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however when i use the bufferedreader it gives me a null for reading the first line... This doesnt always happen and ive tried cleaning up and building the main project within netBeans several times to flush out bad code. i've been told that a null value means it has reached the end of the file, but how can it have done ...

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What does this have to do with buffered readers? Like I told you before, problems aren't always related to whatever you happen to be doing when you encounter them. Why does this matter? Because it means you're not thinking about the problem rationally, so you're less likely to be able to solve it.

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Haha, you are correct. I'm used to Python's scripting magic and I end up doing very stupid stuff when doing "real" programming. Nevertheless, it's still a weird bug. I'll mess with it some other day. Thanks though. I appreciate your help and time and I'll edit this post if I find the solution.

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Jonas: Fur Barbapappa says :J 74 Barbapappa says :Jo 111 Barbapappa says :Jon 110 Barbapappa says :Jona 97 Barbapappa says :Jonas 115 Barbapappa says :Jonas: 58 Barbapappa says :Jonas: 32 Barbapappa says :Jonas: F 70 Barbapappa says :Jonas: Fu 117 Barbapappa says :Jonas: Fur 114 Barbapappa says :Jonas: Fur 13 // A control character(?) named DC3. Barbapappa says :Jonas: Fur 10// ...

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use mark() before the first while loop and reset() before the second. Edit: Although, I see that after the first loop you closed the second reader, rather than the first. But, if you use the above, you should never have to open a second reader. And, as posted above, you never opened the second reader to begin with. Edit Again: Also, ...

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Yeah I understand what you mean by testing every step of the way but the problem is this was the very first step I took and I already hit a road block so instead of trying to figure this out on my own I just came here. Cause I would like to figure it out on my own but I got ...

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I created a buffered reader (br) to a file....I read the whole file...after reading the whole file the br will be at the last line of the file... Now I want my br to reassigned to the top of the file...I mean the br must point to first line of file....is it possible to reassign br to first line... I had ...

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Sorry hit enter by mistake: ok here is the segment: BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("words.dat")); String line = in.readLine(); I am assuming the second part is only producing an error because of the first part. Now I am using eclipse and I have put the words.dat in the project folder and the src folder. In eclipse it sees it but ...

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Here's the code: //package cognos8_3; import java.io.*; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.File; /** * outputScript.java * * Copyright Cognos Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. * Cognos and the Cognos logo are trademarks of Cognos Incorporated. * * Description: (KB 1013700) - Sample script that will rename output files generated by CM.OUTPUTLOCATION - Cognos 8.3 * */ class outputScript { ...

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Your code will never throw EOFException so the catch is in fact pointless. I'm prepared to bet the file contains 3k lines, not 5k. Or else you are reading another line somewhere. Just read until readLine() returns null, forget the count. How are you ever going to keep the count up to date with the file?

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You still need to close the BR. First, you don't know when, or even if, it will be GCed. Second, you don't know if it will release the file handle when it is GCed. GC is only for releasing memory, not other system resources. Although some other resources may happen to get released as part of GC in some circumstances, you ...

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a question just out of interest, but the buffering is only useful when you read data in small chunks (like byte for byte), isn't it? If for example you read a stream in chunks of say 4k, I'd hazard a guess that buffering isn't going to help much in the performance department. I never tested that really.

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It sounds like a bad idea to ignore the contents of a stream just because your program is taking too long to run. Why can't you let the program run to completion naturally? If you're worried about the user experience you could notify them that something is actually happening (e.g.a progress bar, or a dialog).

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You get a greater chance of help, faster, if you can prepare an [SSCCE|http://pscode.org/sscce.html] that demonstrates the behavior. This is harder for code that calls an external program, since few people who read the code will have program X, but it is generally more informative than code snippets (with or without comments).

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Don't use ready(). It is a silly method with very few (if any) legitimate uses. What, you are trying to write a program that sits in a tight buzz loop printing "NOT READY" a zillion times a second? Just don't do that. Just read a line; when one is available your program will process that line; until the line is available, ...

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can anyone help me? we just got this problem in java programming and i'm kinda stuck. i can only do up to the reading of the .txt file using BufferedReader. "Write a program that reads from an input file an M by N grid of letters and a list, L, of words, and, for each word, W, in L, finds the ...

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When reading ints from a file on the net, whenever they are 80 to 9F (128 to 159 in decimal) then the BufferedReader writes them as 3F (decimal 63). I have come across this problem in FileWriters and FileReaders before and solved it by changing to FileOutputStream and FileInputStream respectively, but now I have one I can't solve. How do I ...

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Have you tried using the readLine() method instead of the read() method? Then you can do this: String[] split = lineString.split(" "); the split string array will contain each "column". Even if it is a blank string... BTW, I suggest not using spaces as you field delimiter, try using something more stable like a comma "," or pipe "|", that way ...

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You may wish to show us more of your code, but make it compilable. We don't want to see the whole program, of course, but rather you should condense your code into the smallest bit that still compiles, has no extra code that's not relevant to your problem, but still demonstrates your problem, in other words, an SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, ...

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Iam having a problem in my java application. My application is reading an xml file then saving it to a file using bufferedreader, but when i open the saved file, it is incomplete. i have tried to print the string that iam saving and it is complete, but the file contents is incomplete or cut. please help thx.

41. BufferedReader problem    forums.oracle.com

Iam having a problem in my java application. My application is reading an xml file then saving it to a file using bufferedreader, but when i open the saved file, it is incomplete. i have tried to print the string that iam saving and it is complete, but the file contents is incomplete or cut. please help thx.

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Hi, I have this CharsetDecoder: CharsetDecoder decoder = Charset.forName(encoding).newDecoder(); decoder.onMalformedInput(CodingErrorAction.REPORT); decoder.onUnmappableCharacter(CodingErrorAction.REPORT); and an InputStreamReader created with an InputStream and the decoder ( new InputStreamReader(stream, decoder); ) , and a BufferedReader wrapped around the InputStreamReader. When looping through the bytes in the InputStream I catch a MalformedInputException. It gets thrown when the current byte cannot be read with the CharsetDecoder. Strange this ...

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If i use BufferedReader i am facing the following problem: one of the strings in the CSV file is having a '/' in the middle. BufferedReader assumes this to be the end of the line and hence retrievs the line only upto that. the remianing portion of the line becomes another line. Suppose the line in the input text file is: ...

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this is the setup for this part of my code: BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream( new FileInputStream()); BufferedOutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream()); Why wont this code read the data in increments?: int len = 0; while ((len = in.read(buffer)) > 0) { out.write(buffer, 0, len); System.out.print("#"); }....... I figured out this code is the same as writing: int len = in.read(buffer); ...

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I am using bufferedreader to read a text file. When it reads the text file, there are a bunch of spaces at the end of each line, sometimes there are 2 spaces, sometimes there are 10, its completely random. Is there any way i can make bufferedreader.readLine(); stop at the end of the characters and not the end of the spaces? ...

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I am trying to build a mini webserver. The program below suppose to displayed the request of the client in the console, and wait for another connection...but it seems to block at sContent = sockInput.readLine(); it seems to me that I am not using a correct approach to print the entire request from the client to the console, reason maybe the ...

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} //The input file contains around 2000 line with 80 chars each. And when it reads 102 lines from the buffer, it reads only 11 chars. So the total chars it reads from the buffer is only 8192 chars which is the default size of the buffer. Then it gives "Stream Closed".

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String fileName = "D:/Venkat/test files/file.txt"; try{ BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader ( new FileReader (fileName)); String s1 ; while ( ( (s1 =in.readLine())!= null) ) { count++; if(s1.length() <=75){ System.out.println("Record length less than 75 "+s1); } } in.close(); }catch(Exception e){ //Each Line "s1" contains 80 chars. and when it reaches Line No. 102 it only reads 11 chars from the line. ...

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I'm sorry, i try to explain my problem better..... I have one String that is composed of many lines..... i need to separate all the lines and put them into one String[ ].... initially i have tought to the BufferedRedader because it has the method readLine()....but i don't know i can initialize the BufferedReader with the String....how i can do??...have you ...

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However, the other posters are right, this is a bit strange, because it's not very efficient nor is it very scalable. Maybe try looking at other streams or reader, of especially, try looking at the NIO package, which gives you direct control and access to the data, allowing you to revisit where you started from time and time again. - Adam ...

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I didn't know anything about code tags (I guess they're ?) So I commented the whole thing out just to be safe. The program I'm using is supposed to find the greatest common divisor for two numbers. I changed the code so that it would just print the sum of the two numbers out to simplify my question. The tests in ...

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Well, strictly speaking no file containing a "..." character is an ASCII file because there's no representation of "..." in ascii (except three separate dots). So your file is in some encoding with a code for "...". What you need to discover is, which encoding. Of course it's possible the program is reading the ... correctly but is unable to output ...

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Your while loop is checking to see if the line equals null, but when you get to the last line is when you are getting the poblem. On the last itteration of your while loop it will set currLine equal to the last line of text. But then you call it again right after that resetting currLine to the next line ...