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1. how to get parameter names of a method/operation from a wsdl file

I'm trying to develop a form generator from a given wsdl file in java.
Here is a post about the project: I could read operation names from wsdl ...

2. How to make a parameter optional in WSDL?

I have a WebService API which needs 2 of its parameters to be optional in the WSDL

public wsProxy[] Insert(wsProxy[] proxies, string loginname, string password, bool returnNewData)
  //code here
I need to ...

3. Variable parameters list in WSDL

I need to implement a WSDL interface (HTTP binding) for a variable list function. What I need to do is something very similar to a wrapper for an ipothetic WSDL export ...

4. Web service that has Edmx objects as parameters

I feel like exposing an edmx class as a parameter to a web service is not a good idea. I feel like it's wrong design. eg.

MyWebservice(int customerID, UserProfile profile){
now UserProfile is ...

5. wsdl parameters in crystal reports 2008

I am using wsdl file as data-source to crystal reports 2008 and filling parameters for every table inside it. does anyone know why am i asked to fill parameters for every ...

6. How to get parameter structure from the WSDL

I am trying to parse the WSDL. For parsing I am using javax.wsdl package. One of the method in the WSDL accepts complex parameter. Is there a way/API through which I can ...

7. WSDL testing with parameters

8. How to read operation parameters and return type from WSDL ?

As you said, Axis2 can do that... You can run that bat file (with wdsl2java) using Runtime.getRuntime().exec("..."), can't you? By the way, you don't need to run that bat file using Runtime.getRuntim().exec(). You can run theWSDL2Java (in org.apache.axis2.wsdl) directly from a java application, using a few jars (maybe only the wsdl2j) from the lib folder.

9. How we can edit the parameters values in WSDL (created by bottom up approach) ?

Hi! With bottom up, do you mean that you write an annotated Java class which you deploy to a server first? (the WSDL is then generated etc etc). If this is the case, then yes, you can edit the WSDL by hand and supply the edited WSDL the next time you deploy the service. Use the appropriate attribute in the @WebService ...

10. Meaningful Parameter names in wsdl

hi all i am developing web services using axis2 + spring. we deploy web service as aar file in axis2 container. when we browse wsdl this is how we are getting parameter names: after googling found out that because we are exposing interface as ...

11. How to set minOccurs="1" in wsdl for an input parameter to web service method.

Hi, I have a web service implemented with apache cxf and spring. I have one web method which takes String argument as the input parameter. When I check the wsdl for this web method I see that the occurrence indicator minOccurs is set to 0 for the String input parameter. Here I want to set both minOccurs and maxOccurs to 1 ...