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1. How should I do an ISerializable Stream (or near enough)

I have a web service accessed via SOAP. I'd really like one of the methods to return a Stream. What are my options? My thoughts right now amount to implement Stream and stuff ...

2. Streaming, Asynchronous, Language Independent technology to transfer Object data

What are the best-practice / industry standard technologies for the folowing requirements

  1. Allow transfer of business objects from one client / server to another
  2. Language and platform independent
  3. Supports Streaming to alow ...

3. Exchange Web Services GetAttachment will not stream to disk

We are using Exchange Web Services from java (jaxws). Here's the issue. To get an attachment, you execute the GetAttachment soap call (logical enough :) ). Here's the problem: the entire ...

4. How to pass through the soap memory stream?

I create memory stream.

var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();
var binaryFormatter = new BinaryFormatter();
binaryFormatter.Serialize(memoryStream, list.ToArray());
And I need to pass through the soap to java server and insert to database. And how create webService method ...

5. Program hanging on soap call

All right todays problem should you choose to lend your expertise involves a soap call being made by a mobile device to a server via a wireless router as long as i ...

6. streaming soap with attachments

dear all this might be a piece of cake for some of you out there but it is causing me a lot of stress given the fact that there is not enogh documentation out there regarding this topic I am writing a web service that uses soap with attachments to send a large streaming data, The concept works quite well but ...