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1. Clojure: extend Wicket panel and call to panel methods

Currently I'm trying to create sample Wicket page with Clojure (in existing wicket project). Code looks like this:

  (:import [a.set.of.packages.tree TreeModelBean]

2. reuse panel with fields across multiple forms in wicket, posible?

i have the following classes :

class Address
  String street; String street2; String number; 
  /*.....other fields, getters and setters*/  

class Person
    /*person ...

3. Turn links in wicket panels to hyperlinks

I'm trying to find a way to automatically convert links in a panel to hyper-links. So for example a user input is: "And here you can find my awesome example:

4. How to adjust panel width based on another component in wicket

I'm developing a wicket application and want to create a panel which need adjust the width based on another element. The markup looks like:

<div wicket:id="lazyPanel" style="float: left;"></div>
<div wicket:id="widthSpan" style="float: right; ...

5. exception handling for wicket panels?

I added exception handling for the pages, now I want to do it for the panels. I found and, but the answers are not satisfying as ...

6. wicket persistent object between panels

In wicket without saving to the session how can i have a persistent object for example a list which can be set in one panel and accessed from another. Iv done ...

7. Modify Wicket FormComponent markup without panel?

In Wicket, I'd like to subclass TextField form component to add additional markup around the tag. Why I do not want to create a Panel: 1) I want the web page designer ...

8. Wicket Page with a list of Panels

I'm working on a web application using Apache Wicket and I have three types of page that are basically a numbered list. The difference between each is how the items in ...

9. Wicket wants to serialize my Panel

When I access a specific page of my Wicket application, I get a NotSerializableException: my.package.MyPanel$1
But I can't explain why wicket should try to serialize the Panel. Any idea? I don't know if ...

10. Feedback panel added but does not show all messages

I have some basic form when you type email, old password, new password and repeat new pass for your profile modify. What I'm trying to achive is to display feedback msg ...