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1. wsdl return an array of complex types

I have defined a web service that will return the data from my mysql data base. I have written the web service in php. Now I have defined a complex type as follows:


2. How to get complex types from WSDL file?

I have the following wsdl file:

  <schema elementFormDefault="qualified" xmlns="">
   <import namespace="http:..."/>
   <complexType name="BaseBean">
   <complexType name="DateBean">

3. When to use complex types and when to use elements in creating wsdl files?

Hi Thank you for reading my post. When we create XSD files, we can create elements and also we can create complextypes. for example we can create an student type as an element or as a complex type and then I can use it to create WSDL documents (methods input and outputs). What I can not undestand is the differences between ...

4. Complex Type versus Simple Type in a WSDL definition

You are right that in this particular case a single element could be enough. However it is a known convention to have a common root to all inner elements. So even though with one element it is not really helpful, it is still used. It also makes the SOAP more readable as the wrapper element name is based on the method ...