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1. How to parse WSDL in Java?

I need parser for WSDL to get the messages, portTypes, operations, bindings, services,... I hope some parser already exists. So, any guidlines?

2. EasyWSDL can't read files (from filesystem )

Hi I'm trying to use EasyWSDL but I can't read any file from the filesystem.

WSDLReader reader = WSDLFactory.newInstance().newWSDLReader();
Description desc =;
Any ideas?

3. Exception while parsing wsdl

Description Resource    Path    Location    Type
WS-I: A problem occured while running the WS-I WSDL conformance check:
org.eclipse.wst.wsi.internal.analyzer.WSIAnalyzerException: null

  Nested exception is: 


4. Error parsing given wsdl file [JAVA]

hi i`m stuck with this annoying problem with net beans. i got a wsdl file that build before and i need to deploy it to my local axis2 server. there is a guide ...

5. wsdl parsing exception

Hi all I am getting exception during parsing wsdl files from Parlay/OSA. I have downloaded wsdl & xsd file form files are given below. parlayx_common_types_2_0.xsd parlayx_call_notification_types_2_0.xsd parlayx_common_faults_2_0.wsdl parlayx_call_notification_interface_2_0.wsdl parlayx_call_notification_service_2_0.wsdl I am generating jaav file using thi scommand Exception is generate: [echo] Temporary directory is ...

7. WSDL parse error

Hi I am using wsdl2java and seeing this parse error - [ERROR] No element type is defined for message QuoteConfigRequest org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder$WSDLProcessingException: No element type is defined for message QuoteConfigRequest at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder.addQNameReference(WSDL11ToAxisSe at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder.addQNameReference(WSDL11ToAxisSe at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder.populateBinding(WSDL11ToAxisServ at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder.populateEndpoint(WSDL11ToAxisSer at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder.populateEndpoints(WSDL11ToAxisSe at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder.populateService(WSDL11ToAxisServ at org.apache.axis2.description.WSDL11ToAllAxisServicesBuilder.populateAllServices(WSDL11To at org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.CodeGenerationEngine.( at org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2Code.main( at org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2Java.main( Exception in thread "main" org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.CodeGenerationException: ...

8. Parsing WSDL