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1. Exception when deploying a JSR 286 portlet into WebLogic+WebCenter 11g    stackoverflow.com

I get the following exception when deploying a JSR 286 portlet into Oracle WebLogic Server 11g (to deploy it later in Oracle WebCenter 11g):

<19-ene-2010 13H32' CET> <Error> <oracle.portlet.server.containerimpl.PortletApplicationImpl> <BEA-000000> <Error al ...

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I am to make a design decision of using either the Weblogic portlets or the Ajax div portlets for developing an application. Any pointers about the guiding principles? I ...

3. Issue in Weblogic Workshop 10.3, Weblogic Portlet development    stackoverflow.com

I am configuring Weblogic Portlets in Weblogic Workshop 10.3. I have all the projects configured and the EAR project specified.
In my main Portal Project, I am constantly getting the following errors while ...

4. How to create portlets / deploy on weblogic IDE eclipse    stackoverflow.com

I am learning "how to create portal application", went through some documents and tutorials. I found we need one application server, one portal container and one IDE. please help me to understand ...

5. jsr portlet and weblogic portlet    coderanch.com

7. Weblogic Portal-Passing values from dynamically generated texboxes to a Action Form.    coderanch.com

Hello BEA Experts, I am having this issue with dynamically generated textboxes in a JSP with in a pageflow which is part of a portal.Every time the user clicks on the "Add a Row" button a set of textboxes are created with in the JSP , I am using Javascript to do this , as I wasnt able to find any ...

9. Choosing Page Flow Portlets or Java Portlets - Weblogic    coderanch.com

I am a little confused on the different portlet types supported by Weblogic. I chiefly am trying to know the advantages of Java Page Flow Portlets over Java JSR 168 Portlets [if there are any advantages at all]. The edocs at BEA mention that the Java JSR 168 Portlets 'Lack Advanced Portlet Features'. [Trying to find out what do they mean ...

10. weblogic directory structure    coderanch.com

11. SOS(single Sign-On) in weblogic    coderanch.com

12. "SOS"(single Sign-On) in weblogic    coderanch.com

I want to implement "SOS" in weblogic portal for my current project. I need to ask the user to login once with username and password and I got to store this information in the portal such that the portal doesn't prompt for authintication for anymore portlets. please help me regarding this. thanks in advance

13. Integration of openLDAP with weblogic    coderanch.com

We have to authenticate the users, present in OpenLDAP ,for allowing access to the portlets deployed at BEA weblogic 8.1 sp4 portal. But the admin console is showing only default authenticator(embedded LDAP. Please help me to add other authentication providers in the console for LDAP authentication. Any help will be regarded with high spirits.

14. Open PDF in new window in weblogic portlet    coderanch.com

Hello All I am fairly new to weblogic portlets and am tasked with generating a PDF using itext jar on submit of a button and displaying the generated pdf in a new window. I have already generated the pdf, but am having trouble displaying it in a new window. I am using beehive in weblogic portal. Any ideas how to do ...

15. WEblogic upgradation from 7.0 to 9.2    coderanch.com

Hi All, I want to upgrade weblogic 7.0 server portal to weblogic 9.2. Some classes of 7.0 has been deprecated.I want to know some classes name and their jar file name which was in 7.0 but not finding in 9.2. These are following classes- com.bea.p13n.appflow.common.PipelineSession; com.bea.p13n.appflow.webflow.InputProcessorSupport; com.bea.p13n.appflow.webflow.forms.ValidatedValues; com.bea.p13n.appflow.webflow.forms.ValidatedValuesFactory; com.bea.p13n.appflow.webflow.forms.InvalidFormDataException; Regards, Sameer Thapliyal

16. Which is the good book or link for weblogic portlets    coderanch.com

If you're developing portlets, you probably don't need to concentrate too much on Object Oriented Design (ood). Concentrate on just creating portlets. What JSR portlet version are you looking at? JSR168 or JSR286. There are a number of good JSR168 books and tutorials on the market, including mine! I have some free tutorials on portlet development too if you follow my ...

17. weblogic portlet    coderanch.com

18. Weblogic Application Server 9.2    coderanch.com

Hi, Im having my struts web application deployed on Weblogic 9.2 application server as an ear. Now i have a requirement to develop a single page for dashboard UI similar to igoogle with many Portlets on one page within same application . Could someone help me on this? 1. Whether Portlets could be used for this requirement. 2. Whether i can ...

21. Apache Portlet Bridge in Weblogic 8.1    coderanch.com