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2. Adding elements to the WSDL document

I want to add some funcionalities to a service and I want to indicate it in the WSDL document. Can I add elements to that document? How can I do it I mean, for example ive got the WSDL file like: ... ... * Supose I just want to add something where is written, how ...

3. documentation in WSDL

Im very interested in knowing how to use the documentation element in the WSDL file. What can it be inside? Only plain text? Can I have inside other tags from other namespaces? Has it got any atrubute (lke documentatio name=...? I wanted to know too if I can add any element to the WSDL file from other namespaces. Any help is ...

4. From config-interface to WSDL??

How could I add documentation elements automatically to the WSDL file. I mean, the wscompile tool reads the config.interface.xml file and automatically generates the WSDL file. How can I add the documentation? Should I open manually the WSDL file generated and add it? Or can I place it in some way into the config-interface.xml file and the wscompile will add it ...

5. Java 2 WSDL

6. No WSDL interface definition found

7. Message vs type in WSDL

8. WSDL File

Hi guys!I'm totally newbie in the world of web services and I don't know what to do. Here is my problem. I have a WSDL File, honestly, I don't know what I need to do with it. I have to instantiate an object and this happens to be a web service object. I was just wondering do I need a jar ...

9. WSDL and attachments

11. Can't see the WSDL file

12. WSDL extension

Hello I have a server WebService which accepts byte codes from clients, write them to a database, load them and invoke them. I want this server now to advertise the fact to the outside world that it has now added new functionality on the fly. Guess the best way will be advertise through WSDL, ofcourse. Problem is that if I change ...

13. WSDL to Java issues

14. Need to incorporate an XSDSchema in a WSDL Definition

Hi, I have an XSD document and I want to instert the complex types it contains into a Definition object I have created (I'm using WSDL4J). If I create an Import object, I simply get a reference to the xsd, however, I actually want the ... ... ... tags to be filled up with the contents of the xsd ...

15. DSML Exposed using WSDL

Hi All I am facing a typical problem. I want to expose my directory information to my clients using soap web services. And I have to use DSML which is industry standard for accessing directory information using XML. My problem is I need to convert this DSML schema into a WSDL which clients can use to access the directory service. ...

16. Comments/Docs in WSDD/dynamic WSDL?

I am using the Java -> WSDL -> Java & WSDD workflow. I'll recommend Cape Science's lovely free WSDL editor/verifier ( Verify often, so you know as soon as you break the format... Using that, I tweaked our WSDL with informative comments and descriptions of our services, ports, and parameters. On generating the Java stubs & WSDD file, the Java gets ...

17. assosciate webservice to a WSDL file

18. WSDL to Java- service Interface

one simple Q.: in my case, i just possess a WSDL file given by a third party and I would like to generate the interface of service from this wsdl file so that I will be able to expand the generated skeleton and implement the actual web service(s). can anybody help? regards,

20. What's wrong with my wsdl?

Hello, I am struggling with a web service that won't deploy. My wsdl is valid: I checked it with Eclipse but the web service won't deploy. When I try to browse it I get an empty html table saying "Port Name Status Information". Can anyone help? Julien.

21. WSDL document for two interfaces.

22. WSDL File with Attachments

23. Document datatype in wsdl

Please forgive me if this question sounds dumb (I am new to web services. I guess I am allowed to ask some dumb questions ): (1) If the style is document/literal, does that mean the return type of a method (in the service) is Document(an xml document)? (2) I have a method returning an XML Doucment (public Document getThemes( ) ), ...

24. WSDL to java problem

JavaRanch Java Forums Java Web Services Author WSDL to java problem jonathan Greens Ranch Hand Joined: Apr 07, 2004 Posts: 139 posted Feb 17, 2005 13:55:00 0 I am generating a java web service client from a wsdl file. I got the following error: WSWS3204E: Error: {}string already exists. WSWS3204E: Error: {}string already exists. WSWS3204E: Error: {}string already ...

25. WSDL Looking For

Hi, I'm totally new to Web Services can have a problem with JBuilder trying to generate a file named from the WSDL. The WSDL is supplied by a TDA in my company and I've noticed that it has a few descriptions that include . When I import the WSDL and try to compile from the default import, it's looking ...

26. WSDL Doubts

27. WSDL Tutorials

Hello Balaji, I am assigned to a Project and my role is not big in the project but I was asked to learn WSDL. I want the tutorial for WSDL from a beginners perspective. I know you will have many links for WSDL. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, with regards, Raghu

28. Invoking a web service in wsdl

29. how to convert java call to wsdl call

Hi, i am new to the web services,I was develop a new service using soap. Presently i am executeing the service using client program, in client i validate xml using schema and send validated xml to the service and i get the responce,now i want to convert client call to wsdl call how i can do? any help? Rgds, punna

30. proper way to define a WSDL ?

"An interface over an underlying process" is only one view you could take of WSDL - one that'd be encouraged by ideas like BPEL, I'd imagine. You could equally take an RPC view of the world (in the old CORBA sense). In this case, a WSDL can simply be thought of as defining an interface - like the Java interface construct. ...

32. How to show and hide the elment in WSDL?

Hi Folks, I have a DataObject, like this public class DataObject implements { pivate Integer commandKey; private File outputFile; public DataObject(){} public void setCommandKey(Integer aKey) { commandKey = aKey; } public Integer getCommandKey() { return commandKey; } public void setOutputFile(File aFile) { outputFile = aFile; } public File getOutputFile() { return outputFile; } } I use wscompile to generate WSDL ...

33. WSDL issues

Thanks for the reply. I am getting the exception when sending the soap request. I guess this is my question. I am not using a DB or anyhing. I just need to send a request that sends a invoiceID and receives header and line item info for 1 invoice. I would be passing the invoiceID via a client in the command ...

34. Free WSDL Viewer

35. how do I set the port when using servicegen to create a wsdl file

I am using servicegen to create my wdsl file. In the build script I have set the port to the port that weblogic is running on. The problem is that when I run servicegen ant task, it sets the soap address to in the build script the servicegen part is is ...

36. WSDL - Java Communication

37. wsdl not getting called

HI all this is very urgent.. I'm not a techie when it comes to Web services My problem is when I trying to invoke a web sevice method in my environment it works fine. However when we deploy it on the our clients environment it does not work. We test in Windows env. and out client has UNIX env. The strange ...

38. wsdl not getting called

HI all this is very urgent.. I'm not a techie when it comes to Web services My problem is when I trying to invoke a web sevice method in my environment it works fine. However when we deploy it on the our clients environment it does not work. We test in Windows env. and out client has UNIX env. The strange ...

39. Doubts about WSDL

#1. Is it necessary for me to learn WSDL to create webservice ? Since there are many tools like Axis which can auto-generate the WSDL required for us, I dont think its necessary to learn WSDL. #2. Is it possible to create a webservice by writing WSDL file manually ? Does anyone write WSDL file manually ? Thanks, Su Yeu

40. Multiple faults in WSDL???

Hi All, I understand that an operation within a WSDL file can define more than one fault message. So, how would a client calling the web service identify the fault message that had been returned to him? I can see that the WSDL standard talks about a "name" attribute associated with the fault, but I can't find any examples showing the ...

41. multiple wsdl file

42. Significance of wsdl:

43. Support for inheritance in wsdl

44. WSDL problem

46. WSDL Design Trade-off Question

Hi, everyone. We have our Axis/SOAP app prototype running fine, but before we ramp up in functionality, I have a high-level WSDL design question: Imagine we have some biz functionality: ( ) Employee ( ) Payroll ( ) Customer ( ) Order Assume that the functionality is loosely related, as is the above. We are using an .xsd schema file for ...

47. dtd include in wsdl?

Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to validate the wsdl I'm producing for axis. Having tried schema, I now wanted to try dtd. Eclipse doesn't seem to support creating a wsdl from dtd. If I changed the wsdl in Eclipse to use the doctype tag to include a dtd, eclipse marks it with an error. Should I be ...

48. Manipulate WSDL documents.

Hello. I want to define in a "repository" all my own services, whrere some of them will be finally "web services", and other will be invocated in other ways (directly how Java class, RMI, JMS, ....). I want to standardize the input/output of all my services and keep a definition service of each one into a repository, and create a little ...

49. WSDL Deploy Question

Thanks for the responses. I have "axis" (don't know why I put access) setup. I have my own web services running. The vendor I'm working with is going to setup a test site for me to use with a new wsdl. So i don't have to deploy it locally. I guess what I was trying to do was get a web ...

50. Hashtables in WSDL

Hi, I have a WebService operation that takes a JavaBean (A) as input parameter. It returns another JavaBean (C) that contains a Hashtable and a third JavaBean (B). I have two problems employing this: a) When I created the WSDL for the above operation, the Hashtable got converted to 'Map' (I did not find any XSD for Hashtable). Could somebody please ...

51. should we create wsdl files ?

Hi, I am new to WebServices, I just downloaded axis2 from , in the user guide it says : There are two methods to create services : 1)Writing Web Services Using Axis2's Primary APIs. 2)Writing Web Services by Code Generating Skeleton. Which one is the best and the easy one ? in the second method (Writing Web Services by Code ...

52. How to specify multiple portTypes in wsdl

Hi All, I am trying to build a webservice which have multiple portstypes. As per my unserstanding a portType represents an interface. I have 3 service interfaces and I want only one wsdl. Is there any way to achive this through axis . Regards, Rashmi [ September 20, 2006: Message edited by: Rashmi Verma ]

53. how to define SSN format in WSDL

Hello, I am using Websphere java to wsdl tool generate the wsdl for a webservice. I am wondering where and how should I define the element part constraits - say the SSN should be in format of 9 digit number without any '-'. Should the WSDL schema define this or should WSDL define some fault part if client passed in wrong ...

54. WSDL question

I use a Sun App Server, and NetBeans IDE. I created a simple web service. @WebService() public class BasisPlusWS{ @WebMethod public String[] getRecordById(@WebParam(name = "Str") String Str) { DataBase DB = new DataBase(); String [] resultSet = DB.getRecordById(Str); return resultSet; } @WebMethod public String[] getAllProjectTitles() { DataBase DB = new DataBase(); String [] resultSet = DB.getAllProjectTitles(); return resultSet; } @WebMethod public ...

55. WSDL question

Hi, I have an application which is a web conference application. The application provider has given me a WSDL file which contains all the services provided by them. Now I have to get the methods from the WSDL file. I have to develop web application which contacts the methods generated by the WSDL file and perform some tasks. For this, i ...

56. wsdl design

Hi, I have defined 15 methods in my wsdl and its too long to maintain. So I created a separate .xsd file to add all the types in it and updated the wsdl as : But still the remaining message, operation and binding makes the file too huge to go thru easily. Is ...

57. WSDL confusion

Hi, Thanks ...that String[] thing worked. I dont need to change the wsdl, since it is properly generated by the java2wsdl in Axis2 1.1 I tried to have a 2d String[], but that didnt work. The wsdl generated was still the one which represented the 1d String[]. Maybe this is stuff for the axis2 guys to look into. Thanks a lot ...

58. Question on wsdl

59. Query about WSDl

60. how to break .exe file using wsdl file

Hmph. First of all, "breaking" something sounds like an unlawful activity; are you talking of cracking the security of an application? Secondly, I don't understand what WSDL files -which describe Web Services (and don't contain SOAP, by the way)- have to do with either applications or the breaking of them, whatever you mean by that. Please elaborate on both counts.

61. how to break .exe file using wsdl file

hi friends, Is it possible to open an .exe file without using any tools? we bought an application but they didnt provide any source code for that. they simply given an exe of it. by installing that .exe we got one wsdl file with all services,bindings,porttypes,messages,operations and namespaces configured to that particular IP. am new to this webservices. so to view ...

62. WSDL Examples

63. How to write Fault message in WSDL file

64. to call webservice with wsdl

Hi all, I am new to webservices. I need to buiild a client to call webservice. our client provides us wsdl files and urls to call webservice. I have placed that files in WEB-INF/wsdl/ folder. now i am bit confuse from where should i start to build client for that. which API should I use?...JAX RPC??? Please help me ...what steps ...

65. Understanding a WSDL Doc

Hi.. I am working on a project that involves calling Web services from a J2ME application in the J2EE.. I have a difficulty in understanding a WSDL document as i am new to this area altogether.. So, can someone point me to some brief article (sorry for being so specific as i am already tired of researching in web services but ...

66. WSDL Exception in IBM WSAD

67. InputStream type in WSDL

68. How to remove the comment in wsdl

69. Comments in WSDL

70. WSDL

Hi, Initially i had a webservice interface with only one public method. say for eg: public int add(int x,int y) I generated the WSDL file using the shorcuts available in IDE,I found that theres is a request and a response entry in WSDL and i am successfully able to call webservice and got the ouput. I tried the following, I placed ...

71. WSDL - two in one

Hi all I have two questions, any answer will be great! I have Java beans which I "turn into WSDL" using xfire binding. 1. How can I add a WSDL version ? I mean, my POJO's change sometimes, fields are added, required fields become optional, etc. So I'dd like to add a version, o whoever uses the WSDL, will know when ...

73. additional types not in the WSDL file.

A SOAP web service client and server exchange data, possibly complex data, formatted in XML, as messages inside of a SOAP envelope. The WSDL describes the messages that are exchanged to accomplish that task. Objects are data + behavior. There is no facility to describe behavior in WSDL; therefore WSDL cannot describe objects. If you wish to transfer objects then you ...

74. Test Web service using WSDL

75. Looking for WSDL examples on the Web

Originally posted by Peer Reynders: ... what do you mean by "Amazon requires authorization"? All I remember is that you needed a apply for a developer-token (which was easy enough to register for) and that you were restricted to 1000 requests/day and at a rate of no more than 1 request/sec. Has anything changed?

77. From wsdl to web service

78. wsdl with xmlSignature

79. Need Help with WSDL Port

Hi guys! I just want to ask a few questions... Does a wsdl :p ort inside a wsdl:service element determine which methods you can call(or where to call)? I have a really funny situation... The WSDL which I'm using right now is manually constructed. Now, the WSDL tries to include/import schemas(I think this isn't very common). For some reason, the WSDL ...

80. Is there something wrong with this WSDL?

This WSDL was manually constructed and I'm having problems with it. There's suppose to be 3 methods in it but I can only get 1(using Netbean's web service client wizard). I know this is a lot of code to go through but I don't think I have any other choice but to ask. I would appreciate any help.

81. how can i create java classes from given wsdl

log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.apache.axis.i18n.ProjectResourceBundle). log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.Utils.getNodeNameQName( at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.createTypeFromDef(SymbolTab at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.addTypes( 86) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.addTypes( 119) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.addTypes( 119) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.addTypes( 119) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.populateTypes(SymbolTable.j ava:909) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.populate( 05) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.add( at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.populate( 18) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.populate( 95) at org.apache.axis.wsdl.gen.Parser$ at

82. old dog learning ---wsdl problem

OK, i'm an old timer trying to retrofit and existing service (was fixed field/binary) with a http/soap interface. looks easy enough until they (the middleware people) ask me for a wsdl, which i have devoted a many days of reading and some developing. I come up with: i'm using soaplite in perl and they use wsad 5.0 i get errors ...

83. Setting default value in WSDL - WAS 6.1

Greetings, It's great to read through this forum for WS related issues I encounter everyday. Thanks to all the knowledgeable people who contribute their time to help us newbies. I am encountering a strange issue with my Webservices. I am tryting to set a default value for a wrapper type (Integer). I tried with primitive type int as well. Here is ...

84. Can we have more than one WSDL file for same service

Hi all, I have created a stateless EJB and have exposed it as a webservice, note that i m using WSAD5.1 & WAS5.1 for development and deployment purposes. My EJB remote interface contains two remote methods 1) displayMessage 2) getAccountBalance Now the problem is that once we deployed this webservice successfully over WAS5.1, we gave the client single WSDL file having ...

85. Question on WSDL

86. update strategy with new WSDL question.

Hello, I am running the following versions of web services which have been running well for the past three years so I have not had to touch it: * Tomcat - V 4.1.28 * Catalina - V 4.1.25 * Axis - V 1.1 * Apache-SSL - V 1.3.27/1.48 Now I need to update the web services with a new WSDL. The ...

87. WSDL - how to connect to webservice

Hello all, Someone has put up a webservice and provided me with a WSDL file. I now need to connect to this service from my java-projects. I know some of the theory behind webservices but now I need to put some code into practice for the first time... Can anyone point out how to go about it from here?

88. WSDL soapAction=""

89. wsdl to html form

Dear all, I need to create an html form starting from wsdl to sumbit web service requests. Since it does not seem to be a simple task to achieve I am looking for a library (Java) that might help me to write the code. Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.

90. WSDL reading problem

if reading is just for the sake of analyzing then you can simply open it with any text editor and read about the end-point and message type ... if you want to do something more useful , like creating a consumer for that web service , you can investigate more about wsdl2java thing provided by apache axis OR if you are ...

91. Two services in wsdl

92. advice/question regarding server side wsdl stubs

Hi, I used the eclipse tool to generate the server side code from a wsdl file. (basically generate the server side stubs) My question is I want to subclass or override some methods in a class that was generated from the wsdl file. How can i do this so that a client will actually be referred to my overloaded class rather ...

93. WSDL with Document element

94. Hierarchical exception handling in WSDL

Hello, Does anyone know that WSDL support hierarchical exception at all ? if it does, how do we define it in the WSDL file, so that the client (Java/.NET/etc) will be able to handle the exception correctly in different level. E.g A and B are Exception subclasses. B extends A. when I generate the WSDL from a method that throws both ...

95. WSDL file

I am having a problem that relates to this thread. I am new to WSDLs and need a little more hand holding (if no one minds) Anyway, here is the code whish causes me an errors: LINE 87 LINE 90

96. Failed to access the WSDL

97. wsdl perser

98. Webservice - WSDL or Java Class

Hi there, I am using IBM RAD to generate Webservices. My dilemma is should I start with WSDL definition and generate Binding Classess or go ahead and start with Java Classes and expose them as Webservices by generating WSDL, Stub etc. It seems either approach is Ok except that I am more comfortable with Java Code than WSDL nuances Nag

99. From Java to WSDL