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1. How to retreive query parameter in Wicket

I am using wicket application to initiate my Java method in my code. I have the url as follows http://localhost:8080/web/resources/org.apache.wicket.Application/StartMethod I want to add an extra option at the end client=cutomser1 ...

2. Wicket redirect: how to pass on parameters and keeps URLs "pretty"?

Consider a Wicket WebPage that redirects to another page (based on some logic omitted from here):

public class SomePage extends WebPage {
    public SomePage(PageParameters parameters) {

3. Wicket path-style parameters

I want to make some site, is should have user profiles accessible under URL like I have no idea how to make this using Wicket. Its possible to make BookMarkablePage with any ...

4. Is there a way to pass hidden values in Wicket?

As described in Wicket redirect: how to pass on parameters and keeps URLs "pretty"?, there are a variety of options for passing parameters in Wicket. However, all of the methods ...

5. Wicket IndexedParamUrlCodingStrategy: how to specify missing parameters?

How can I specify empty positional params for IndexedParamUrlCodingStrategy? I have a SearchPage mounted with:

    mount(new IndexedParamUrlCodingStrategy("search", SearchPage.class));
This allows me to build urls like:
I can successfully ...

6. How can I create a Wicket URL that hides its parameters?

I'm currently creating a set of links with code like this:

BookmarkablePageLink<CheeseMain> havarti =
    new BookmarkablePageLink<CheeseMain>("havarti", CheeseMain.class);
havarti.setParameter("Title", "Havarti");
havarti.setParameter("Group", "cheeseName");
The URL that comes out has the format;jsessionid=B85EE5CB0349CCA2FE37AF76AB5C30C1?wicket:bookmarkablePage=:com.mycompany.cheese.CheeseMain&Title=Havarti&group=cheeseName. My problem is that ...

7. How to put a parameter on a wicket link in HTML?

Wicket has a couple of options for creating links. E.g. this

<wicket:link><a href="Page2.html?productId=1694969292874602935">Go to Page 2
This shows it passing in a parameter. However, we cant use as we need ...

8. How to reference a page with parameters Wicket

I need to send Wicket links (throug mail, for example) wich references instances in the system. For example, the mail could contain: From: ...@... To: ...@... Subject: Order Pending ... txt... Click here to go: