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1. How to get text value from DOM Element in Tapestry 5    stackoverflow.com

Accroding to this http://tapestry.apache.org/tapestry5/apidocs/org/apache/tapestry5/dom/Element.html there is no method for get raw text data from DOM element. So how can I get text recursively from all child elements? The Element.visit(Visitor ...

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is it possible to create a form in tapestry that has multiple input fields with the same id and type that are stored as list in the class? Something like the following. sample.tml:


3. 'current' variable in Tapestry BeanEditComponent Property Editor Tutorial    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently learning Tapestry and get stuck in the BeanEditForm tutorial, in this part of code:

public class AppPropertyEditBlocks

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I am following below link to use the TapestryTools. TapestryTools_install_Guide As per the instruction i downloaded the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers from the below link Download Eclipse JavaEE. ...

5. difference between t:type="grid" and t:grid in tapestry    stackoverflow.com

in tapestry we can use the component in two ways

<t:type="grid" t:source="persons" t:row="person" t:encoder="personEncoder" t:include="id,firstname,lastname,startdate" t:add="delete"\>
or we can use
<t:grid source="persons" row="person" encoder="personEncoder" include="id,firstname,lastname,startdate" add="delete"></t:grid>
So my question is that is there any difference ...

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I am using Tapestry 4.1.6 in my project. I need a 'Print' button on my webpage. When I click this button I open up a popup displaying a page. This popup ...

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Usually, when you get NoSuchMethod exceptions, there are two possible causes: 1. You are using reflection to try to find a method that doesn't exist -- perhaps there's a typo, or you don't have the correct version of the class 2. You compiled your class against a different version of the dependency class than your virtual machine has loaded, and the ...

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