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1. call with invalid host/port no crashes websphere server

In my web application code, I have code:-

   }catch(Exception ex)
     //exception handling code

3. Migrating the application from Iplanet to Websphere.

We migrated the application from Iplanet to websphere.After migrating to Websphare many of the links are not accessible, it's giving the pop up" you have no access to the link" for couple of links.One thng we noticed is that the issue is not happening on offline servers but only on online servers.If we make the offline servers online the issue pops ...

4. SocketException while uploading File of more than 2GB via Apache HttpClient Object in Websphere

Hello, I have a requirement of uploading zip files of more than 2GB size on a server. In order to achieve this i am using Apache HttpClient Object (org.apache.commons.httpclient) If i deploy my application on Tomcat 5.5, I can successfully upload more than 5GB of zip files without making any changes in Tomcat configuration files. However when i try the same ...