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1. How can I verify that web pages are being gzipped?    stackoverflow.com

I plan to configure weblogic's gzip servlet filter (using weblogicx-gzip.jar) to gzip my web pages. How can I verify that the pages are being sent to the client gzipped?

2. gzip compression in web server or app server?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Weblogic application server and Apache web server in my J2EE environment and planning to implement gzip compression of response. Not sure, whether to implement compression on the Apache server or ...

3. weblogic configuration for zipping data. And filtering content type    stackoverflow.com

I am checking this link, which explains for zipping data.
But the problem is,

  • cant find the GZIPFilter jar
  • and my weburls dont end with any extension. i am using it ...