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1. What do these HPROF errors mean?

I'm seeing the following errors in my console logs:

HPROF ERROR: unable to resolve a method id
HPROF ERROR: got NULL trace in obj_alloc
HPROF ERROR: duplicate obj_id in object_alloc
HPROF ERROR: unable to resolve ...

2. WebLogic "Exceeded stated content length" Error

I have a servlet filter that is generating "Exceeded stated content length" errors in WebLogic 10.0. I would appreciate any suggestions to fix this issue please. Details as follows. The servlet filter ...

3. Weblogic 503 errors on EVERY OTHER startup

We are having a rather frustrating issue wherein WebLogic takes its usual 3-5 minutes to deploy our application to a development machine (running Ubuntu 9.10 in my case) and then instantly ...

4. Weblogic 10.3 build path error

I am trying to resolve a build path error. Which weblogic 10.3 jars contain the j2ee classes (like javax.ejb package etc.) ?

5. Customising Web-logics default 404 error page

I am running weblogic 9. When I enter an incorrect URL below the application root I redirect 404 request to a customized error page. Eg. http://localhost:7001/myApp/non-existent redirects to my customised error page. Is ...

6. How to set an HTTP error code in JAX-RS

I have a web service using jar-rs. How do I throw a custom http error code to the calling application? Thanks

7. Message icon - Error [J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references

Message icon - Error [J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references. Unresolved application library references, defined in weblogic-application.xml What does this error mean exactly and what do i need to do in order to ...

8. Flex Weblogic Blazeds Error

I have Flex/Parsley/Blazeds application deployed on weblogic 9.x. The following error appears in the weblogic logs the very first time I try connect to server side java class using remoting. After ...

9. How to resolve web logic server BEA-000117 and BEA-101162 errors?

I encounter this error:

<BEA-000117> <Received a stale replication request for object ...>
I went through the documentation and it says that i need to tune garbage collection. How do i actually ...

10. Annotation parsing error in weblogic 11g

Hi I am migrating my project from weblogic 9.2 to Weblogic 11g. While migrating i got stuck with the following exception. The code works well with weblogic 9.2. ...

11. Configure domain-wide WebLogic error page

In WebLogic, there's a way to customize standard error pages like HTTP 404 inside the web applications using web.xml

<web-app xmlns="">

12. Jython script error

I am trying to add the following in the config.xml of weblogic server under <server> node



I can do this using admin console, but I have to use ...

13. Weblogic error (Application Server)

I am trying to start an app server but am getting an error. Please help me with the same. Below is the log of the same;

"Timer-0" id=15 idx=0x3c tid=2632 prio=5 alive, ...

14. workmanager throws errors in weblogic.xml

I saw no post related to the problem I am facing. I recently added work-manager under weblogic.xml which I think is a DTD file. But as soon as I add this tag ...

15. WebService call error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Requires valid: userid

Is this an application fault, whereby an invalid userId is not supplied, or is it a fault with WebLogic?


16. Weird error : There is no receiver registered on connector "connector.VM.0" for endpointUri vm://

In our application we use MULE 2.2.1 for service orchestration. Some times during deployment we get an exception stack like this :

Caused by: org.mule.api.transport.NoReceiverForEndpointException: There is no receiver registered on connector ...

17. HTTP 500 internal error in jdeveloper

I'm working on an assignment. An online order system using EJB 3.0. im using jDeveloper 10 and oracle 10g for the database. i have coded around 20%, now i need to ...

18. WebLogic Server internal server error

When I deployed a project in Apache Tomcat 6.0 it is working fine. When I deployed a same project in WebLogic Server 10.3 it's showing an error:

Error 500--Internal Server Error

javax.servlet.ServletException: [HTTP:101249][weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext@ae43b8 ...

19. Weblogic 7 autotype error

22. weblogic webservice invocation error

Hi all, I got bunch of webservices deployed on weblogic 9.2. For one webservice I'm doing 2 calls with only one line difference (i'm setting email to null). This call is coming through without error: RequestID_9527 2BusinessPartner-2010-02-20-02:26:53 089444415 2009-10-21T00:00:00.000+01:00 Mac1-2010-02-20-14:29:44 2009-10-21T00:00:00.000+01:00 cmfBillCompany bbbbbb bbb Teststrasse ...

23. Web Service Error in Weblogic 10

24. IIS and weblogic error

Hi Im trying to integrate IIS and weblogic, Could you please help me to work it out, Below are the steps which i followed to integrate IIS and weblogic. 1) installed weblogic in windows server name as test in D:// 2) installed IIS in another server name as test2. 3) created a directory in IIS server with name IISredirect inside d: ...

25. Keep getting: weblogic.xml.schema.binding.BindingException: ERROR: during code compilation

I'm running a ant build on some files and I keep getting this error and can't figure out why. I've verified that weblogic.jar, wlclient.jar, and webservices.jar are all in the classpath I've run the setEnv.cmd and it did nothing. I verified that my environment variables have the right JDK and ant version. Is there anything else I need to check here? ...

26. HTTP 500 Internel server error in Custom tag program on Weblogic 8.1

Home.jsp: <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/taglib" prefix="Kumar" %> It is a Tag Body taglib.tld: 1.0 1.2 /WEB-INF/tlds/taglib hello mypack.MyTag name true package mypack; import javax.servlet.jsp.*; import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.*; public class MyTag extends TagSupport { String name; public void setName(String c) { name=c; } public int doStartTag() { return EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE; } public int doEndTag() { ...

27. HTTP 500 Internel server error in Custom tag program on Weblogic 8.1

With an [HTTP status code|] of 500, the most helpful information for debugging the problem is usually in the server's log file. There should be a stack trace in the web or application server's log file that will contain the specific root cause of this. It is often a NullPointerException or ClassNotFoundException or other "common" exception.

28. FrontEndHost Error with Weblogic Integration Domain

We have created a WLI Domain with an Admin server and two managed servers in a cluster. We have deployed lot of applications on this. We had a release of these applications which was workin on Production mode. The release name was R500. After that when we did R600, it did not work on Prodcution but worked on Development mode with ...

29. error on WebLogic 9.2

Hi, I have shifted to weblogic 9.2 from 8.1 as 8.1 does not support jdk1.5. Now I am trying to deploy my application on it but it is giving me error like.. ...

30. error occured initializing the VBA libraries after deployed in Weblogic.

Halo, I have written excel macros and it is working fine. but if the same file if i try to open from hyperlink after deploying in Weblogic server , I get the error "error occured initializing the VBA libraries. " After getting this error , macro works properly in excel. 1. Even though Excel VBA application is installed in my machine ...

31. Reg Weblogic.ejbc Error

Hi Frndz, I got the following error, how to solve it. F:\Arul\EJB\Statefull\deploy>java weblogic.ejbc Count.jar Countejb.jar