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1. Validate jaxws soap request against schema inside wsdl:types

I'm wanting to validate a soap request against the schema inside this wsdl.

<wsdl:types >
    <xsd:schema targetNamespace="" 

2. How will I load wsdl in soap UI with xsd extensions?

I have a wsdl with xsd extensions. If I load the wsdl in soap UI, I am not able to view my extensions. Is it possible to load a wsdl with ...

3. How do I get the subclasses loaded in soap UI?

Loading my wsdl in SOAPUI just displays the base class.It fails to load the sub class. But generating the stubs seem to create both base and sub class. How do I ...

4. Are SOAP, WSDL and WS-* part of SOA?

Truth be told I have no clue whether SOA describes/recommends which protocols web services should use for interoperability, or whether it also defines some of the protocols, or does it just ...

5. Using custom wsdl file in axis2 - Problem whne using instead of

I am using axis2 for my webservices. Today when i tried to use my own wsdl file instead of axis2 default generated i observer unexpected behaviour.Here goes the details. This is ...

6. F# WSDL code generation

I'm using VS.NET 2010 integrated shell with F# and I'm trying to consume a soap web service... How do I go about generating F# source? I tried

wsdl l:"C:\Program Files ...

7. Flex Webservice result event slow ? for Soap complex type wsdl

I am loading a Web service with a complex type wsdl. It returns a large set of complex data as tables. After all data received completely, the web service take ...

8. JAXWS - help required to set WSDL request timeout

Im using Metro 2.0 and J2SE5. The application I have written does not know about the external WebService at compile time, it finds them at runtime based on a business logic ...

9. Apache axis2 wsdl2java exception: unknown protocol: d

I am trying to create java files from wsdl using axis2 wsdl2java converter. The problem is that I keep getting this weird exception, which I cannot really explain. At the moment I ...

10. How to get started on SOAP service on Windows Phone 7?

Hey guys, I'm a student that is trying to develop a Windows Phone 7 app that uses a free web service that can be accessed via SOAP protocol. They have the ...

11. Setting up axis2 soap server

I am trying to create a simple SOAP webservice (calculator) to learn the basics of this technology. I am new to SOAP so I have already done some things but I ...

12. Is a List of objects Guaranteed to Maintain Its Order When Passed to Service Method?

I have a WCF service method that accepts a List of objects. For this example, lets say that 'T' is of type Car. The client will ensure that the List is ...

13. How can I pass the string "Null" through wsdl (SOAP) from AS3 to ColdFusion web service without receiving a "missing parameter error"?

We have an employee whose last name is Null. He kills our employee lookup app when his last name is used as the search term (which happens to be quite ...

14. SOAP Web Service: do you need the WSDL publication page?

SOAP Web Service: do you need the WSDL publication page? Can I remove the WSDL publication page? if so, will the client have any issues/problems consuming my web service?

15. How can I include SOAP headers in my WSDL using Axis 1?

I would like to generate the WSDLs using java objects and a server-config.wsdd file. Is it possible using this technique to declare soap header objects in the WSDL definition?

16. Forming a SOAP request message through WSDL

I'm very new to webservices. I'm trying to figure out how I can formulate a request message (and determine what the response message) would be based on the wsdl description that ...

17. How to push contacts to Microsoft Exchange from Talend?

I'm trying to use Talend Open Studio to sync contacts from a variety of input sources into an Exchange 2007 server. I know Talend can talk SOAP, and EWS has a WSDL, ...

18. WSDL and SOAP Clarification

Can someone confirm or clarify: WSDL describes a web service's API to the outside world SOAP represents an actual transmission of a web service request/response So, if I understand correctly, WSDL-compliant XML is wrapped ...

19. WSDL validation with soap 1.2

Is there are any wsdl-validation profiles available to check the ws-i compliance of wsdl file with soap 1.2? Or I need to switch to soap 1.1 to pass the WS-I compliance test? ...

20. What is the best way to cause the site to generate and send a SOAP request as the page loads?

I'm trying to update product information in my webstore using a WS. I expect that I will need to use HTTP Binding to send a SOAP request. ( ...

21. Advice for noob: Restlet or SOAP

I have to develop a web service that looks like this: I make a get call, including a string in the url, and I need to receive another string based on ...

22. DPWS explorer is not starting in Snow Leopard

I am using Mac OsX 10.6.6. I had downloaded ws4d-explorer-v3.1-cocoa-macosx-x86_64.jar. The when i run the DPWS explore from command prompt it hangs with following error.

[INFO ] Problems occured when loading ...

23. Possible to create a WSDL from request/response pairs?

I have a series of request / response pairs I've captured from my connections to a webservice (Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite). They don't publish a WSDL but these are ...

24. what does wsdl file refers?

I want to know about what is wsdl file and how it is useful in web services.

25. why SOAP without WSDL?

Is there a good reason to deploy or consume a SOAP service without using a WSDL "file"? Explanation: I'm in a situation where a 3rd-party has created a SOAP service that does not ...

26. How to add soap basic auth request to WSDL

How can I had soap AUTH BASIC auth to a WSDL, so who ever reads the WSDL knows I require that operation for a specific method ?

27. Calling a SOAP WebService that uses xsd:anyType

I need to call a WebService which has an argument that's defined as an array of xsd:anyType, defined like this:

<complexType name='ArrayOfAnyType'>
      <restriction base='soapenc:Array'>

28. need to explicitly specify an xmlns attribute on a soap request generated from a wsdl

I'm trying to post to a webservice that's very strict about namespaces on elements, specifically that it wants to see something like:

<GetObjectDetails xmlns="">

29. How to Consume a SOAP Web Service in VB6?

I want to consume a file which is wsdl with VB6 , anyone can help me? Or how can I convert wsdl to proxy class ?

30. Apache Axis fails after change in WSDL

I have a SOAP web service served from a .net app. Sometimes we add to some of the object definitions but these are always optional and from a XML/HTTP standpoint the ...

31. Exception in thread "main" A required header representing a Message Addressing Property is not present

Exception in thread "main" A required header representing a Message Addressing Property is not present what i am missing? i add wdsl-addressing programatically:

wsbp.setOutboundHeaders( new StringHeader(WS_ADDR_VER.messageIDTag, uuid), replyTo.createHeader(WS_ADDR_VER.replyToTag));
i am using jdeveloper 11g CODE:
asyncNarociloServisService ...

32. gSOAP and general SOAP problem

I am using gSOAP to create C++ code from a WSDL document. The problem is gSOAP is giving me errors when I run the wsdl2h tool on my WSDL file. The ...

33. How to create a single WSDL file from existing WCF service?

How do I create a single flat WSDL file (with no external references from within) from an existing WCF service? This WSDL will be used (imported) into an older programming technology ...

34. SOAP Response not unserialized correctly in Flex 4

I am seeing certain nodes of my SOAP response disappearing in Flex 4. I am using an <mx:WebService> that is written using PHP/nusoap and 99% of the responses are unserialized ...

35. How does WCF Decide which Operation to Dispatch To?

I'm building a WCF SOAP application. The WSDL file has numerous operations of which many have the same argument type. The WSDL file defines all soapAction attributes as "''". When I ...

36. Can the groovy WSClient be told to ignore the soap address location in a WSDL file?

The WSClient groovy library makes it possible to invoke SOAP web services. It seems to ignore the actual address the WSDL file was retrieved from and use the soap:address location property, ...

37. Should an operation in a wsdl have a namespace and should it be enforced

I have this very simple wsdl

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<definitions xmlns:wsu="" xmlns:wsp=""     xmlns:wsp1_2="" xmlns:wsam="" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:tns="http://http://com.ihate/blunt/james" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="" targetNamespace="http://com.ihate/blunt/james" name="JamesBluntService">

38. Is there any programs out there you can paste WSDL document and get sample XML packets

I'm trying to understand a WSDL file in order to build a SOAP Body to go in a SOAP envelope. The language I use doesn't automatically build it for me. What's ...

39. ksoap2: type="xs:anyType" in wsdl, what does it means

<xs:element name="corpusValue" type="xs:anyType" nillable="true" 
    minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/> 
in the wsdl what type of object do you instantiate of this? What is type="xs:anyType"?

40. Create SOAP message from WSDL using axiom

I'm a starting a project which consist in sending a request to a web-service (which is already available) and parsing the response. I have the WSDL and URL endpoints. Does anyone ...

41. How to use Soap UI without wsdl?

Hi I have installed Soap UI...Like C, Java we will create some sample program. likewise i wanted to use some sample request and to create a request and response without ...

42. soap message generator

how can generate a complete soap message construct from wsdl with java

43. .net, soap, web services, How to override the serialization\conversion in a web reference

I am accessing a third-party web service written in php. The service wsdl is added as a web reference in my project and works ok most of the times. Now a problem I ...

44. svcutil.exe - How to get WSDL

I'm working with a SOAP interface. The interface provider is having trouble getting me the full WSDL (long story). They have asked me to use svcutil.exe to generate everything I need. ...

45. Error when generating service interface from wsdl using svcutil

I'm trying to run the following command line but get an error. You can try to run the command yourself to test it, but i have placed the error i'm getting ...

46. cvc-complex-type.2.1: Element 'soap:address'... WSDL Error in Eclipse

I am integrating my exsting workspace in Eclipse 3.6. This workspace was originally created using BEA Workshop 10.3 and weblogic 9.2 server and was working fine. Now I am using JDK ...

47. How to get simple value from SOAP response?

Is it possible to get simple value from SOAP-response? Because all my attempts with creating appropriate PortType section in wsdl-file failed. The response example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope ...... >

48. How to use VBA to send a WS-Security (SOAP) message?

I'm trying to use VBA to send a WS-Security (SOAP with x509 certificate) SOAP message to a web service. I have the WSDL for the service, but I'm looking for ...

49. WSDL one-way operation and HTTP statuses

Context first - think one-way WSDL operation (aka fire and forget, input only): Now, is it safe to assume that request is successful when server returns 202 Accepted http status ...

50. Array of element in WSDL File

Hello I'm developping some web services in java, so I have created a wsdl file to describe this services. With my wsdl I create the web services (servcer side). but I ...

51. Adding SOAP implicit headers to WSDL

My question is similar to this. How To Pass Soap Header When WSDL Doesn't Define It? But is different. For a web service I use, all methods need authentication which is ...

52. WSDL error: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't bind to service

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <message name="requisicaoSoma">

53. SOAP namespace issue using XFire

I'm generating Java classes using XFire based on a WSDL. Unfortunately such a Webservice call leads in the backed to:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

54. Looking for a video guide about webservices using xml

Does anyone have any good talks about using SOAP? I'm looking for video tutorials, all the text tutorials I've read just seem to be too dry for my liking. As a ...

55. Changing "Soap" to "SOAP" for Port/PortType Name and Binding Name in wsdl causes GetSoapOperationInput to throw Object Reference Error?

If I change the port bindings from Soap to SOAP like this in the ReflectDescription method:

Dim description As ServiceDescription = ReflectionContext.ServiceDescription

        For Each Port ...

56. WSDL missing data type definitions

I am building a SOAP web service with JAX WS. One of the clients should be SAP. After developing my service ports directly in Java with NetBeans I tried to connect ...

57. wsdl array of objects

I wrote wsdl file, then modified skeleton and tried to test. Something wrong with array of songs objects.

     <xsd:complexType name="ArrayOfSongs">

58. interface-based Java/Groovy web services

In my experience, most distributed object technologies (RMI, CORBA, etc.) work something like this:

  • define a service interface
  • write an implementation of the interface
  • use a tool (rmic, IDL compiler, etc.) that generates ...

59. netbeans web services generated using WSDL, return method

I am pretty new to web services and i've started working on a little project where i need to develope some web-services where i send a request to mysql db to ...

60. WSDL warning: not a SOAP port, it has no soap:address

I get these warnings when I create a Web Service Client using Netbeans v 6.7.1, providing the following wsdl.

parsing WSDL... [WARNING] port "ComposedWebServicePort" is not ...

61. Sending signed SOAP msg to web service with no WSDL using WCF - .NET 4

I need to send/receive signed SOAP messages to/from a web service with no WSDL available. The closest thing I've seen to what I'm trying to accomplish is this question, but ...

62. WSDL webservice for SQL server 2008

how can i create a webservice with which other programmers can access my database using creditials i alloted to them like userid and password, i m not about to give sql ...

63. SOAP Request/Response based on Style/Use

I was wondering if someone could explain the differences in a SOAP request/response of a Web service with the following wsdl binding style/use:

  1. Document/literal
  2. RPC/literal
  3. wrapped document style
Thanks in advance

64. sending message through soapUI

I opened my wsdl file locally with soapUI(not using my localhost url but directly showing the wsdl from my harddisc, using localhost url can not find schemas..!) Anyway, it has loaded the ...

65. WSDL warning: Defective soapbind:fault element. what does that mean?

Here is a snippet from my WSDL file;

<wsdl:portType name="MtchWS">                       ...

66. Undefined complexType '' is used as a base for complex Type restricition

I'm tryin to get data from an AXIS Service for my .NET Application. So far I am able to gather simple data like int, string ... . But when I try ...

67. Easy way to create a SOAP web service from a WSDL [any language]

I'm looking for a simple solution to create (not consume) a SOAP web service from a WSDL file. I'm not particular about the language and tools used, as long as ...

68. access WSDL file from another PC

WSDL file are exist in another PC. in this WSDL some methods are defined. i am making a java client that access this WSDL as url and access its methods. please suggest.

69. WCF wsdl string array

How do I tell WCF to make use of wsdl arrayType? Like this:

<complexType name="ArrayOfString">
      <restriction base="soapenc:Array">

70. How to convert a WSDL file made for SOAP 1.1 to support SOAP 1.2

Years ago, I built a SOAP 1.1 service based upon a WSDL I was given. This was rather basic: I executed Axis' WSDL2Java and used the generated classes as base. Now I'm ...

71. How to built SOAP Header namespaces based on the WSDL file

I've been experiencing some issues with the header presentation of a SOAP Request. I think I'm missing something. My (partial) wsdl looks like this:

<wsdl:definitions   xmlns:wsdl="" 

72. Change soap address in web service made in Netbeans, made from java class

I am new in creating webservice with Netbeans. I have successfully created a web service on localhost, and the wsdl soap address is: http://localhost:8084/DemoWeb/MyWebService The class (MyWebService) is as follows:


73. Web Services in C and C++

I want to host web services in an existing C/C++ application. What is the best solution? I would like a solution similar to what JAX-WS does for Java. Specifically revolving ...

74. How to write a Java web-service for which the generated WSDL has multiple bindings

How can I write a Java web-service using standard annotations which has a generated WSDL with multiple bindings (for example, for both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2)?

75. Create web serrvices on the fly based on WSDL

Using some Java library I want to provide web services to clients at run time. The web services should be based on WSDL definitions, which are unknown at compile time. The ...

76. SOAP & iOS: Any guidance?

I am trying to use WSDL and SOAP with my iOS application. And I am desperate. Seems the 2 code generators, and WSDL2OBJC are not suitable. One has TONS of ...

77. Extracting SOAP request from wsdl using wsdl4j

My inputs consist of a WSDL file and an operation name. I need to create a SOAP request and response XML instance after parsing the WSDL. What are my options to ...

78. SOAP request from WSDL in .net

I would like to get a sample SOAP Request for a given action from the WSDL just like SOAP UI. I would like to avoid using svcutil to generate an assembly ...

79. How can I make the generated service wsdl (wcf service) contain soap headers?

I have developed a WCF service which use SOAP headers as part of the validation of the request process. In my service side I verify that the SOAP headers sent and valid. I ...

80. Header auth in soap_wsdl

I do not have the soap module with php (and no chance to have it installed), so I use the pear soap classes. Following code is working as a charm:

$wsdl = ...

81. How to change the way coldfusion send the soap response?

I have a coldfusion webservice which takes in XML data and send back the acknowledgement. When there is an error the current code returns me the soap response as

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" ...

82. Validate SOAP message against WSDL

Just like validating an XML file against an XML Schema Definition in Java is there a way to validate an XML file that contains a SOAP Envelope against a WSDL file? ...

83. Using SOAP WSDL with cross domain AJAX request

I want to call a Web Service(~WSDL) from JavaScript(AJAX) but it says not allowed Access-Control-Allow-Origin. is there ant SOAP based WSDL service with Access-Control-Allow-Origin for all? Like it is only ...

84. standard other than SOAP+WSDL to implement a SOA

I read this question However I am still not clear what are the other way to implement a SOA architecture with out using technologies like SOAP/WSDL. I am working on applications deployed ...

85. unable to deserialize complex types on apache axis - the "anytype" problem

I am forced to use what looks to be a very old wsdl to generate web service clients. So old in fact that the jdk's wsimport refuses to parse it. Axis ...

86. Optimizing WSImport for Multiple WSDLs with Common Types

I am working on a fairly large WS project involving more than 20 different WebServices. These webservices, while independent from each other, share a sizable set of common types. We are ...

87. How to generate a SOAP xml request file, with WCF methods and xsd file available

I want to test a WCF method, which accepts as a parameter an used defined class type (e.g. Car) generated based on xsd file. That is, I used xsd.exe to generate C# ...

88. Relative WSDL soap:address location

Can I have the soap:address location in a WSDL relative to the WSDL location, or at least relative to the server. For instance I want to write:

<soap:address location="" />
<soap:address location="/axis2/services/ExampleService" ...

89. Java SOAP "wsimport" - force wrapped binding from document/literal wrapped WSDL?

The Java 6 JAX-WS "wsimport" utility does a great job of generating a web service skeleton (interface) given a WSDL file but with one personally annoying exception. When given a WSDL that ...

90. Node.js - Problems using the SOAP library

I am trying to use this package: However, when I do this:

var soap = require('soap');
var url = '';
var args = {name: 'value'};
soap.createClient(url, function(err, client) {

91. How many elements go in a sequence if the schema doesn't specify?

I've got a WSDL that I'm trying to implement. The WSDL-reading tool I have had a bug in it that got corrected in the latest release, so I've re-imported it ...

92. connecting to remote webservice using SOAP and WSDL using flex or actionscript

The requirement is to get the method named getIncidentList() from web service using Soap and wsdl using Flex or Actionscript. Can anyone help me i have a code which is not working:


93. Any good tools that easily help me write/mantain WSDL files?

Hi there being new to the 'write-contract-first' webservice area i was wondering if there are any good and preferably opensource tools that could help me in writing my wsdl files. I ...

94. Getting ParsingError, InvalidSoapActionHeader on SQL Server SOAP request

I am attempting to send a SOAP request to SQL Server 2005, but I am getting a vague error in response. Can anyone interpret for me? Here is my request (linebreaks have ...

95. WCF BasicHttpBinding - Where can I find SOAP1.1 in WSDL

I've been trying to find out which version of SOAP 1.1/1.2 being using in WSDL generated using WCF BasicHTTPBinding. But I've not been able to pin-point. I need to confirm this so ...

96. XSD file path in WSDL include is wrong

I'm more or less a beginner with web services but I've tried googling this with no results. I have a web service written in Java using the Metro stack that runs fine ...

97. wsdl with no serialization info

I am trying to send a request to a web service. The wsdl can be seen here Creating a request is straight forward


98. How do I add a SOAP template from XSD in soapUI when XML extension is in place?

I need to make a large number of SOAP test cases to automate the testing process of an application. Currently, the architecture requires that a single "generic" SOAP method is invoked with ...

99. soap ui add wsdl problem

I am using Websphere Message Broker to create web services. I have two services and two wsdl. One of them has no issues and I am able to add WSDL through ...

100. Package WSDL + XSD with the distribution?

When writing language library API to a SOAP service... should the WSDL/XSD files be shipped with the API? or should they get fetched on the fly?  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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