've been looking ...

74. Any tutorial on Qt SOAP

Qt library provides a classes to work with SOAP in qt components. Unfortunately, it's not a part of 'core' Qt and is not well documented. Is it any tutorials ...

75. Advice on creating simple web service

I want to build simple SOAP web service. So far I've only worked with existing SOAP/Rest services. And now I'd like to create my own, simple one for starters. For example create ...

76. Can MSM (Merge Module) files be used within Inno-Setup?

Can I include a MSM file and execute it within Inno-Setup? If not, how would I properly install a merge module? I am needing to install SOAP3 with my application and ...

77. Can I create a schema that validates both soap 1.1 and 1.2

I need a schema that validates both soap 1.1 and 1.2 how can I do it ?

78. JAX-WS Password Type PasswordText

I've got a simple command line Java JAX-WS app to test a SOAP request, but the server is expecting the Password Type to be PasswordText and I'm stumped on how to ...

79. Converting Object to XML Cocoa

I am looking for a tutorial, description, or something that could point me in the right direction for converting an object to an XML soap request in Cocoa. Specifically I ...

80. Install PEAR SOAP fails

All, I'm getting the following error attempting to use PEAR to install SOAP

    # pear install soap
    Failed to download pear/soap within preferred state "stable", latest ...

81. MS Access and SOAP, XMLRPC etc

I have been searching high and low on Google and finding very little information on using Web services with MS Access 2007. I'm sure this is possible somehow but I can't ...

82. Extracting Cache Process information via SOAP in 2008.2

What is the best way to configure Intersystems Cache 2008.2 so that the Web Service interface could be utilized to export a table consisting of the process information?

83. HTTP/SOAP services on Linux - recommendation please

I'm looking to set up a scalable server farm that serves up HTTP/SOAP requests and read/writes data from and to a (set of) database(s). Looking for the right Linux tools ...

84. What's this web service protocol? Unfamiliar XML Format

I'm following a document to send a request to a web service, but I'm confused about it's protocol. It's based on HTTP, but it's not in SOAP format nor XML-RPC. Is it ...

85. Will decoupling be beneficial in a redesign of a legacy application?

I am working on a company running several internet shops. We are about completely rewrite the whole code: site content and products management, order processing, partner relations, accounting, customer base and ...

86. SOAP and Remote Services with Open Source platforms, Recommendations

I'm a .Net developer by trade, but have done open source development in the past for fun. I need recommendations on which open source languages work particularly better (or even better ...

87. suds: incorrect marshaling of Array of Arrays

I try to talk to a load balancer (Zeus ZXTM) with python:

a = client.factory.create('StringArrayArray')
b = client.factory.create('StringArray')
b.value = ['node01:80',]
a.value = [b,]
client.service.addDrainingNodes(['my pool'], a)
But I get the following error:
suds.WebFault: Server raised ...

88. Is true SOAP interoperability a myth?

I mean, true true interop: from Java to .NET, from PHP to Java, etc. I'm asking because our powers that be want us to implement public-facing API with SOAP web services, and ...

89. What are the disadvantages of using SOAP services?

What are the disadvantages of using SOAP services?

90. Publishing multiple ports with one service using JAX-WS 2.0 and @WebService

I want to create a SOAP service with multiple port types exposed, where each port type has a separate interface. I'm trying to do this using JAX-WS 2.0. Example:

interface A:

91. Opting for a messaging system over web services such as SOAP

I'm working on a project at the moment that involves building a system in conjunction with another technical partner. The system will provide "monitoring" type functionality and operations will be long ...

92. Is it possible to change SOAP tags with Axis1?

I'm using Apache Axis 1.4 to communicate with a rpc/encoded web service but my tags start with lowercase characters and the service expects capitalized tag names. Is it possible to ...

93. SOAP XML read variable from file

I need my SOAP XML script to read variable from a csv file, line by line and send request to end-point for each variable.In the case below, values for "tel" are ...

95. Any good open source web service testing tools?

I m fairly new to SOAP based web services. I m looking for a good open source testing tool , that will help me automate regression testing. I found webinject. Was ...

96. Deploy report to JasperServer from java

Can someone provide me any examples on deploying a report unit to JasperServer using it's SOAP Services? Thanks in advance!

97. EOF faults and keep alive

I have a SOAP server process that fails with "EOF" errors. Does anybody know if EOF faults are related with keep alive timeouts? If yes how? My code is in C/C++ ...

98. Why doesn’t Web Sockets use SOAP?

First off, I intend no hostility nor neglegence, just want to know people's thoughts. I am looking into bi-directional communication between client and server; client being a web application. ...

99. Get report from JasperServer using SOAP

Can someone provide me a working example which gets reports from jasperserver using it's SOAP API. Actually I know how to run it to a file.... but I need to get ...

100. Site / book / resource to learn web services in java

I m new to java web services. since there are so many standards and so many things.I am unsure where to start..this is for all the professionals out there, if any ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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