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1. WSDL validator

Is there any online service available to validate Web Service WSDL file?

2. Could you suggest an on-line WSDL validation tool?

Could you suggest a proven on-line WSDL validation tool? I am looking for a validator this is as strict to the WSDL standard as possible.

3. Avoid validating WSDL every time the web service is executed

I have a small app running in JBoss that uses web services and every time they are called, it parses the WSDL and tries to fetch from [1] in order ...

4. Java | Webservices WSDL validation error

I have successfully built and deployed a jax-ws webservice on myecplise with java 5 and tomcat 5.0 but when I try to create a webservice client I'm getting a validation error ...

5. Web Service Validator

I am calling a web service that I think it's buggy or not following a certain standard. Is there a W3C validator that can check for this thing? Thanks in advance for ...

6. WSDL and type validations

Since WSDL specifies a section for type definitions, I wonder how this type definitions are enforced so that the message exchange will fail when the contents of the messages don't match ...

7. Web Service input validation in WSDL

I have built a new ASP.NET Web Service and it is working fine. Now, I need to apply validation on inputs within the WSDL of my service like following:

<xsd:simpleType name = ...

8. wsdl validator

9. Any good WSDL Validators ?

Hi All, Are there any tools to validate WSDL files. I like Altova XMLSpy 2005 Enterprise Edition but it is a 30 day trail version. I tried SOAPtest but it takes lot of time for validating WSDL files. Can anyone suggest a trail version of any good WSDL Validators. I am not looking for any online WSDL validators since all my ...

10. WSDL validation

11. WSDL validation

13. Available WSDL Validators

14. WSDL validation

Hi Folks, howdy? I got a problem...I am using MyEclipse 7.5 I am trying to generate the web service client from a secure web service. When try to do that the WSDL validation error occurs. When i generate client from the same web service under non-secure URL then everything works just fine. The error that i get is WS-I: A problem ...