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1. Can the Weblogic default handler display the list of contexts?

In Jetty, if there is no deployment at '/' then the DefaultHandler displays a list of known contexts. This is very useful during development. Is it possible to configure BEA ...

2. How can I install one Web Application in two context roots in Weblogic 10g?

How can I install one Web Application in two context roots in Weblogic 10g?

3. Link to file outside context root of weblogic

If I want to display an image in my webpage and its src is a file outside context root. At the IDE, the image is shown to be loaded. But when I ...

4. good documentation about "avoid catching throwable", in context of weblogic server

i am currently refactoring an existing codebase (EJBs...) to rip out all blocks where a Throwable is catched inside of the EJB.

try {
    ... do some business logic
} ...

5. IntelliJ Idea 10.5.2 WebLogic Deployment tab is missing context dropdown

IntelliJ Idea 10.5.0 WebLogic Run/Debug configuration documentation mentions context dropdown. I am using 10.5.2 version and cannot find this dropdown. Is there a way to configure application context without ...

6. problem on web app using root context (/) in weblogic 7.0.2

I got problem on servlet which running on root context "/" in weblogic 7.0.2. I have remove the default web app (which use the root context) before the web app. The web application was deployed without any error. However, when the servlet run to the line calling HttpSession.setAttribute, the following exception occurs. The weblogic server is running on Solaris 8. anyone ...

7. Configuring root context in weblogic