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1. Expanding Wickets TreeTable nodes when initializing a tree

I'm pretty new to wicket and I'm trying to create a simple wicket tree that holds information about mailinglists. This mailinglist is related to a certain letter.

  • MailingListDto 1
    • User 1
    • User 2
  • MailingListDto 2
    • User ...

2. click event for node wicket

Hi I have a treeview populated with various data (dynamic). Is there a way to add a lister to the nodes and then retrieve what has been clicked? Thanks.

add(new AjaxLink("expandAll") {

3. Change Wicket tree node colour, font, etc

Is there a way to change the nodes colour and change it to italic, etc.?

4. Is there a static tree component in Wicket?

Is anyone aware of a stateless tree component in Apache Wicket that works similarly to the JTree/TreeModel concept in Swing? I'm specifically looking for a static tree, i.e. no fancy AJAX ...

5. Change screen to sub-directory using Tree Apache Wicket

I would like to use Tree Apache Wicket to implement the following opeation:

  • Top folders will be showed on the main screen(etc..Folder A, Forder B..and so on).
  • Once the user has clicked on ...

6. How to make a wicket tree fully dynamic

HI, I am new to Apache wicket. My requirement is to develop a tree component that should hold the entire hierarchy of an XML. This tree should be fully dynamic. I can edit,add or remove nodes and finally the edited tree should gets generated as new XML file. I dont have any idea to work with. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance..................... ...