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Friends, Hope you can help with a problem I am encountering with Apex and Web Services. I have used the wizard within Apex to to create a web service reference. The ...

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From my WSDL I have the following service part:

<service name="BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYService">
  <documentation>SAP Service BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAY via SOAP</documentation>
  <port name="BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYPortType" binding="s0:BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYBinding">
    <soap:address location=""/>
then what will be endpoint ...

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When I am trying to generate Apex classes from the below WSDL file I am getting the The following generated class(es) have compilation errors: Error: testxyzCom Error: unexpected token: 'limit' at ...