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1. Redirection problem in Java(Wicket)

I have a page that is inherited from WebPage and is protected by class below:

public final class WiaAuthorizationStrategy implements

2. Wicket: how to redirect to another page?

How do I redirect to another page using Wicket? IIRC, some exception has to be thrown in the constructor, but I don't remember which one. Thanks in advance.

3. Wicket: redirect to shared resource

i've got a wicket form, which when submitted should give users a file to download. the file is generated by an external servlet (based on the form), which writes generated content ...

4. Form not redirecting correctly Wicket

private void setDefaultResponsePageIfNecessary() {

    if(!continueToOriginalDestination()) {

5. Redirect to external non-Wicket page in Wicket 1.5

How do I do the following in Wicket 1.5?

page.getRequestCycle().setRequestTarget(new RedirectRequestTarget(""+ _apiKey + "&v=1.0"));
I want to do a Facebook application using Wicket 1.5, and I want at some point to redirect the ...

6. WebRequestCycle.onRuntimeException redirecting to default error page

I have 4 different error page for my wicket application. The WebRequestCycle.onRuntimeException method is:

public final Page onRuntimeException(Page cause, RuntimeException runtimeException) {
    if (runtimeException instanceof EMSUserNotFoundException) {

7. detecting intercept in wicket w/o calling continueToOriginalDestination()

I created a SimplePageAuthorizationStrategy that redirects an unauthorized user to my LoginPage.class to authenticate / authorize and then in the onSubmit() I use continueToOriginalDestination() to forward the request to the original ...

8. How to automatically redirect from one page to another within a few seconds

The idea is to display a PageExpiredPage that is visible for a few seconds and automatically redirects to the HomePage, when the web session expires. By the following code the PageExpiredPage displays ...