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1. visually customize autocomplete in Wicket

How can I visually customize autocomplete fields in Wicket (change colors, fonts, etc.)?

2. Showing an initially selected object in an ObjectAutoCompleteField on page load in Wicket

I've followed the Wicket by Example guide to get the ObjectAutoCompleteField working, and it does so quite nicely. I have a huge problem, though, and that is to show an ...

3. using AutoCompleteTextField in wicket without String as the generic type

This question follows this: handling to onchange event of AutoCompleteTextField in wicket I'm trying to use the AutoCompleteTextField with a custom class as the generic type, and to add an AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior. ...

4. Autocomplete using advanced model in wicket

First I want to say I saw sites: Still I have some problem with implementation. Context
I have form where want to edit Order from my database. ...

5. Wicket 1.5 Autocomplete Textfield onUpdate Behavior not called

My AutoCompleteTextField (getChoices method implemented and working):

AutoCompleteTextField<String> objectDescription = new AutoCompleteTextField<String>("objectDescription") { 
     getChoices() {...}
To this textfield I add:
objectDescription.add(new OnChangeAjaxBehavior()) {
     onUpdate() {....}
The ...

6. Using auto-complete for palette model in wicket

Is there any possibility in wicket to make a palette acting as auto-complete?

7. MultiAutoCompleteTextField for Wicket

I need an AutoCompleteTextField for Wicket which can handle several autocomplete items separated by a comma. Something like this: