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1. Wsdl4j vs. WSDLImporter

Do you know of any comparison made for comparing WSDL4J WSDLReader class against the .NET solution (e.g., WSDLImporter)?

2. Must a service have a unique targetnamespace?

I'am wondering if two Web Services can have the same targetnamespace. Or is it discouraged to use the same tns multiple times and what is the reason for this limitation?

3. Publish custom web-service on JBoss SOA

I'm hitting a wall with this, currently I have two web-service endpoints configured and running in JBoss Soa 5 and as in ESB standard every endpoint is published as an individual ...

4. WSDL to Java or Java to WSDL?

I've recently picked up a project which has a rather nasty build process. Hand coded XSD schemas are read by JAXB to generate a Java model of classes and factories, which ...

5. What C or C++ tool is used to automatically generate WSDL in SOA project?

Suppose in fairly large SOA project I am tasked with developing Web Service in C++. I am looking for tools that would automatically generate WSDL ((both REST and SOAP))and ...

6. Simple WSDL, getting a ConnectException

i really need help with the simpliest things of WSDL. i got the following WSDL, which is basically just generated code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<wsdl:definitions name="MyFirstWSDL"

7. Using WSDL files in Defining the Type of the system

My Qustion is: How we can use a WSDL file describe a system, to determine whether this system is Service-based system (SOA) or not?