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1. Does WebSphere ESB scale?

I'm looking for people who have had experience scaling IBM's WebSphere to high traffic volumes. This is in terms of both the number of messages and the size of the data. ...

2. IBM ESB mediation without WID

I have to integrate my web service with IBM Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). I think that there should not be any mediation because this service has only one location and do not have ...

3. overview of websphere esb

I have worked with WSDL, SOAP, WS-Addressing, WS-Security, axis1.4, jax-ws, jax-rpc. So I have good understanding of these specifications. Please suggest articles for learning websphere esb from esb basics.

4. xsd dateTime loosing timezone information being passed through Websphere ESB via JAX-WS

I'm using JAX-WS (WAS 7) --> Websphere ESB 7 --> JAX-WS (WAS 7), populating a xsd:dateTime field with a timestamp. Here's the flow:

  1. WAS - Instantiate Response object
  2. Populate XMLGregorianCalendar field in POJO ...

5. Websphere ESB - prerequisites

I am a core J2EE professional with exprience mostly in servlets, jsps, mvc frameworks and web services. I am planning to specialize (or) learn any one technology deep. I dont know ...

6. Websphere Process Server, Edit CEI config at runtime

Is it possible with the administrative console to edit the CEI config for a component? I am working with ESB module on Websphere Process Server 6.2