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1. Wicket page links do not use mounted URL coding strategy?    stackoverflow.com

In the Wicket Application class I have mounted a page at the location /about

mountBookmarkablePage("about", AboutPage.class);
I verify that the about page is available at /about. Then in the page which needs a ...

2. Bookmarkable URLs after Ajax for Wicket    stackoverflow.com

There is this well-known problem that browsers don't put Ajax request in the request history and cause problems for bookmarkability, forward/back button, and refresh. Also, there is a common solution to that ...

3. Pretty URLs in Wicket without mount-path    stackoverflow.com

The Problem: Using one of Wickets url mounting strategies i can do the following url (as an example) http://somedomain.com/mount-path/desiredname what i would like to do is http://somedomain.com/desiredname desiredname would be e.g. pages ...

4. Wicket: Relative to absolute URL or get base URL    stackoverflow.com

If I have a relative path to a static asset (flash/blah.swf), what is the best way to programmatically convert this to an absolute URL (http://localhost/app/flash/blah.swf)? Or what is the best way ...

5. URL to a specific Wicket component    stackoverflow.com

I have a webpage with a Wicket login form. I want to make a HTTP POST from some other page and be able to login onto my webpage. Can this be ...

6. Why is the PagingNavigator not generating the urls?    stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with PagingNavigator in Wicket and I don't understand why am I having it. Here is the thing, I wanted to use a PagingNavigator with a Dataview

dataView = ...

7. changing URL via AJAX using wicket    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to make an AJAX call alter the current page URL without redirecting or reloading the page, in Apache Wicket? For example, say we are in the ...

8. URL decomposition using Wicket    stackoverflow.com

How can I decompose a URL in Wicket? I've got the following URL:

              A     ...

9. Components not reloading on url change in Wicket 1.5(.2)?    stackoverflow.com

I navigate to my application the first time with following URL:

In debug mode I see wicket is nicely instantiating my panels and such (obviously). if I change the URL to:

10. wicket 1.5 new urls    stackoverflow.com

After migration from wicket 1.4 to wicket 1.5 I can see a new behaviour concerning web URLs. Every pages has ?[0-9]+ added to it for example http://mywickethomepage.com/?0 ,