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1. How do I call Java code from JavaScript code in Wicket?

If I can do this, how do I call Java code (methods for instance) from within JavaScript code, in Wicket.

2. Wicket + Javascript

I'm wrapping up a Javascript widget in a Wicket component. I want to let the JS side talk to the component. What I've got so far: Component in question goes ...

3. javascript injection in wicket

I have J2EE project which uses wicket framework. I want to know how can I prevent from javascript injection in wicket?

4. Javascript in wicket ModalWindow

I have next situation: I open ModalWindow and show in it several Panels by clicking on button - and I need to attach some JavaScript on viewing concrete Panel. How can ...

5. How to localize javascript files in wicket

Hallo, a Wicket i18n question: I have a javaScript file, that holds strings I want to localize. Ideally I want to localize the whole file. Something like

  • my.js
  • my_de.js
  • my_fr.js
  • ...
where wicket automatically chooses the right js ...

6. How can I serve a dynamic JavaScript file from Wicket?

I am building a site in Wicket. I need to serve a JavaScript file, xyz.js, for other people/websites to read directly — that is, not to be included in one of ...

7. Wicket and ajax

Hi guys im trying to add ajax to my project I ve link and a boolean variable named"hasEngagement"in my wicket page.I want my link to give an javascript information warning if ...

8. How to call Ajaxdecorator or javascript in onSubmit method of AjaxLink (Wicket)

public class engageLink extends AjaxLink{
    private Engage engage;
    private String name;

    engageLink(String string, Engage anEngage,String name) {

9. JavaScript function call failing when made from Wicket Java

I am facing a trouble with a call to JavaScript from Wicket Java code. I have a form with two text fields, one button and one hidden field. I want to ...

10. Set variable value in javascript from wicket

I am trying to set a value to a variable defined in a javascript file from wicket. Basically I want to pass the set the value of any variable to handlerAjax.getCallbackUrl() so ...

11. Apache wicket slider

Needless to say, I'm new to Wicket. I want to implement a slider but the examples of such seem to be rare. I found one example from wicket-stuff, a DoJo-project, but ...

12. Wicket: make a generated csv available to a dygraphs JavaScript

I'm trying to figure out how to make a dynamically generated csv available to a dygraphs JavaScript. I'm using a wicket behavior to add the dygraph (JavaScript graph) to my markup like ...

13. invalid argument and settimeout

Possible Duplicate:
set time out in JavaScript
 <script type="text/javascript">
    if (document.getElementById("safeForm4d").submitted.value == "false") {
        document.getElementById("safeForm4d").submitted.value ...

14. Youtube embed: Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame

We have a Wicket app with a page that includes an embedded Youtube video. The video embeds and plays fine, but apparently it causes the rest of the page to not ...

15. Wicket: templatized javascript in ?

Previously I've used TextTemplateHeaderContributor.forJavaScript() to add Javascript to the page <head> from a template file. Is there any way to do the same thing, but have the interpolated JS appear ...

16. Javascript in Wicket 1.5

im looking for the Wicket 1.5 Way of doing the following tasks:

  1. Add a external .js File to header of the Page from a Panel.
  2. Add a <script>...</script> Tag at Bottom of Page ...

17. How to pass JSON from wicket to JavaScript?

I have the following function in java script page that call wicket ajax:

function callWicketPage() {  

18. Wicket 1.5 call wicket from javascript

I'm developing a project under Wicket 1.5 which uses jQuery. I've been using Wicket 1.4 before, and I'm used to call Wicket Java code from JavaScript with

function callWicket() {

19. How to add different Javascript in development and production wicket

I have a wicket application in which I have added the javascript files within the markup html:

<script src="script/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
My javascript files are not placed beside my .java or .html files, they ...