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1. How do you stop a Visual Studio generated web service proxy class from encoding?

I'm using a Visual Studio generated proxy class to access a web service (added the web service as a web reference to my project). The problem is that the function ...

2. WCF Webservice behind public reverse proxy

How can I correctly serve WSDL of a WCF webservice located in a private LAN from behind a reverse proxy listening on public IP? I have an Apache webserver configured in reverse ...

3. How to add SoapExtension attribute to generated web service client proxy without modifying the generated class?

I have created a SoapExtension class to capture the soap request and response from specific web service calls. In order to put this SoapExtension into effect, I have to add ...

4. Why does this WSDL file generate an empty service proxy in VS2008?

Why does this WSDL file generate an empty service proxy in VS2008? If you look at the Reference.cs file generated, it's empty. Any ideas?

5. WCF: Svcutil generates invalid client proxy, Apache AXIS Web Service, overload operations

I'm using a 3rd party web service written in Java and using Apache Axis 1.3. The service has many overload operations. When the WCF Svcutil generates the proxy, it ...

6. Visual Studio 2008 not generating Web Service Reference.cs proxy class?

I just ported a project from Visual Studio 2005 format to Visual Studio 2008. This project makes heavy use of consuming web services. We use our own custom parent class for ...

7. Problem with generating WebService proxy using svcutil

In our application we are forced to consume several WebServices. In the beginning we used just the "Add Service Reference" menu option, in order to create a WCF proxy. The wizard didn't ...

8. How to use a WSDL File to create a WCF Proxy?

I have an old WSDL file and I want to use WCF to communicate with the service. The WSDL is generated from a ASMX (I suppose but I am not sure). What ...

9. svcutil.exe - Proxy generated not allowing for nullable fields

I am trying to consume a web service specified using WSDL by creating a WCF proxy using svcutil.exe, but the WSDL specifies that some of the operations have parameters that are ...

10. Error creating a proxy from wsdl

I am using a .net 2.0 client to create a proxy from a wsdl file. This wsdl has some types included from other xsd files. When I create proxy, the types that ...

11. Alternatives to wsdl.exe for creating proxy classes from wsdl

wsdl.exe, appears to be the default tool for .Net to generate proxy class from wsdl. It has known problems (see here and

12. Are there any tools to build ASMX proxies from server side assemblies?

We have a set of assemblies which implement web services operations. To build the client proxies, we first build and deploy the web services (assemblies and ASMX files) on the server. Then we ...

13. WCF - WSDL or pre-compiled Proxy

this is B2B scenario, one client (at least for now). Server environment: WCF service, IIS6, .NET v3.5 Client environment: dev shop is .NET 2.0/VS2005. Will be calling my WCF service. Question: should i
(a) open ...

14. Visual Basic 6 WSDL Soap Proxy

How would I go about generating Visual Basic 6 Proxy dll/tlb from a WSDL file? Similar to the WSDL2Java for java, but for Visual Basic. Thanks.

15. Errors using SvcUtil.exe on a wsdl to generate proxy class - xs:group element

I'm trying to use SvcUtil against a wsdl file to generate proxy classes, but I'm getting an element missing error that I think is related to schema group elements. Does ...

16. Sharing classes across different web services proxy classes

I am writting wcf services in .net 3.5 framework with basicHttpBinding and hosting it in the IIS 6.0 ( windows 2003).

I have 3 different services ( AuthenticationSerice, Dataserviceservice, ReportingService), there few ...

17. WCF proxy client generated with wsdl not matching for ServiceContract, XmlSerializerFormat attributes

I am developing WCF services in .net 3.5 framework and hosting them in IIS 5.1 windows xp sp3 with basicHttpBiding.

Services consuming client developed in .net 2.0 framework. For this ...

18. Is it possible to share type between ASMX code generated proxy and a type defined in another assembly?

Possible Duplicate: It would be better to start my question with a simple diagram: Client
-assembly 1
--SharedDataType.cs (SharedDataType class definition - extension)
-assembly 2
--CodeGeneratedFile.cs (SharedDataType class definition - code generated)
--GenerateProxyFile.bat (the wdsl command ...

19. WCF proxy generated from WSDL, proxy method returns null

I've generated a WCF proxy from a WSDL file, but now when I call the proxy methods, they return null. I've enabled message logging, and can see that the messages from ...

20. wsdl : Generate Proxy for the WebMethods but not the other dependent classes

Say, I have a WebService SettingsWebService with a WebMethod AddUser(User userObject).
The User class is in the SettingsWebService solution.
When i generate a proxy for the SettingsWebService it creates a class for asmx ...

21. create .net web service proxy classes without a WSDL

I have a question about manually creating a .Net webservice proxy class. The WSDL is unavailable, and it is a Websphere server. I was able to create a class that inherits ...

22. Can Visual Studio 2005 wsdl.exe create proxy methods with generic parameters?

The proxy methods that I am seeing generated for methods that have generics for parameters like List Of <T> are getting converted to arrays in the proxy methods. I am not ...

23. Generate proxy classes not used by WebMethod

I have sortof the opposite of this question: How can one auto-generate other classes (utility classes) that are useful on the client side but are neither DataContracts nor ServiceContracts? In other ...

24. Problem creating proxy class with wsdl.exe

I need to create a .net client which consumes a webservice from a SAP CRM application. I just got the wsdl file. But when i try to create a proxy class ...

25. C# - Issue generating correct proxy objects from WSDL

I'm having an issue with the WSDL generator in .NET. It is missing out on complex types in one specific method. Response from web service

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" ...

26. Problem building proxy class for SOAP web service

I'm trying to build the proxy class for a web service using the wsdl Executing this cmd

wsdl [http://WSDL_URL]
I'm getting
Warning: This web reference does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.1.
R2706: A wsdl:binding ...

27. How do you modify the SOAP header for a .NET web service proxy generated by VS2008?

Is there a way to modify the header (say to insert a security / authentication element) for Service References that are generated by Visual Studio 2008? How would you do it? ...

28. How can I generate an XML Web Services proxy class from WCF

I am going to have to interoperate with some WCF classes from an ASP.NET 2.0 web application. What tools exist that I can use to generate a proxy class that ...

29. how to read http response soap headers from web service response in proxy class

I'm having some problems with one webservice that i'm working with. I generated a proxy class with wsdl.exe that comes with .net framework. But that webservice return a header that isnt ...

30. Error generating proxy with svcutil

I'm building a contract-first SOAP client. When I try to generate the proxy classes with svcutil, I get the error messages listed below and no classes are generated. Some of the ...

31. Unable to generate wsdl file with methods having type generic collection Datatype.?

I have a web service which has a method with parameter of type Collection( of Byte). When i try to generate the proxy using the wsdl command but the datatype gets converted ...

32. How to get rid of XmlIgnoreAttribute() when creating proxy dynamically from wsdl?

I am using WebClient to read wsdl from URI.

WebClient client = new WebClient();
Stream wsdlStream = client.OpenRead(wsdlURI);
ServiceDescription wsdl = ServiceDescription.Read(wsdlStream);
Then I set Namespace and CompileUnit and use ServiceDescriptionImporter's GenerateCodeFromCompileUnit method to generate ...

33. How can I fix the web reference proxy that Visual Studio generated to handle jagged arrays?

It seems there is a known bug in wsdl.exe, the tool that Visual Studio uses to generate web service proxies. With certain XSD schemas the tool will generate classes that can't ...

34. WCF generated proxy does not contain *Specified property flags for WSDL string fields with minoccurs="0"

I've noticed that the WCF proxy generator is not generating the "specified" property flags for string fields EG When I have two fields on a complexType specified in the WSDL:

<xs:element name="testStringField" type="xs:string" ...

35. wsdl.exe : how to generate proxy code when having same element name in operation?

I have a single WSDL file with many operation. But each of the operation soap body has the same element name , but in different namespaces. e.g operation1 has soap.body.op1:Service and operation ...

36. C# WSDL proxy methods

I need to consume a SOAP web service from a C# .Net 4.0 client. I've added the WSDL as a Service Reference in VS 2008 and can now see the ...

37. How to Create WCF proxy class given wsdl file

I have wsdl file with me.But i don't have access to the file where it is deployed. I need to generate proxy class using the WSDl file. I am getting error while ...

38. native C++: WSDL proxy generation library

It is necessary to communicate to WebService from C++ MFC application. I can add reference to the service, but wsdl is generated for if simple types are used only. Attempt to ...

39. Issue while generating a service proxy from WSDL with invalid SSL Certificate

I'm trying to write a small app that accesses a webservice, but the webservice has an invalid SSL certificate. I've got no control over this fact as it's governed by a ...

40. Create Proxy for WCF Webservice with Windows Integrated Authentication

I have to create a proxy class of a WCF webservice with Windows Authentication. Normally I use svcutil.exe for this. When I run it the simple way (svcutil.exe http://thedomain/service.svc?wsdl) ...

41. Auto Generating SOAP WS Proxy in VS2008

It seems that there are two methods for auto generating web service proxies in VS2008 from a wsdl.

  • wsdl.exe
  • Adding a web reference/service reference from the interface
I've been using wsdl.exe because I ...

42. .net webservice proxy class organization/regular expression to match c# class definition

I'm working with a .net webservice which has several hundred methods in it. (I've no control over the webservice, so I can't refactor it). However I'm working with the client side of ...

43. Visual Studio WSDL Proxy Generation With minOccurs=0 Sequence

Take this example complex type:

<s:complexType name="Location">
    <s:sequence minOccurs="0">
        <s:element name="Country" type="tns:CountryEnumeration" />
        <s:element name="State" ...

44. Detailed ServiceDescription / Proxy from WSDL

I am using the classes ServiceDescription / ServiceDescriptionImporter to dynamically call web services. I'd like to dig a bit deeper into the WSDL description and get 1) Parameter info for each ...

45. svcutil giving errors when trying to create proxy from complex wsdl

I am working on a WSDL published by standards organization (IHE). It is very complex with over 60 XSDs included in it for data types. When I try to use svcutil ...

46. wsdl proxy class error

when i trying to generate a proxy class of a third pary webservice using wsdl.exe tool Error: Unable to import binding from namespace 'urn :VVVV'. - Unable to import operation VVVV. ...

47. Proxy class generated from WSDL is having CLS compliant error

I have tried to generate a proxy class from WSDL file given using .net 2003. When i tried to add this class file to my project which is in .net 2003, ...

48. Reporting Services Web Proxy path is not a wsdl

I am trying to follow this example: It says to add the following path as a Web Reference:

I have tried that (using my server name for myserver) and it always ...

49. Visual Studio can't add WSDL resource in Windows Vista or later through Apache reverse proxy

I am at my wits' end on this one. FYI, I work in infrastructure, not .net development, so I know very little about WCF and next to nothing about Visual Studio as ...

50. Generate WCF (windows service hosted) client proxy class with XML comments?

I have a small problem which I havenĀ“t found a solution to. I'm developing a simple WCF service (VS2010, .NET 4.0, windows service hosted). I have no control over the client side, ...

51. Web service not handling multiple simultaneous request from same application with proxy class

I have an application scheduling multiple tasks which are calling different web services, some the same web service but different method. Each task is executed in an interval and each task ...

52. Considerations for using auto generated proxies for web services (Advantages and Disadvantages)

We are using a lot of manual code in .net (through HttpWebRequest) to access some web services. I was reading we do not need to do this as we can easily ...

53. Semi-custom WCF proxy returns zeros, despite valid data coming back on wire

There is a series of SOAP services which I wish to call (across a series of services), and while the end points are well defined & documented, there is no WSDL ...

54. Generating web service proxy client for HR-XML PositionOpening WSDL

I'm trying to generate Java web service proxy client using Apache Axis2 for Position Opening WSDL provided by HR-XML Consortium. I'm using wsdl2java command-line tool to ...

55. Send arbitrary XML through WCF proxy classes generated from WSDL

I have a hand-written WSDL, along with a few XSD files. A .NET client needs to load an XML document from disk and send its contents as part of the SOAP ...

56. Flex web services and reverse proxy

I have a similar problem to the one described here and I found the answer here to be helpful but I have a few more questions. I've setup my project using ...

57. Getting through local proxy when connecting to a SOAP service in Java

So I have used wsimport to create the required Java files from a given WSDL to connect to a remote web service (asmx) and can successfully connect from a non-proxy environment The ...

58. java json webservice generating proxy code

Are there any tools for generating java proxy class for json webservice? I have wsdl for this webservice. I`m able to generate ptoxy client class for SOAP XML protocol but what ...

59. Proxy credentials for programmatically web service proxy class

I am having problem to consume a WebService programmatically, using the WSDL under a squid proxy. My application is build in c# .net. I compile an Assembly from the XML, after ...

60. How to Specify a Web Proxy for a Service Reference?

I found a simple web service online at which i am able to invoke through SOAP UI using 2 float values (1,1) and easily get the response within ...

61. Changing WSDL of Flex 4.5 Autogenerated Service Proxy Classes

I used Flash Builder's 4.5 capability to auto generate a proxy class for a given SOAP service. Everything works fine and dandy, except for the fact that the WSDL url ...

62. Dynamically invoke WCF Service from its URI (http://ip:port/Service1.svc?WSDL)

So here it is: I am trying to invoke a WCF Service's method from with in a windows form client application. I do not have the Contract Class Definition. The only thing ...

63. How to generate a proxy class in .NET using a WSDL file

I was trying to create a proxy class for a WSDL file having the below target namespace:

I'm getting the following error when i use the svcutil ...

64. WCF Proxy not being generated properly

I have a WCF Service that needs to return a file from a database. To that end, I have created two MessageContract classes, one for input and one for output. ...

65. Class definition duplication in .NET client WCF proxy classes for Java web service

I'm working on a .NET WCF client for a Java web service. I can generate the .NET proxy classes successfully from the Java web service WSDL and call the service via ...

66. How to use ASIHTTPRequest in code from wsdl2objc for proxy access

this is my first post on SO and i hope to be clear in my problem explanation. I successfully invoke web services from IOS using code generated from wsdl2objc but now ...

67. Client Webservice in java - proxy authentication

I have made a web service client importing a third party wsdl in eclipse. But I got this exception: Connection IO Exception. Check nested exception for details. (Unable to connect to 1X.XXX.X.XX:X0 ...

68. Axis, wsdlsoap:address location and reverse proxy

I've used AXIS 1.4 to generate some webservices. These webservices will be called by clients, but their calls will go through a reverse proxy (apach with mod_proxy). The process is working fine, however ...

69. How to access a web service with the following parameters and client proxy generated based on a wsdl

I have been provided with a WSDL and have generated the proxy class based on this WSDL. Sorry cannot provide the WSDL due to security concerns. The method in the proxy ...

70. Howto use svcutil to generate a C# WCF proxy from a web service that uses restriction to hide elements?

I'm creating a client to a web service that is more or less out of my control. Here is a simplified sample of the schema:

<xs:complexType name="A">

71. C# , wsdl proxy classes , how to use it?

I have a wsdl and xsd files, and with wsdl.exe utility i generate proxy classes, but in project i have not any service reference, haow can use it with c#?

72. How To Create Proxy Classes For Access WSDL Services In MyEclipse IDE?

I need proxy classes to access WSDL Web Services to create micro site. Also how to use the proxy classes in JavaScript and HTML?

74. How to create Proxy CLIENT USING .WSDL ?

I apologize if i have posted this question in the wrong forum.My question is concerned with WSDL. Recently i came across a question in as : Write a command to Create proxy client by using .WSDL and set of XSD file. Can anyone provide me some pointers as to where i can find more information on this. Thank you for your ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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