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What is the best way to refresh a Tapestry zone on a regular basis to pull changes of a dataset from a server?

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I've got a Zone inside a Form, the Zone is updated with a block containing input fields which I would like to bind to the parent Form. Unfortunately this doesn't seem ...

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My current problem regards updating context information dynamically in FormInjector, my previous question Updating a zone inside a form in Tapestry 5 probably contains useful background information. I added the following ...

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I'm playing with tapestry 5.2.4 and AJAX. In my Test.tml I have a form:

<form t:id="form">
   <t:label for="userName"/>:
   <input t:type="TextField" t:id="userName" size="30"/>
And a zone that displays the variable "test":
<t:zone ...

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I have a page : Test.tml which contain a select and a component :

       <t:zone t:id="zone1" t:clientId="zone1">

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I've been trying to do this for some time now but nothing worked. I searched through this list and I still can't figure it out !! Here is my case, I draw ...