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1. ODSI physical layer can't pass custom header    stackoverflow.com

I have generated an ODSI physical service from a WSDL. The WSDL has something similar to this: (especially it defines the soap:header in the binding section)

<wsdl:message name="getLastSellPriceRequest">
  <wsdl:part element="intf:getLastSellPrice" name="parameters"/>

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I have a web service requiring a UserNameToken within the Header part of the SOAP message. It has a structure looks like this dum dummer My task at hand is define the header within the type section of the WSDL, make the security header element part of ...

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Hello everybody, I'm here because I'm facing a problem taht I don't know how to solve and maybe, you can help me with this. The escenario for me is the following: I have a WSDL File which is mapping SOAP like this: < wsdl:operation name="Create"> required ...

4. Java code to connect to WSDL file with custom header    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I am an absolute noob when it comes to Java. I need to write a Java app that can connect to a WSDL file with a custom header. Basically, all I need to do is connect to the web service and pass a username and password. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, A