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1. Convert InputStream(Image) to ByteArrayInputStream

Not sure about how I am supposed to do this. Any help would be appreciated

2. Seeking a ByteArrayInputStream using

How can I seek (change the position) of a ByteArrayInputStream ( It is something so obvious, but I can't seem to find a method for this anywhere (mark/reset is not enough, ...

3. Java error creating BufferedImage from ByteArrayInputStream

I'm trying to create a BufferedImage from a ByteArrayInputStream with:

  byte[] imageData = getData(imageFile); // returns file as byte[]

  InputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(imageData);
  String format = getFormatName(inputStream);


4. string to stream in java without bytearrayinputstream

How to convert string to stream in java without using bytearrayinputstream and example?

5. Do I need to close a ByteArrayInputStream?

Short question, I saw in some old code where a ByteArrayInputStream was created like:

new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new ByteArrayInputStream(somebytes)));
And then the BufferedReader is used to read out somebytes line by line.
All working fine, but ...

6. ByteArrayInputStream to ByteArrayOutputStream

Can someone please let me know how can I convert ByteArrayInputStream to ByteArrayOutputStream My scenario is something like this. 1. The getContent() method returns me the ByteArrayInputStream of the content. 2. Now I have to set this content on a new object using setContent(ByteArrayOutputStream) method. This setContent(ByteArrayOutputStream) method accepts ByteArrayOutputStream as parameter.

7. ByteArrayInputStream to OutputStream

I can't imagine that there is a way to create an output stream from an input stream; however, if you create an output stream then you can copy the input stream to the output stream. You can also write a byte array directly to an OutputStream using the OutputStream.write(byte b[]) method. And I think there is a copyTo() method somewhere but ...

8. ByteArrayInputStream to FileInputStream

I am not very experienced in Java and I am having trouble converting a ByteArrayInputStream object to a FileInputStream object. There is a long story behind this so I won't waste anyone's time with it. Any hints on how to do this? I have been looking at the API but nothing jumps out that would seem to help me. It's all ...

10. ByteArrayInputStream, Outputstream and XML