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1. web services - soap

2. SOAP can I get the sender's ip?

I'm using JAXMServlet to handle a SOAP message. Is there a way to get the sender's ip address? I've goog'd etc but mainly find references to the request object. This class seems to be abstracted from the request or response objects. Is there a way to set up in the web config to pass in the ip as an init parameter ...

3. SOAP messaging

The XML-centric way to go would be to use something like Apache's Axis. Or, you can use the JEE 5 annotations (such as @WebMethod) to have a more Java-centric approach. Up to you. There are tutorials at Apache on how to set-up Axis and tutorials here on using EE 5. - Saish

4. Chat program using SOAP

using a db or files causes way too much overhead. I see. And you base this claim on what? Careful studies and measurements of how much "overhead" your app can tolerate vs. how much a DB or files introduce? Or just a wild, uninformed guess? ..I'm talking about a chat server that handles hundreds of connections..constantly having to access a file ...

5. resources for first java soap client/server endeavour?

Christ, how did I mange to make those typos? You need a webserver to accept the requests, and something like Tomcat to run your web service. Since Tomcat has a webserver (doesn't it include Apache?) already, Tomcat is all you need, but it won't really care whether you send some XML using HTTP or HTML form data using HTTP. It's still ...

6. Soap Messaging

Hi, I am using Netbeans 6.9, Glassfish v3 and Apache Tomcat 6.0.26. I have never worked on SOAP technology, please would anyone help me how to read and write soap message and send soap messages over https. My aim is to send SOAP messages in xml format over internet to make two system interact. Thanks Deepak

7. SOAP Messaging

Dear friends, I would like to implement SOAP messaging service in my application... I want to parse the soap message and validate it before giving the response for the message. I have studied different articles and got some idea and parsed it. But i need to know whether SAAJ or any other API does have any methods to parse the complete ...