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I'm running jboss-4.2.1.GA to generate WS requests. I have created the WS client with the help of JWSDP-2.0/JAXRPC. I have deployed the client to Jboss and I am now trying to send ...

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guys, what are the simple tools for generating WSDL and JAX RPC mapping files from java ServiceEndPoint Interface. or I just need that generates JAX RPC mapping file generator

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I'm looking for a solution of dynamic web service client such as DII from JAX-RPC. I need to generate a client from a WSDL. But the WSDL is only known at runtime (so ...

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I was wondering if is there some way to convert an old RPC WSDL file to a JAX-WS WSDL file. Tried my best to make sure I did my homework but ...

5. Complex type with single array element throws marshalling exception    stackoverflow.com

We have JAX-RPC style web service, with a complex type defined as follows:

<xs:complexType name = "SomeFault">
<xs:element name = "errorMessages" type="some:ErrorMessageWSType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />

<xs:simpleType name = "ErrorMessageWSType">
<xs:restriction base = "xs:NMTOKEN">
<xs:enumeration value = ...

6. Need to Generate java code from wsdl (JAX-RPC)    coderanch.com

Hi Peer , thanks for reply the post in JavaRanch . i have given WSDL file , service is being exposed with JAX-PRC (IBM's) so intially i need to create the stub,skeleton for accesing the service . so i need to generate the java classes for the same so i found wscomplie will do .... when i tried to create with ...

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I am trying to create an endpoint interface using wscompile from a wsdl. I have some things I need to test with jax-rpc so I cannot use jax-ws just yet. I seems like wscompile is creating everything I need except for the endpoint interface class that I need to implement to deply in my war. Here is my wsdl (pretty basic): ...

9. Getting exception when trying to go to my wsdl on the server (jaxrpc)    coderanch.com

I am trying to deploy a jax-rpc web service but I am having problem opening up the wsdl on the server. I.E. I think a good test that things deployed ok is to go to wsdl url and see the wsdl I deployed with my web service. I.E. http://localhost:8080/test-jaxrpc/TestJaxrpcWS?wsdl However when I go there I get the following exception: 13:38:26,504 ERROR ...