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1. Tapestry 4, get submitted value from non-component element

My form has a custom element like below, created using custom ajax:

<select jwcid="testtest <at> Any">
<option value="x">California -- CA</option>
<option value="y">Colorado -- CO</option>
<option value="z">Connecticut -- CN</option>
After the form is submitted, how do I ...

2. Updating Lists of Lists in Tapestry4 using textfields and a single submit button

In Tapestry 4 I am trying it iterate over a list of lists (technically a list of objects who have a list of strings as a data field). I am currently doing ...

3. onchange force page submit

<form jwcid="@Form" listener="listener:updateStaff">

<select jwcid="staffselect@Select" multiple="ognl:false" validators="validators:required" onchange="this.form.submit()" listener="listener:updateStaff">
               <span jwcid="@For" source="ognl:hrStaff" value="ognl:currentHrStaff" index="ognl:currentHrStaffIndex">

4. Submitting a form from inside a JavaScript function in Tapestry

I am trying to submit a form from inside a JavaScript function in Tapestry. Here is the tml file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns:t="" xmlns:tx="tapestry-library:tapx">
    <script type="text/javascript">

5. submit context in loop

I'm having a problem with the following code:

<t:form t:id="locationsForm" t:zone="myZone">
    <t:loop t:source="locations" t:value="location" t:encoder="locationEncoder">
        <t:textfield t:value="" />

6. form observe submit not working?

I've read multiple times that this is the recommended approach to adding client side callbacks when a form is submitted, however it isn't working for me:

    <t:form t:id="myForm" ...