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1. Weblogic / EjbGen: worker manager configuration

I want to declare a worker manager to perform some work in managed thread. Weblogic documentation tells that we can
- declare a global worker manager using the admin console
- declare a local ...

2. Configuring fast-swap in WebLogic fails, with a "BEA_HOME environment variable is null" AsserionError

In WebLogic 10.3.0, I tried adding

to my weblogic.xml configuration file. (<fast-swap>true</fast-swap>, as specified in the instructions here, throws an XML error, instead. ...

3. Facing issue after moving weblogic specific configuration (only) from annotations to weblogic-ejb-jar.xml

I have few MDBs and SessionBeans that use weblogic specific configuration (initial-beans-in-free pool, max-beans-in-free-pool, etc) I was using annotation for this before in all the ejbs. No I'm using javax annotations for generic ...

4. Weblogic Configuration - prefer-web-inf-classes

prefer-web-inf-classes has to be specified for the classes specified in Web-INF to take precendence over classes present in application library of weblogic server. I have a special case where I need ...