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1. site for downloading WEBLOGIC???

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6. weblogic.utils.AssertionError ??

7. Re : why do we need weserver(Apache), Application Server (weblogic)

Actually, Application server runs on top of HTTP server that handles HTTP request from the client browser. It serves the static HTML page request on its own, and delegates any servlet/jsp request to application server. The dynamic HTML generated by servlet/jsp then comes back to HTTP server to serve the client request. Of course, some application servers, like Tomcat, has built-in ...

8. parseFloat not working in weblogic

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sir here we have created web application folder,but when we call any jsp file from other jsp file,then error message comes "particular jsp file(class) not found.,sometimes comes internal server error(500) so pl tell me where should we place the html and jsp file. pl send me weblogic setting thanking u priya ranjan

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11. weblogic 5.1

sir i have installed weblogic server 5.1 but i don't know how to create a web application folder and regarding this folder what changes should i do in weblogic properties file,classpath and path. where should i keep jsp and ejb to run it necessary to create deployment descriptor and jar file before running it?

12. Debugging with Weblogic 6.0

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14. Weblogic - Jreport Enterprise Server

Dear All, We are using Jreport SErver 3.1 for reports (over 150) integrated with Weblogic Server 5.1. Currently we are facing problem when ceratin reports are accessed, the Weblogic server starts a "Full Cycle GC" and it lasts for more than 1.75 Secs. This continues for over 9 minutes, there by leading to server downtime. The users have an option to ...

15. Targetted Emails -- WebLogic

16. Targetted Emails in WebLogic

Hai All! If u are working on Weblogic Server then this question is for you. I am trying to send a simple targetted emais to customers who logged into my site. Problem is that it is giving following exception while sending mail. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A mail recipient is required, either explicitly or as a User property at at com.bea.commerce.campaign.internal.ScenarioServiceImpl.executeActions( at com.bea.commerce.campaign.internal.ScenarioServiceImpl.executeScenarios( ...

17. how to write "weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar" file using weblogic

i have a little knowledge of XML and due to short time i do not want to go in details of XML .please tell me how to write quries in "weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar" file. for example query for getting accounts greater than 5000 is. balance $0)]]> please also tell me some resource from where i can get quries like this. thank you ...

18. weblogic output stream HELP!!!!

19. Web applications and XML files in Weblogic 6.0

Greetings, I'm using Weblogic 6.0 and trying to figure out how applications are declared within the container. Weblogic came with several web applications examples, which can be administered via the WL console. What bugs me is the fact that I can't find references to these applications in the XML files (i.e. config.xml). Any ideas, Dan

20. Weblogic specific...

21. Weblogic.. InMemmory Replication.. How to Configure Replication Groups?

Hai! This is for all Weblogic Server Gurus. There is something called Session replication in Weblogic Server Clustering for accomplishing Session Persistence. For that we need to Configure Replication gruops to host session state replicas.. But problem is in documentation it's not clear how to create these Replicas.. Can anybody drive me out of this problem? TIA Rgds Manohar

22. WebLogic server5.1 ...bug

23. Weblogic Managed Servers...

26. weblogic.html.* ???

27. getRealPath() returns null using Weblogic

Hello Im using getRealPath() to acces config files within my web app structure, but Weblogic does not extract the .war file but works directly from then, so the proper directories are not being made. This results in that getRealPath returns null. Is there any way to configure Weblogic 6.1 to extract the .war files ? My .war file works perfectly with ...

28. WebLogic returns funny characters in XML response?

I have an application developed on Tomcat that includes a servlet that receives and XML post, processes the XML, then constructs an XML response packet (using JDOM) and flushes the response packet back to the calling process. This worked great under Tomcat, however now that I have ported it to WebLogic 6.1sp3, WebLogic appears to be adding some funny characters at ...

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30. How to declare/override Weblogic's ServletInvoker in web.xml

Hi, It would be of good help if you can enlighten me about a process to resolve this problem, mentioned below. The Problem : as explained here .. (i) My application has a dispatcher servlet which acts as controller (of my app's MVC framework). (ii) I have mapped URI accordingly in web.xml for this servlet. That looks like - MyServlet ...

33. Weblogic 7.0 supports SSI

34. In Weblogic, service() being called twice

Yah, i am using JavaScript to submit page.. see the below code

And in jumptToBatch() function, I am doing document.PRESENTATION.BEAN_COMMAND.value = strCommand; document.PRESENTATION.action="<%=SERVER_CONTEXT%> servlet/LogController"; document.PRESENTATION.submit(); And also in, i used service method. String strCommand = req.getParameter("BEAN_COMMAND"); The service method is calling twice and this 'strCommand' value is getting null onetime, and the actual value ...

36. Weblogic 8.1

The following server log message appears continuously when i restarted the Weblogic server and consumes all the disk space. Can you suggest any remedy or is it a problem with something other than weblogic. ####

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