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1. Increase the lock time for "After 1 minute the Pagemap null is still locked" Exception

After 1 minute the Pagemap null is still locked by:
Thread[http-8443-3,5,main], giving up trying to get the page for path: 3:timer
Where is this 1 minute set? Is a wicket setting, or ...

2. Wicket Pagemap Correct Use

I'm working on an app. with a homepage that contains two iframes. Each one of these iframes is refreshed every 5 seconds. Also, from the homepage the user can open several ...

3. Why the SessionSize in the WicketDebugBar differs from the pagemap serialized on the disk?

I activated the wicket DebugBar in order to trace my session size. When I navigate on the web site, the indicated session size is stable at about 25k.