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1. Dynamically add components to ListView in Wicket

I want to make a form with "Add" button. After pressing "Add" button new panel adds to the wicket ListView element. How do I do that? I want to be able ...

2. Decorator Component in Wicket

Is it possible to implement some kind of decorator component in wicket ? Specially while honoring the id of the decorated component ? Currently i try to solve this using a Border Component ...

3. wicket - Implement Ajax add/remove items ListView

Im getting crazy about this issue. I implemented a ListView which you can add/remove TextField dinamically, but only the last TextField is removed. An example:

// Object type which is used in ...

4. Wicket: ListView - skipping an item

is it possible to skip an item in populateItem() ? e.g. by setting something on the item component, or whatever.

ListView view = new ListView("quickLinks", quickLinks) {

5. Load list view when scrolling

I have a problem with an application that displays a list of documents using ListView: The current design is the following:

  • a ListView is created with nr of items = nrOfdocuments/50; the ListView ...

6. Add remove link to ListView - how to refer outer anonymous class from inner anonymous class

Wicket ListView provide removeLink to add with ListItem. The implementation of the removeLink method in the source of ListView class is:

public final Link removeLink(final String id, final ListItem item)

7. List of List of child objects having same super class

I am trying to design a model in which I have a List of List of child object having same super class. This model will be a Model of a

8. Why does a Wicket ListView assign changes to the last row only?

1) I am using a ListView to populate some 2 labels from database. The table has 100 rows so I get 100 <TD>s. This works fine.

this.selectView = new PageableListView("selectedBG", new PropertyModel(this, ...

9. Wicket mutilple listViews

I have a list of values and i would sort them by there domain and display them, and on loading i don't know exactly the list's items so i can't make ...

10. Sortable ListView in Apache WIcket

I have successfully displayed data in tabular form using ListView. However, I wanted it to be sortable. How do I go about doing this?

11. wicket textarea in listview is cleared when unset the ajaxcheckbox

I created one checkbox and one textfield for each line using wicket listview. When the user selects the checkbox I am able to set the related boolean value succesfully. But I ...

12. Wicket List view

I am new to wicket. I have to implement a list view that contains a div between all list Item.I am able to do it but its is showing after ...