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1. WSDL location changed when EJB Web Service was deployed in WAR    stackoverflow.com

When I deploy my EJB Web service in a WAR file the context of the Service changes.
i.e. --http://localhost:8080/ServiceName/EJBName?wsdl Now, it has the web application context-> --http://localhost:8080/WebAppName/ServiceName?wsdl Why did this change and how do I control ...

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HI, I have a webservice which is developed using ejb stateless sessionbeans - and it serves more than 10 clients , now we are planning to change the endpoint url to ...

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I know how to use @WebService and @Stateless annotation to write an EJB and expose it into a WebService. But because we're try to use other tools to generate WSDL first ...

4. where to keep wsdl file when using webservices with EJB ?    coderanch.com

Usually your container/application server takes care of that. In a J2EE 1.4 container the relationship between the WSDL and the session bean is captured in webservices.xml BookQuote /META-INF/wsdl/bookquote.wsdl /META-INF/bookquote.map