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1. Dynamic markup in Wicket

Is it possible to generate the markup for a MarkupContainer dynamically, i.e. without storing an HTML file for it? I thought about reading the markup as a plain string from the database ...

2. How can I put the markup for a Wicket FormComponentPanel inside of a wicket:fragment?

I am putting a TextField and a DropDownChoice inside a FormComponentPanel which is supposed to use setConvertedInput to TextField's value concatenated with DropDownChoice's value. However, I would like to put the ...

3. Wicket - getting body of markup element

Assuming I have markup that looks like this :

<span wicket:id="text">Some text that I'd like to read</span>
Is it possible to get the content of the body of the tag somewhere, or is ...

4. How do I modify the markup generated by a Wicket link in a PagingNavigator?

I'm using a customized PagingNavigator component, and I'm looking for a way to change markup generated for the first, previous, and current page paging items. Here's my PaginingNavigator:

<ul class="pagination">