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1. External javascript character encoding on Webshpere    stackoverflow.com

How can one set character encoding on external JavaScript files using only Websphere (5.1)? I don't have Apache in front of it so I can't set it using "AddCharset UTF-8 .js". ...

2. Parse of XMl with dojo(Ajax) error in IE because of encoding    stackoverflow.com

I want to parse XML with dojo(Ajax) in IE and other browser run perfectly. Example JavaScript Dojo :

ar xhrArgs = {
url: link,
load: function(responseresponse,ioArgs){
var dom = dojox.xml.parser.parse(responseresponse);
var docNode = dom.documentElement;
error: function(error){

alert("An unexpected error ...

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I am currently trying to process a http post request from a J2me application to a Websphere 6 server which communicates with other systems via MQ messaging. The Queue character set ...

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I'm trying to fix a problem with an application that sends a message to the SWIFT network. The application is a .NET application and it uses IBM's amdqmdnet.dll assembly to communicate ...

5. WebSphere 6.1 encoding exception    coderanch.com

Hi all, I recently moved to 6.1 from 5.1 and a previously working soap request is now failing soapenv:Server.userException java.io.UTFDataFormatException: Invalid UTF8 encoding. I changed the encoding on my request to ISO-8859-1 and it now works in WAS 6.1. So my question is does anyone why that is? ...