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1. How do I display a Wicket Datatable, sorted by a specific column by default?

I have a question regarding Wicket's Datatable. I am currently using DataTable to display a few columns of data. My table is set up as follows:

DataTable<Column> dataTable = new DataTable<Column>("columnsTable", columns, ...

2. Page expired issue with back button and wicket SortableDataProvider and DataTable

I've got an issue with SortableDataProvider and DataTable in wicket. I've defined my DataTable as such:

IColumn<Column>[] columns = new IColumn[9];

//column values are mapped to the private attributes listed in
columns[0] =  ...

3. How to insert 'sub-rows' into a Wicket DataTable

I have an AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable which contains one row per test result. A test result may have a note attached to it, which needs to be displayed prominently below the test result, ...

4. Extension of Wicket DataTable

Can we extend a DataTable in another DataTable? My scenario is I would like to build a DataTable called BaseTable which contains three columns: id, name, color. I want to build another ...

5. Updating a datatable in Wicket

We are developing a new application in Wicket and have run into a small problem.
What we do: 1) create a new SortableDataProvider
2) create a new DefaultDataTablePagingInBottom
3) create a new WebMarkupContainer
4) add the ...

6. Wicket custom (data)table layout

Is there a way to customize the wicket DataTable layout? I'd like to have a DataTable with a horizontal flow of data and multiple columns per row. e.g.:

|prename| John| surname| Doe |
|city  ...

7. Changing how the attributes are presented in Wicket Datatable

I'm developing a new application in Wicket and have run into a small problem. I'm using a Wicket DataTable, but I want some of the attributes in the dable to be presented ...

8. Apache Wicket - DataTable filtering with FilterToolbar vs manual filtering

i'm using a Wicket 1.4 DataTable and filter it manually like described in Apache Wicket Cookbook. It is also available in the freely available sample chapter: However ...

9. How to get all model objects from a Wicket datatable

I'm using a Wicket DefaultDataTable. It contains some text fields that the user is supposed to put values in. The table is in a form. When I submit the form, I ...