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1. Generating client stubs from WSDL

I am starting on a new project with commercial vendor. I need to write an integration module in our application to consume commercial vendor's web service. So, WSDL is not controlled ...

2. Generating WSDL client using Apache Axis vs IBM RAD

In my application, we are already using IBM RAD webservice tool to generate Webservice clients from WSDL. I'm trying to convince my fellow developers to use Apache axis. apart from being that Apache ...

3. How do I generate a Webservice Client in IntelliJ IDEA?

I have to set up a connection to a webservice that I don't own, all I have is a link to the WSDL file. The webservice has only one method, and ...

4. Metro client consuming WCF wsdl, response object's properties not set

I am attempting to consume a WCF web service from a Java client using JAX-WS and the Metro libraries. I have successfully generated the client using wsimport, and can open ...

5. Intellij IDEA - Webservices client from WSDL with certificates

I am somewhat new to SSL/TLS and Java trust/keystores. I am attempting to generate a client to consume a web service from a IIS-hosted WSDL file. This worked fine before the ...

6. Create a web service client in JAVA to access method from WSDL (w.Eclipse)

Completely new bee in web services. I am having the url as:  
and method:
$result= $client->call($session, "catalog_product.list");   
This is what I have tried:
  1. Created a new JAVA project from ...

7. wsdl client java

hope you will help me, as I am lost after 5 days of surfing. I have created web service client using NetBeans. Some of the code: ...

mtsvmi.MGWPUBLICFUNCTIONSService service = new mtsvmi.MGWPUBLICFUNCTIONSService();

8. Writing a JAX-WS standlone client from a WSDL deployed on WebLogic with OWSM policy attached

I've been at this for more than a week now, but haven't been able to get a resolution yet. I have a web service deployed on WLS 10.3.4 with a OWSM ...

9. Cross platform service (Connect to java service through c# client)

I have a server application in Java which has two simple operations, addTwoInts and multiplyTwoFloats. I'm trying to implement these math services through a C# client application. I should be able ...

10. Error in Portable JAXWS client web service using dynamic url,still searching the local wsdl

after reading this post and many others i have client wsdl , from it i generated java stubs like this:

wsimport.bat   -Xnocompile -keep -Xendorsed  Client_aaa.wsdl
now in the client ...

11. Generate web service client stubs and transfer objects in SAP from a WSDL

is it possible with SAP to generate client stubs and transfer objects from a WSDL served by a .NET WCF web service? Or do I have to build my SOAP XML ...

12. how i can manage the client's Stubs generated from WSDL to connect to webservice with soapUi option xmlbeans

I have created client's Stub from WSDL to invoke the webservice with soapUi option xmlbeans. Unfortunately in the Stub generated, I have the follow code:

//Create the desired XmlObject and provide it ...

13. Can client generated from WSDLs produce requests that exclude optional header elements?

I am creating a client using jax-ws generated code. The WSDLs used specify a number of header elements like so, within the binding element:

<wsdl:operation name="operation">
    <wsoap12:operation soapActionRequired="false" style="document"/>

14. What is the easiest way to generate a Java client from an RPC encoded WSDL

I’m new to the concept of web services and I’m currently working on a project where I need to retrieve some data from an external application via SOAP. This application provides ...

15. Java Web Service : How to change the WSDL port location in the client side with JAX-WS (without Axis)

I have a C# web service deployed on a remote server where the public adress is a kind of [ We use an Apache ProxyPass for security that redirect the request ...

16. WSDL Client Auth and Multiple Certs

So I'm running into a bit of an issue here with wsdls and selecting multiple certs in java. A smartcard, for example, has multiple certs on it, for signing, encryption, identification. ...

18. Web service clients using WSDL and JAXRPC, netbeans 6.7, how to's somewhere?

Hi, I am trying to build a client for a web service (the server is not under my control, I am stuck with jax-rpc), and I have managed to actually generate ...

19. How has anyone worked through .NET WSDL web service client creation when WSDL has s:schema as an element?

All, I'm trying to import a .NET schema which uses as part of message XML. This is from SagePayment Solutions: ...

20. Webservice client using wsdl url as parameter

Hi, Is there a simple way in netbeans to configure a java webservice client such that it accepts the url to a wsdl file as a command line argument, instead of ...

21. Client from wsdl with 2 or more parameters

John80 Joined: 27 Sep 2008 Posts: 2 Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:36 pm Post subject: Client from wsdl with 2 or more parameters Hello I've followed the ...

22. Netbeans fails to generate Java client code from WSDL file

Hi everyone, I am trying to use the WebService Client Java generation wizard, without much success. I select the local file and point to my WSDL file, set the package name ...

23. Unable to create Web Service Client from WSDL URL in NetBeans

This is due to the new event-handling framework that has been added after 0.95. The step in the build process that generates the resource files for the various messages, seems to require a writable DOM implementation. As the message indicates, Saxon offers such an implementation in a separate JAR, which needs to be added to the classpath when building FOP Trunk. ...

24. wsdl client java

25. wsdl client java authentication

26. building service client upon given WSDL file

Can you post the wsdl file or an example? A quick google for your error reveals that it is probably a connection problem between your client and the service endpoint or the xml schemas referenced from the WSDL. Try viewing the live service in a web browser or at least accessing the WSDL and then try accessing the xml schemas referenced ...

28. Generating SOAP Client from WSDL

hi guys! I'm using JBoss3.2.6 and Eclipse with Lomboz with these features, it is said to be very simple to gerenerate a soap client. I've chosen "Lomboz SOAP Client wizard", filled in the wsdl-file and package ... but if i press the button "finish" I'll only get the error message: "could not generate soap client" .. that's all. what have I ...

29. Dynamic Client That Uses WSDL as an argument

While using webservices with Weblogic 8.1, I have noticed in the documentation that there are ways to invoke a web-service without generating or making use of the client stubs classes. Currently we are using the wscompile utiltity to generate, the client stubs and making use of those. Is is a recommended method, to invoke the webservices by using a Dynamic Clien ...

30. Dynamic Client That Uses WSDL as an argument

While using webservices with Weblogic 8.1, I have noticed in the documentation that there are ways to invoke a web-service without generating or making use of the client stubs classes. Currently we are using the wscompile utiltity to generate, the client stubs and making use of those. Is it a recommended method, to invoke the webservices by using a Dynamic Client ...

32. pls help to write client code in Axis for dotnet WSDL

Hi i got WSDL from Dotnet.i generated Helper classes using WSDL2java problem is i want to get XML info in java. i need to get XML info from generated code. generated code is: ================== +(schema file is parsed as java files.(here i want to call this java files in my client code)) PrudentialData PrudentialDataATSBUW PrudentialDataClients PrudentialDataProposals ...

33. How to create a client from a wsdl?

34. Help Neeed to write a Client Application from WSDL

Hi Friends I am new to Web Service Technology. I want to write a simple client application (without using any third part tool like axis or anything) that will make use of my Calculator.wsdl. I mean, the Client should be able to call mathod like add(2,5) and get a response as 7. I have pasted the WSDL below ...

36. Generating non-Axis client from WSDL

Well I guess it could be using Axis, but we haven't been having much success. We can use the Axis 1.2.1 wsdl2java to create the client code and it compiles, but it misses out a lot of the data in the Axis generated classes. Attributes and elements are just... missing. That's better than 1.3 and 1.4 though. When we use those ...

37. Invoking a method in WSDL file from client class

Hi, I have got a WSDL file and I have to invoke certian methods from a client class from the WSDL file. What exactly should I do to invoke them from a Java standalone program /servlet/JSP. There is a sayHello() method in the WSDL. Please tell me how to invoke that method from client side. Aslo please let me know the ...

38. question on client side soap binding stub on wsdl complext type element

You will get a new Javabean SocialSecurityNumber type as you are defining the socialSecurityNumber as a simple-type (restricting xsd:string type). So there are 2 possible solutions, either: 1. You can define the socialSecurityNumber type to be of xsd:string alone (and no restrictions), in which case your socialSecurityNumber will be mapped to java.lang.String type. 2. OR you can generate your java classes ...

39. [Axis2] Error while generating client code from WSDL

I am seeing this exact same problem. We recently switched from Axis1 (1.4) to Axis2 (1.1). I generate my service for Axis2, deploy it and everything seems fine. WSDL looks okay except for the fact it has about twice as many xml schema definitions as I have objects that are being published (but I suppose that is another story). Anyway, when ...

41. Sending wsdl DateTime from java client

43. error when generating WS Client code using wsdl

Hi, I am new for web service. I got a pmp.wsdl file to develope WS client. I am using eclipse/wtp. When I tried to generate the WS Client code, I received the following error. I also attached the pmp.wsdl file at the end. Any ideas or suggestions on solving this error? Thanks, Wendy ------------------------------------------------------------- IWAB0399E Error in generating Java from WSDL: ...

44. .NET WSDL client generation

Hi all. Ive used Axis to generate client side stubs before, but Ive never worked with a) a .NET service and b) a service that wasnt our own, and Im having a few issues understanding what I need to do. Hopefully someone can help. I have a WSDL definition from a .NET service, below is an edited version (to allow for ...

45. WSDL on Client

46. Doubts while using WSDL to generate client code

Hi, I have designed a test.wsdl and mine.xsd. A part of my wsdl and xsd doc is as below xsd:schema targetNamespace="" xmlns:Q1=""> ============================================================ A part of my .xsd document is.. ....... ....... ....... //There are some more complex types here ...

47. How to generate client stub from an .wsdl file using RAD 6 ?

Hi, I have a web project. Now I just received an .wsdl file that is at /WEB-INF/wsdl/SendEmail.wsdl I need to know how do I crete the client stub from this wsdl ? I will need a little elaborated explanation if possible. I simply right clicked the .wsdl > other > web services > then all I see are 1. DADX file ...

48. Can get to wsdl with browser but cannot connect with the client

Hi, I have jax-ws web service on mt local host. I also have the client on the local host. On my machine the client consumes the service fine. But when I am behind proxi and the service is consumed from remote host it doesn't work. The interesting thing is that you can access the wsdl on the browser on the remote ...

51. Writing webservices clients from wsdl files

A WSDL file contains a machine-readable description of a web service. You "can" use a WSDL file to generate client code that can be integrated into an application (service consumer). The generated client code is integrated into the application which uses the web service at runtime. The application is then tested. The generated code, by itself, is not enough to test ...

52. Problem invoking web service using dynamic client with WSDL

Hi.... Am getting the following exception when trying to invoke a web service using dynamic client with WSDL... The webservice is hosted on my localhost... javax.xml.rpc.JAXRPCException: failed to invoke operation 'sayHello' due to an error in the soap layer (SAAJ); nested exception is: Message[ failed to serialize interface javax.xml.soap.SOAPElementweblogic.xml.schema.binding.SerializationException: mapping lookup failure. class=interface javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement class context=TypedClassContext{schemaType=['']:sayHello}]StackTrace[ javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: failed to serialize interface ...

53. create soap client using wsdl file

54. Configure wsimport to not insert wsdl location in client service class?

Is there a way that I can tell wsimport to not generate the wsdl location url in the client service class? I.E. when I use wsimport to generate my client side service class using ant:

56. please list some common reasons why a remote client can't see wsdl

Hi MooseWranglers, Just setting up a web service on Lan workgroup. Works fine using Localhost on server it was built on and wsdl is viewable .Can't find wsdl with browser from connected client machine. Client is able to see Tomcat home page on server. Just looking for some ideas as to common problems that might result in this scenario. Thanks in ...

57. Problem in creating the client stubs from WSDL with multiple interfaces using Axis 1.4

Hi All, I am facing an issue in creating client stubs from WSDL with multiple interfaces (Service binding to multiple port type) using Axis. A set of classes are getting generated by using wsdl2java tool but compilation fails as the input and output classes for the operations are not generated. When i removed the interfaces which are irrelevant to me from ...

58. Wsimport in build scripts is giving error when trying to create web service client from WSDL.

Hi! As far as I remember, JDK 1.5 does not contain the wsimport command, so the command you have used must be from somewhere else. I would suggest you to at least give the wsimport command in JDK 6 a try. Make sure that you are including the appropriate flags etc when invoking wsimport, for instance: wsimport -verbose -d [path to ...

59. WSDL Reference in generated Client Stub.

Hi, I generated the client stubs for my Webservice using wsimport command (using JAXWS 2). In the class generated I can see a path to my locally saved wsdl url = new URL("file:/D:/Jobin/Tests/1.wsdl"); In this case I need to save the WSDL also. Is there any way to avoid dependency to wsdl after the creation of client stub (like Axis 1.4)? ...

60. Jax-WS 2.1 can hit the wsdl in the browser but the client cannot find it.

Hi! Well, if soapUI isn't able to access the service, then the problem most likely is not your client. Can you supply the code of your web service and some information concerning the container to which you deploy it? If you have a Eclipse or NetBeans project, then that would be even better. Best wishes!

62. web service questions to ask based on the client wsdl file and XML sample files

Hi Everyone, I got the wsdl files, XML sample files and schema which used to generate the sampel files. we are trying to create our own web service which will send and comsume the information from our client. so what kind of information i need to ask our client in order to clarify all the concerns what we need in order ...

63. Need Java Client stubs for given WSDL

64. Error while generating Web Services Client using wsdl in Eclipse 3.6

This one also got Resolved wsdl issue when i right clicked on wsdl file and clicked on validation. validation failed and there was one error or warning but i was able to open the file in internet explorer, search in google couldn't help But wsdl file was not opening in google chrome browser, so i opened wsdl as a file using ...

65. Jax-ws 2.2.1: creating clients for endpoints that are not in the WSDL

Hello, I have a setup in which a 'scheduler' sends requests to different webservices. The interfaces for those webservices are the same, although they perform slightly different tasks. I wrote a general wsdl file which I would like to use for all those services. So I use a wsimport to generate a client. All is good so far. I should be ...

66. Problem creating java web service client from a wsdl

wsimport => ERROR - Invalid wsdlperation : its a document-literal operation I'm attempting to create a java web service client from a wsdl (provided by a 3rd party dev team for a project I'm working on; their webservice is written in python) by using the wsimport tool. When I run the wsimport command I get the following result: wsimport -keep -verbose ...

67. WSDL for only client server model?

Hi, I'm a new bee to this web services and wsdl world. Need to develop an application which is not completely client server. Server can also update few things on it own to the client with out a request from the client. I mean two servers exchange the messages through this interface. This case I can use "WSDL" as the interface ...

68. Generate Client from WSDL

Hi Friends, I am working on Web Service. I want to create Client from Existing WSDL file and this wsdl file import some xsd files. But when I tried to Generate Client form wsdl file through eclipse I am getting error "IWAB0054E Web project URL for deployment of Web service is not set in AxisDeployCommand" I don't know why I am ...

69. create a simple client Access a WSDL

Hello, I am completely new to Web Services and all. However I am given an assignment, i.e to access a wsdl already published. I need to create a simple client which will access this web service. Any help or resources which will set me on right path ? Thanks and Regards, Shantanu

70. Web Services client using WSDL file

Hi Ranchers, I been searching on internet to find, a quickest and easiest way to build a WebServices client on a WSDL file. We have this Web services running at Miami location, every week by the time we come into office in UK - these stage services will be down. Now, I want to write a ROUTINE - a web-service client ...

71. SOAP client from WSDL

I have writing a SOAP server on PHP with WSDL. It work ok with clients on PHP and VB.Net. I can use it in 4 or 5 lines. When i try to do a client for it on Java, i see that it isn't easy. I have read to many examples for it, but i don't understand it very well. My ...

72. J2ME Wsdl Client Help!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, i was wondering could any one help me.. i've basically used c# to create a wsdl that is deployed on iis. my question is how exactly do i use java (j2me) to access and use the wsdl? the wsdl retreives info from an oracle database.. can anyone point me in the right direction!

73. wsdl client java authentication

Hello programmers, 1. could give me an example code how to set up username and password for the service, which have been created using wsdl file, which has been given from web service creators on other side of the world. Web service client has been created using NetBeans IDE. When it tries to call invoke method it gives me: HTTP transport ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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