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1. Why do we need SOAP?

2. SOAP vs. IIOP

3. AS/400 Soap assistance

4. Soap vs. FTP for file transfer

SOAP: + It goes through port 80 (assuming HTTP transport) so you can probably sneak past any existing firewalls on the way - It's most probably overkill to use SOAP for "just" transferring files - You need to include a web services engine into your application FTP: + Dead simple + It's the standard protocol for transfering files + You can ...

5. soap mulitple image attachements.

Yesterday the application: when there was one image attachment it wrote the image binary. when there was more than 1 image attachment, the process wrote one image, then hung in createAttachment() Today:Grumble (have to give the procedure) it is hanging in another location. for some reason now it hangs when I write the soap message to the file system) public void ...

6. SOAP authorization problem

8. SOAP & Jaxrpc question

9. problem with SOAP

Hi all, here is my code: public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { URL url = new URL("http://****/WEBSERVICE"); SOAPMappingRegistry smr = new SOAPMappingRegistry (); StringDeserializer sd = new StringDeserializer (); smr.mapTypes(Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENC, new QName ("", "Result"), null, null, sd); smr.mapTypes(Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENC, new QName ("", "ResultCode"), null, null, sd); smr.mapTypes(Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENC, new QName ("", "ResultMessage"), null, null, sd); // define input parameters Vector params ...

10. Publishing javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement

11. SOAP 1.2

Hi, Thanks Balaji. I have found the mailing list of Axis which is very interesting. I was really hoping in SOAP1.2 and WSDL2.0 to achieve a more robust interoperability, because SOAP1.1 and WSDL1.1 are quite old stuff but the concepts of an envelope and a language are good concepts. It seems that no decisive announcements have been heard now, and WS-I ...

13. web services with only SOAP? what else?

14. Apache SOAP newbie

Hey Bala, thanks for replying.Well,there is already MSSOAP toolkit installed at the server side. Now my problem is i have to use Apache Soap as RPC Client to talk to invoke the methods in Microsoft Soap WSDL file.For this i have to pick up the parameters from DB and post it to MSSOAP using Apache SOAP. I managed to test a ...

15. Reading a SOAP Response/Handlers

Hi Guys, Have a question as usual. I have a XML-response using SOAP service. Also am using JAXB for Marshalling/Unmarshalling. So when i have the SOAP response XML, how do i send it "DIRECTLY" to the "UnMarhshalling()" of JAXB. Sample code if possible. Right now i have a sample ".XML" stored in a folder-file which is passed as string to "Unmarshall()". ...

16. Soap thread

So this is not really a SOAP problem. Your SOAP client is just like any other database query where the query may take a long time or never complete. The usual solution is to create a separate Runnable object with its own Thread to do the query while you respond to the servlet request with some appropriate "Working" message. A reference ...

17. SOAP Protocol Query

Hi guys, I need ur help in understanding the SOAP Protocol/Flow.Well currently we are using Axis SOAP Client to consume a WebService. the problem is we are posting about 6000 records to the WebService and it has to be done pretty quick. But it takes about 2 hours to complete the whole transaction which is ineffeicient for us. We are told ...

18. SOAP ToolKit 3.0

The Microsoft SOAP Toolkit is deprecated by the .NET Framework. SOAP Toolkit support will be retired in April 2005, but its doesn't require .NET framework. You will IIS for running soap server objects, but for client object you just need windows OS. I think its better if you convience your company to use Axis for your case. IMHO

19. org.apache.soap ?

21. SOAP Benefits

I've got some java code thats installed on a WebSphere server as a Web Service & I'm calling it from another application (written in LotusScript) via an HTTP POST. One of the parameters of the message is an XML file & this file carries the bulk of the data. Because XML is involved & the java code is installled as a ...

22. Urgent SOAP and DIME question

Hi, I have a small urgent question. I want to communicate with a .NET Webservice using Java together with JAXM and DIME (so no RPC call). The reason is that I need to upload a big file to this webservice. I now we use nowadays MTOM but the client doesn't want to use this yet. If someone could provide me with ...

23. SOAP and WSAD V5.0

Hi Got a problem with SOAP in WSAD V5.0. Have configured my Soap Servlet and deployed the services I need. These have deployed succesfully but when I try and run the service it falls over because it cannot resolve one of the type mappings defined in my service deployment descriptor. The EAR uses a WAR module where everything is set up. ...

24. SOAP

25. SOAP

26. SOAP

27. SOAP handlers

I have been using soap handlers with jaxrpc for including a flag in the SOAP message that is sent. As the flag is included at runtime in this way, the invocation take a lot of more time than before including the flag. Is it possible with JAXRPC include the flag at compilation time instead of at runtime? Could you tell me ...

28. SOAP version

29. What is SOAP all about

HI Everybody, It *MUST* have been asked earlier but somehow I am not able to find out an answer for this. 1. What is SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) all about? 2. Where can I use this? 3. Does this has anything to do with HTTP replacement? 4. Why I need SOAP? Can somebody help me to find the above questions answers? ...

30. Anything wrong with the SOAP return?

Hi, The following is a web services return that intercepted by tcpmon. web services is on axis 1.1 client: .net style: document/literal message: -------------------------------------------------------------------- HTTP/1.1 100 Continue HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/xml;charset=utf-8 Transfer-Encoding: chunked Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 16:00:58 GMT Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 13e Axis 0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Could somebody tell ...

31. dynamic web services invocation & SOAP handlers

I am implementing JAXRPC services with JWSDP: I have implemented, on the one hand, a client which invokes a service dinamically (so the WSDL and all the information about the service is unknown til runtime) following the dii example in the jaxrpc tutorial. On the other hand, I have implemented a client whihc use a SOAP handler to include aditional information ...

32. Microsoft Soap Questions

At my current job we have some client applications that are using Microsoft's Soap Tool Kit 2.0. I am not clear on what functionality it provides, but they (Microsoft) claim it defaults to document based web services and that it is more "scalable" (that word should be banned). Having our clients build up xml documents is much more painful and I ...

33. Parsing SOAP Information

Hi All, I have post this query with other Subject. I am receiving this type of data in POST *********************************************************************** ------=_Part_22403_1537218.1109754242840 Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-ID: <> Content-Length: 1094 1 ------=_Part_22403_1537218.1109754242840 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_Part_22402_2522997.1109754237841" Content-ID: ------=_Part_22402_2522997.1109754237841 Content-Type: text/plain; name=Ajm.txt; charset=utf-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Location: Ajm.txt ...

34. SOAP material

35. what are the main advantages of soap

36. what is soap?

38. Soap Technology

Hi SOAP is A lightweight XML-based protocol for exchanging messages in a decentralized, distributed environment. SOAP can be used to query and return information and invoke services across the Internet. SOAP server is a server enabled to understand a SOAP message and map it to WS which it neeed to be passed . for example you can use Tomcat with Axis ...

39. java soap proble with returning an array of DTO

HI , a dto is a user defined class inmy case its a simple bean with getter and setter methods . So how can a array of such a class be returned . I am getting the follwing error : Listing current CD catalog. [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Client; msg=No mapping found for 'urn:St udentService:Student' using encoding style ' /soap/encoding/'.; targetException=java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No m apping ...

40. deploy services with java soap

41. seeting soap response/request

Like I said, it only works if your web service is provided by Axis. In that case, the index.jsp in the Axis directory has a link to the applet. There's nothing further to be done on the client. If this is a service provided by someone else, they have most likely disabled access to the applet to outsiders.

42. SOAP

Note that SOAP messages can be moved around by just about any transport mechanism you can imagine even though most examples use HTTP. For my SOAP book (now sadly outdated) I did examples with email and the JMS (Java Message Service) - basically anything that can move XML text will work. Bill

43. Generating Soap msg from a xml file

Hi all, I am getting a xml structured data from the inputstream.I have to send this data to a server using web services(apache axis).So first of all I have to parse this xml , then make an object then send it using apache axis.But apache axis will internally again convert this object into soap msg(xml format).So I think there is xml ...

44. SOAP engine

Hi Suresh, Weblogic and WebSphere come with a SOAP engine. Both of them uses some version of the Axis SOAP engine. So no need to plug ur own SOAP engine. Its just a matter of using the SOAP engines given by Weblogic/WebSphere. Refer the server documentation to see how to configure the server to use these SOAP engines, if they do ...

45. Wht is Soap

46. Accessing a returned SOAP object body

Hello all, I have used SOAP to return an object from a web service. The call is being made using the classes generate from wsdl2java in conjunction with some of the Apache Axis libraries (this wsdl2java lib is integrated as a plug-in with Eclipse). AwardDataLocator locator = new AwardDataLocator(); AwardDataSoap service = locator.getAwardDataSoap(); System.out.println(service.getAwards(Phase.II,2004,"","password").get_any()); System.out.println(service.getAwardInformation("N68335","","password").get_any()); FirmDataLocator firmLocator = new FirmDataLocator(); FirmDataSoap ...

47. Problem with SOAP

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. (Fowler) Debug only code - comments can lie. If you have too many special cases, you are doing it wrong. Get your data structures correct first, and the rest of the program will write itself. Testing can show the presence of bugs, but ...

48. SOAP

49. How to implement attachements with SOAP apache

Hi all, I set up an architecture SOAP with Tomcat in java. It works correctly. I know how to implement(side server) the return of simple data type (integer) for the client. But I don't know how to send binary (for example a midi file ) to the same client with attachement. Could you give me a example of code source in ...

50. WSIF and Apache Soap

I am using WSIF on the client side to invoke a webservice using ApacheSOAP engine. The webservice is document/literal based. The authentication information needs to be passed in the soap header. I found that the ApacheSOAP provider in the WSIF doesn't support soap headers for document/literal style so I did some modifications on the apache soap provider class to include the ...

51. soap & soapenv

Where do you see or use these tags? The error is complaining about invalid XML, not a particular tag. Could it be that you use at the beginning and (or vice-versa) at the end of your XML? As a side note, if the XML works with , why would you expect to also work with ? Does the documentation ...

52. Use of SOAP in a Java Web Service

54. get Soap service return valus and EnvelopeString

Hi, I am new in SOAP. I have a simple code to get the return valus form service and get SOAP response Envelope data. But I need to call the service twice. How can I get the both data and response Envelope string by only calling the service only once?? // part 1. get the return values Response resp = call.invoke(new ...

55. Alternative to SOAP protocols

Hi, This might not be directly related to the exam and is more of an architecture question. SOAP is the preferred protocol of communication for web services. As of today or in near future,are there alternative protocols available and possible. Possible yes, but are there any alternatives? If yes, can anyone list some. Can anyone provide links? regards Vasim

56. SOAP filtering out my carriage returns???

So im trying to send a string that is essentially an xml document. On the client side the string length is larger then what i get on the serverside which causes problems in my application. The client side string has newline and carriage returns but when recieved in the webservice i only see the newlines which account for the missing characters. ...

57. What is SOAP

58. getting soap to work on remote host (beginner)

Haven't tried to get the package you mention, because I did find and org/apache/... directory in the google jar file, and I copied it to my host. The program I'm trying to run,, has "package;" at the top, but I'm getting problems creating redundant dirs on the server. How should I compile/run this program? thx.

59. SOAP & dtds & xsds

I'm just getting started with SOAP. We are looking to using SOAP messaging (not RPC) between many devices, platforms, and languages. I know you cannot use DTDs with SOAP, but can you use XML schemas? If not, we'll end up writing a lot of code to verify the messages we send/receive are formed correctly based on the design of our messages. ...

61. Does WSAD 5.1.0 support SOAP 1.2

62. populate data via soap from webservice

Hi guys, I'm very new to webservice technology & need your help. I want to populate data from an existing webservice via SOAP: the SOAP Request sould be : POST /LBEDataService.asmx HTTP/1.1 Host: localhost Content-Type: application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8 Content-Length: length SOAP response should be : HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: ...

63. unable to invoke a method on my SOAP service

Hi, I am new to web services. I have tomcat5.0 server running on my m/c. I tried deploying my first helloservice and was successful. But when i tried to call that service it gives me the following error. Hello SOAP Client Fault Occurred (details follow): Fault Code: SOAP-ENV:Server.BadTargetObjectURI Fault String: Unable to resolve target object: com.pspl.soap.SoapService Fault Occurred. No greeting for ...

64. Need help with XML Parsing on SOAP

Hello, I'm writing this web service client that gets me the response wrapped in a SOAP Envelope as follows: Srinvias 484020 The mentioned SOAP request comes in as String. Can Someone please help me how do I 'extract' the employee xml as a string or Document? All that ...

65. Apache SOAP

Hi I am Using the Apache Tomcat for the Apache SOAP. When I gave the URL: http://localhost:8080/apache-soap/admin/. i got the SOAP admin page with the Options Like LIST DEPLOY and UN-Deploy. With this information I hope that environment is set properly.But when I am trying to click on deploy then i am getting the following error. org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class ...

66. NoClassDefFoundError in Apache SOAP

Hi Guys I am using tomcat fopr apache SOAP. I can see the admin page for Apache but when i click on the list,deploy,undeploy on the admin page. I am getting the following error javax.servlet.ServletException: javax/mail/MessagingException org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.doHandlePageException( org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.handlePageException( org.apache.jsp.admin.undeploy_jsp._jspService( org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.serviceJspFile( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( root cause java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/mail/MessagingException org.apache.jsp.admin.undeploy_jsp._jspService( org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.serviceJspFile( org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( I got xerces.jar,mail.jar,activation.jar in my ...

67. SOAP engines

Hi all, I am looking into various SOAP engines to see which would be the most suitable for my needs. In particular I am looking into SOAP over JMS as a transport. I am finding a lot of conflicting information on this for a start. In particular on the use of technology that would be supported under a WebSphere environment. I ...

68. SOAP over TCP

Although there could in theory be a binding of SOAP to TCP (just like there are bindings to SMTP or JMS), I'm not aware that one actually exists. The beauty (or danger, according to some people) of using HTTP is that it travels over port 80, which is open on most firewalls. That's not true for just any TCP port. What ...

69. soapAction and soap:address

70. Soap Handlers in JAX-WS 2.0

71. Soap 2.3+tomcat6.0

72. SOAP Notification

73. Mark Hansen: Best practices on SOAP Faults

Following some recent discussion with some folks, some believe that using SOAP Faults as the mechanism to deal with (application) exceptions is not good because of performance and the fact that once a SOAP Fault is generated there is not a lot of info you can return along with the fault. Say, you have a Web Service X which can fail ...

74. SOAP notification

75. SOAP monitoring programaticly?

Hi, I am using netbeans with glassfish to study and creating wsit application. I need to monitoring soap request and response, but glassfish has a bug in monitoring (he shows for response request, and request normaly ), so is there posibility to put some snipet code for monitoring my web services and that output (of request and response) is showen in ...

76. monitoring soap

77. dynamically change the soap:address

78. Using SOAP for Data Layer design?

Hi , We are planning to implement a Data layer in our application along using SOAP servers. Basically there will be various java / .Net servers which will be calling the Data layer for information. Our main goals are 1)100% application uptime 2)Quick respond times for frequently used quarys( fraction on seconds) 3)Hight Scalability 4)Good performance 5) No quary should take ...

79. help me about soap

80. Set soap time-out

Hi, My Application structure is like this : Back End: I am using Axis web service. I am writing wsdl and using WSDL2Java tool to generate Stub and Skeleton classes. UI: It is in PHP and its calling web service methods using Soap. Problem is I am getting some soap exception and I think this is because of timeout. My backend ...

81. Problem in building SOAP with XML

82. Alternative to heavy soap calls?

84. SOAP+[Replacement for]WDDX

Greetings, I have a problem: I have an application which uses SOAP to send messages and WDDX to serialize complex objects. My client application is written in VBA. Unfortunately, the WDDX project seems to be abandoned, as COM libraries, so I'm looking for another xml-object mapping as an alternative for WDDX. Have you got any idea of what I might use? ...

85. SOAP 1.1 or 1.2

Hi All, I have a query regarding invoking the webservice located at serverside. I have written the client using the help of Axis "xmlbeans". I made a call to the webservice through this client. But unable to connect with that service. Below error exception is received at client side : Please help me to resolve this issue org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Only SOAP 1.1 ...

86. How to use java to invoke an external webservices (soap, soap1.2)?

Hi, I am new to webservices. I've tried how to invoke external webservices which uses HTTP GET binding (passing in parameter using URL). My question is how to invoke external webservices which uses SOAP1/2 binding? My intention is to pass file over internet by encoding the file into byte array and take it as one of parameters. On the other side, ...

87. Soap stub/skeleton

88. Need to invoke SOAP msg with standalone java class

If you have a complete template for the SOAP message there is no need to build a SOAP client. See the HttpURLConnection in package for how to POST a message to the service. I did this for a client who didn't want to get all tangled up in SOAP toolkits. It can be very simple if the SOAP response is ...

89. How to remove service operation name from SOAP body

Hi, I am using JiBX as xml data binding tool with axis2 as service engine. Now In the WSDL, even if though style is mentioned has "document", the SOAP message body contains service operation name as the first element. Can you please guide me why this is happening? I want remove the operation name from the SOAP message.

91. problem in SOAP xml

Hi Ranchers, I want to call a web service by sending a SOAP xml as an input and get back the same type of xml in the response. Is it possible to have constant SOAP xml and fill it up when we get a request and call web service? Thanks in advance.

92. Bulk Data + SOAP

Hi We are using the Hessian in our J2EE Application , to send the bulk data to client ( A server - client J2EE Application with Spring MVC FrameWork). Can we the use the Hessian for the bulk data ( Bulk Data , 200, 000 POJO object each Object contains the 400 Bytes . Total Data = 200,000 * 400 = ...

93. valid SOAP content-type?

SOAP responses are expected to be XML in a standard SOAP message format. You may be getting the server's standard error message as formatted for browsers in HTML, indicating your request never got to the SOAP service. If this was my problem I would use TCPMON to see exactly what is being sent back. Bill

94. SOAP 1.2 and Web Services

95. SOAP and Iterator Pattern

Hi, apologies in advance that this might not be the most appropriate place to ask this question. I'm required to develop a java web service application (SOAP). the company i'm working, will develop the server, and another company will develop the client. Our application has to satisfy a standard thus we are not a freedom of defining our interface. In one ...

96. How to print javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement

97. Plain XML Vs SOAP

98. How do I return a ArrayList over SOAP?

99. SOAP Web Service Example

Hi to all.. I have to make simple SOAP Web service in which a service provides addition of two number. And a SOAP Client which can access this service. I am using Apache Tomcat server and IntellIj IDE. If possible send me code with description along with how to deploy service on Tomcat server. Thanks in advance.

100. Help with SOAP

Hi, I have read the Axis documentation and samples. I couldn't understand the samples as I am just a beginner in SOAP. I am using Eclipse and unaware that what jars do we require, or which webserver to use and where and how to deploy the application in the webserver for a simple SOAP or SAAJ application. Please guide me....  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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