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1. Wicket directory structure

I'm trying to figure out the directory structure of wicket. I don't get it at all! Let's say I wanna load an image with images/logo.gif or something like that. Where do I ...

2. Wicket Dynamic Image URL

Short question: I need to turn a dynamic image pulled from a database into a URL without adding a component to the displaying page (such as using a NonCachingImage) using Wicket. The perfect ...

3. Image referencing in CSS with Wicket

Per a great answer from another question I have begun mounting global resources (css/js/images) in the init() method of my WebApplication. Using the following:

mountSharedResource("/images/edit-btn.gif", new ResourceReference(GlobalResource.class, "edit-btn.gif").getSharedResourceKey());
This of course allows ...

4. wicket: how to add table background image

Can anyone please tell me how to add table background image in wicket. Actually I've tried a lot like

<table background="images/logo.jpg">
<style>table {background-image: url('images/logo.jpg')}</style>
<table style="background-image: url('images/logo.jpg')">
But nothing works. Please help. Thanks in advance.

5. How to make a wicket link appear as an image?

I am trying to make a wicket link appear as an image instead of text. I am creating an external link and then placing it on the page.

add(new ExternalLink("link", url, ...

6. Wicket: How to create a dynamic url (e.g. for images)

I am just wondering how I can specify a dynamic url for an image src in apache wicket. I just thought about something like new StaticResourceReference("images/buttons/" + filename+ ".gif") but I cannot ...

7. How to add image to a table column in Wicket?

I am creating table with AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable. I want to add image to each column and when user clicks any column for sorting, I want to change this image. Is this is ...

8. Adding AJAX to image inside wicket:link doesn't resolve image url correctly?

please, is there a way how to achieve this ?

  1. static image with url defined in HTML relatively to the html page
  2. adding the AJAX link to it to make some AJAX action
1st ...

9. Images referencing in CSS with Wicket for hundreds of images

As from another nice posts, we can use something like this for 1 single image:

mountSharedResource("/images/logo.gif", new ResourceReference(ImageScope.class, "logo.gif").getSharedResourceKey());
But what if we have 100 images needed to be shared ? To map ...

10. Wicket image component not found on page

I get the following problem when trying to display a list of items. For each item, I have to display an image which is dynamically loaded via a Wicket WebResource. The ...

11. How can I load images dynamically and quickly in Wicket?

I am trying to load a lot of images at the same time, dynamically, using a Wicket WebResource. The problem is that it takes a lot of time to load them, ...

12. Is it true that use "BufferedImage" will get performance for loading images in wicket?

As to diagnose the best performant way in wicket for loading images by using "bufferedDynamicImageResource" and "static image resource path", I've tried the following sample: using "BufferedImage"

    BufferedImage ...

13. using images for links with

I'm trying to use an image for a link like so:

    <a href="UploadPage.html">
        <img src="/logo.png"/>
In the rendered ...

14. wicket image path without rewrite

I m trying to upload and show images. I get the file, write it to docroot of glassfish application server, then

    Image image = new Image("myimage","images/task.gif");
But i get <img ...

15. How can I add an image column to a table in wicket framework?

I want to add a column containing images in each cell of a table in wicket framework. I make the table in a java class and have a createColumns() method as ...