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1. WebService attributes

I am creating a web service that generates the following in the WSDL file:

<wsdl:portType name="myServicePortSoap">
and would like to have it renamed to generate:
<wsdl:portType name="myServicePort">
How can I do that within the .asmx ...

2. How can i change the XmlElement attribute OUTSIDE the class?

I have a class property that is automatically generated by a framework with its appropriate XmlElement attribute. I inherit this class and expose it as a parameter on a webservice, ...

3. wsdl:operation customized attributes

how to define a schema for property like below My visual studio seems not recognize the msc:isInitiating attribute, msc is already defined.

4. What's the meaning of the targetNamespace attribute of the WSDL definitions element?

Hi, I know that the targetNamespace attribute of XMLSchema declares the namespace into which the elements of the instance documents( conforming to the schema file) will fall. But what does the targetNamespace of WSDL mean? Does it mean that the WSDL file also defines elements and datatypes and some instance document(conforming to the WSDL file)'s elements will fall into ...

5. Why would an wsdl document have a targetnamespace attribute set?

Hello, I have an xml document, namely a WSDL file and I am trying to understand why the "definitions" element have "targetNamespace" attribute set??? I thought this attribute was only for schemas. Is this not confusing? Is this legal? Why wsdl files don't have a schema to validate themselves from? Here is my document:

6. function in-parameter mapping in wsdl - element or attribute?

Hi, I am planing to expose a web function as the webservice to our client. the function expects total 11 in-parameters. they are quite complicated, Some are required and some are optional. some are even conditional optional. I'd like to ask which way I map the in-parameter in the WSDL is better? - map the parameter as complex elements or map ...