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1. wsdl java import problem

import com.premiereconnect.premconn.FaxNumberAvailableListRequest;
import com.premiereconnect.premconn.FaxNumberAvailableListResult;
import com.premiereconnect.premconn.GroupListResult;
import com.premiereconnect.premconn.UserCreateRequest;
import com.premiereconnect.premconn.UserCreateResult;
import com.premiereconnect.premconn.UserUpdateRequest;
import com.premiereconnect.premconn.UserUpdateResult;
The above imported classes are in wsdl file.. how to generate packages "comm.premiereconnect.premconn".... A url for wsdl file is also given... How to generate/ resolve ...

2. Error importing wsdl into monodevelop

I am having issues importing my wsdl into mono develop. This wsdl and xsd implementation works flawlessly under Visual Studio, but cannot be imported into mono develop. I have also checked ...

3. Import WSDL

Hi, I am trying to import the WSDL uri ( from jsp page. I have one text box where user can paste the above url and press the import button. I am getting the url in my form bean but it is not parsing the wsdl file. I need to parse the wsdl using its uri, I can parse the wsdl ...

4. Importing multiple WSDL files

Hi, I am facing a problem in importing multiple WSDL files. I have 5 WSDL files where I am importing different XSD in that. All the 5 WSDLs have some common XSD's. But when I am converting into java using Axsis WSDLToJava, separate beans are created for each WSDL. Due to this my bean size is increased. Now I want to ...

5. import in WSDL

6. Import Schmea vs elements in wsdl

I've seen two ways of doing this. You can import schema's and not have any element tags defined directly in the wsdl or you can define all your element tages between the schema tags. My questions is, do these cause different behaviors when the wsdl is used to build a cosuming client? In other words, if I have an operation called ...