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1. canceling timers during weblogic shutdown

i have an EAR project which runs on weblogic i have some timers in my application and i want to cancel them when i redeploy my EAR project. I have tried using PhaseListener but ...

2. cant shutdown weblogic from eclipse

I have win7 x64 with eclipse 3.5 oepe and weblogic 10. When i try to stop the server , eclipse seems to not understand that the server was stopped. ...

3. About Weblogic shutdown class.

4. Weblogic is getting shutdown by calling Class.forName("className")

Hi, I have written the following code and it's running thru a web application in Weblogic. The problem is when calling Class.forName(), the weblogic server 9.2 gets shutdown. final static private String[] uib_cn = { "com.realm.portal.cda.ui.UIBuilder", "com.realm.rcash.rcoll.cda.ui.RCollUIBuilder", "com.realm.rcash.rpay.cda.ui.RPayUIBuilder" }; static { // Init the Constructor object for each UI builder class for (int i = 0; i