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1. How do I make IntelliJ recognize wicket html tags?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using IntellIJ with Apache Wicket and IntelliJ is showing me that tags like <wicket:extend> and <wicket:container> and adding wicket:id to other html tags is not valid. What steps do I need ...

2. Using tag to produce partially formatted text    stackoverflow.com

I've read about wicket:message here, but can't seem to make it do everything I'd like. Say I have a HTML page with <wicket:message key="text"/> and a properties file containing ...

3. How to output the class tag when the component has a wicket:id?    stackoverflow.com

I'm a Wicket newbie. I wonder if someone could help me with the following: I have:

margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
 <form class="centredtab"wicket:id="questionform">
but the class centredtab for the form is not being rendered. Is there ...

4. Can a wicket:child tag be nested under another Component on the Page?    stackoverflow.com

In Wicket 1.4, I'm trying to allow child pages to alter a CSS class on a tag in the parent page, which I do all the time. What is odd ...

5. Wicket listview skipping `list` tag    stackoverflow.com

how can i generete next list

<span wicket:id="listview">
   this label is: <span wicket:id="label">a</span><br/>
   this label is: <span wicket:id="label">b</span><br/>
   this label is: <span wicket:id="label">c</span><br/>
instead of
<span wicket:id="listview">

6. How can I predict which Wicket components will have their tags rendered in the final page?    stackoverflow.com

For some Wicket components, if I call setOutputMarkupId(true) they warn when they are rendered.

Markup id set on a component that is usually not rendered into markup.
I'd like to output an id ...

7. How to set displayed text for a HTML anchor tag using Wicket?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to dynamically change the text displayed for a HTML anchor tag. So, for example if I have the following in my markup -

<a class="point" style="font-family:courier" wicket:id="link">[+]</a>
I want to ...

8. Wicket - Add body tag attribute    stackoverflow.com

I'm stuck - I need to have a Wicket Panel be able to add a class attribute to the <body> tag of whatever page it's on. Example usage: Java:

add(new SpecialSidebarComponent("sidebar"));
Generated HTML:
<body class="sidebar">

9. Wicket 1.5 Javascript File in Body Tag    stackoverflow.com

I need to put a script-tag inside the body, because the javascript doesn't work in the head tag. As of Wicket 1.5 the following code is not longer supported:

add(new JavaScriptReference("wz_tooltip", new JavaScriptResourceReference(BaseTemplate.class, ...

10. Is there a way to avoid escaping javascript tags in Apache Wicket?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use KnockoutJS and the default jQuery.tmpl templating engine, and my markup is output by Apache Wicket. I'm finding that Wicket is turning my javascript tmpl template from:

<script type="text/x-jquery-tmpl" id="myTemplate">