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1. Wicket: How to change label's text on textarea's onkeyup?

How do I change label's text on textarea's onkeyup? I've tried this but does not work:

Form form;
TextArea ta;
MyLabel resultDiv;

   * Constructor that is invoked when page is ...

2. Wicket link - is adding a label necessary to set the text?

Currently, I do this:

<li><a wicket:id="link" href="#"><span wicket:id="name">jawa01</span></a></li>
item.add( new BookmarkablePageLink("link", ResourcePage.class)
   .setParameter("name", item.getModelObject().getName())
   .add( new Label("name", item.getModelObject().getName()) )
I want to do ommit the element:
<li><a wicket:id="link" href="#">...</a></li>
How should ...

3. Wicket - Radio Button and Label element

In my Wicket app, I have a page with radio buttons and <label for="..."> elements:

<input type="radio" wicket:id="today" id="today" />
<label for="today">Today</label>
However, while the radio button's id property gets changed automatically, the for ...

4. Localizing HTML submit button label in Wicket

How do I put a localized message on the face of a submit button? I am using Wicket, and normally to use a localized message, I'd use something like <wicket:message key="message-key"/> I ...

5. Which is the best Wicket component for rendering arbitrary HTML?

I am implementing a simple markdown wiki using Apache Wicket. The wiki would typically render any arbitrary HTML based on what the user has entered. I am a bit confused about which ...

6. How can I add a label next to a tree when both are embedded inside a tab?

I've added a label next to a tree, but the label is not visible. How can I fix it? TreePanel.html:


<span wicket:id="tree"></span><p>
<span wicket:id="DeptName" class="mark">this text will be replaced</span>

Java code:
public class TreePanel extends Panel ...